Monday, 2 July 2012

Hello July!

The first half of the year has passed and we're saying hello to July! :)
Hope 2012 has been treating you great so far!
For me, it's been better than previous year, and i can't be anymore thankful! :)

Bert's finally back from her trip!
Opened the new loots she bought and i'm loving them all! Teehee!
And this new baby is finally mineeee!
Been eyeing it for a few months! 
And with her back, we're back in full force again, so we'll get down to serious planning for TCL in many aspects! :) For one, we're gonna try launching twice a week and see how's response like! 
AND plan for the warehouse sale soon! :)

To those asking, sorry if i haven't answered your questions on Formspring about this, cos i'm finding it repetitive giving the same answers. Nothing is confirmed yet, so details will be up once we've sorted them out okay! :)

We'll be launching a new collection on Tuesday!
Am starting to love Monday/ Tuesday launches now cos items can be shipped out on the early part of the week and they will reach you ladies before the weekend, which is totally awesome!
New clothes for the weekends spell happiness, dont you agree? Heh.

We are also honored to be collaborating with L'oreal again!
And this time, they are giving away 20 grab bags consisting of their hair products products,
and each of them is worth $100!
Their previous Mythic Oil was so popular it was sold out islandwide, so you can imagine how good their products are! :)

Loreal also sponsored a bottle of hairspray for Con's hair during the shoot! :)
It's the one she's holding, called Elnett Kawaii hairspray.
It's a limited edition version where Loreal specially got a renowned Japanese designer Ado Mizumori to design something different for the bottle!
And Japanese have always been known for being kawaii so there you have it,
her signature cute/ kawaii girl! :)

Elnett Kawaii is known for optimal shine for hair, frizz free and easy to re-style!
So we asked Jo our MUA on how true it is, and she said it's really true!
Most sprays will leave white residue esp if you were to re-style,but you need not worry about this with Elnett Kawaii! :)

We've already posted what you need to do to be one of the lucky winners, so head over to our Facebook page for more details now! :)

What's brewing this week!! :)
Printed chiffon slip!
The cream one actually comes with pretty pastel pink florals, but it's not clear enough :(
Will have to use the zoom feature when it goes on site!
Material is sheer so an inner piece will be needed!
This item will be priced LOW, so keep your eyes peeled! :)
Another chiffon piece many of you have been anticipating! :)
Loving the color combination, a soothing sight!
What i love about this is the unique design and how one side is sleeved and the other isn't! :)
And this top which lots of you have been asking as well! :)
Button down shirt with striking pink collars, and ruffles on the sleeves!
And matched with it, we have this HWS in absolutely gorgeous cut and hues!
Sky blue as above! :)
In mint.
And in candy peach! :)
The colors are sooooo yummy looking, just like macaroons! :p
Anyway, say hello to another new addition, Franc!
She's a 169cm, and a Uk 6! 
Florida Villa prints is also available in shorts! :)
Mega love for this piece i've worn it till death since i got my hands on it!
Comes in 2 base colors, black (first pic) or navy (second/third pics)
Love love love the prints and how it instantly completes the outfit with almost any tops! :)
TADAHH! Another piece i believe you girls will love! :)
I know how almost everyone of you love tribal/ aztec prints so there you have it!
It's made of soft cotton blend, definitely a comfy piece!
I personally like the black better, gives off an edgy touch! :) 
Been a while since we launched an outer piece, so we brought in this piece in viscose! :)
Love how it's basic enough for lectures and school! 
The color is also not too overwhelming, goes well with most tops!

Exposed shoulders tee! :)
Basic, staple with it's own style, that's what i like! :)

Barque Top which was supposed to launch the last time round, but cos stocks went missing, we didn't manage to launch it, soooo if you're still in love with it, it'll be launched tomorrow too! :)

And finally, a sleeved dress in full lace crochet overlay! :)
We know you girls have been asking for sleeved and covered back dresses, so here's one!
Classic and elegant, i'm sure many of you will be in love with this!

And now, moving on to our manufactured pieces! 
Side drape top! :)
Super love this piece! It's made of chiffon polyester blend and feels really smooth!
Love how it's so versatile to be worn with shorts, pants or skirts!
It's fully lined and cream is non sheer even when worn with a dark colored bra! :)
Comes in 4 colors and S/ M!
All models are wearing S for reference.

We will also be launching this classic peterpan collared piece under our manufactured label! :)
Needs no introduction right? Haha.
Comes in S/ M, fully lined as well.
Floral high waist skirt matched with the cream piece will also be available tomorrow! :)
Yummeh colors? :)

And tadadada, Reversible Tote! :)
Waited (patiently) for it to arrive!
AND stocks finally arrived and we're finally launching itttt!
Just like the name, the tote can be carried on both sides, either in black or saddle brown! :)
How cool is that! I remember when i first saw it, i was like "what? seriously? damn cool!"
Hahhahaa, and i was like, I must bring it in! Hahaha.
Some of you have asked if it comes with any inner pockets, and the answer is nope!
Simply cos if there are pockets inside, then it can't be reversed right? Haha.
The tote comes with 2 additional hooked on inner pouches though, so don't have to worry there are no small/side pockets within okay! :) The pouches are as big as your make up pouches! And can be removed as well, so it's very optional :)
Love how roomy and spacious this tote is! 
It's made of quality faux leather, very sturdy! :)

Random snippets from instagram!

You will have realized how many times i've worn the floral shorts, hahaha.
Worn it till death, lol!
Clutch featured will be launched in the next 2 collections or so as well! :)

New iphone case, which looks quite bimbo, but hmm i still love it! 
Manicure over the weekend, and i'm loving this set of new nails! :)
Pretty nails make one happy, just like how new clothes does, haha.
And leaving you girls with a quote the BF sent last week! :)

Have a blessed week babes!
Hope July will be good for everyone! :)