Sunday, 19 August 2012


It's been awhile since i blogged and this blog is erm, collating dust! Hahaha. Back to blog since i've some time on hand! :) I'm surprised i actually still have vistors during this period, hahaha, thank you for clicking and checking for updates, and sorry for the disappointment each time! :x

July and August have been pretty busy with 2 events where we got to meet our lovely customers in person! We also had launches almost every week, sometimes squeezing 2 launches a week, managing outdoor shoots, we even did our first video campaign (more on that soon! pretty exciting!) and boy it has been a fulfilling period! Time is passing so fast honestly, and we're already approaching Sept in about 2 weeks, and that's a balance of 3 months left for 2012! How time flies! 

Before i move on further, thank you to every single one of you who have supported us all these while! Esp with the move to the dotcom in June, thank you for still shopping with us! With this move, we lost some personal touch since there are lesser activity and communication, less emails exchanged, esp when most of the things can be completed by the system. We know this may matter to some customers, and we try to make up in other areas, like being more active on other platforms! Hopefully, customers will still feel "connected" to us via these platforms! :) Bert's been blogging pretty regularly now, though she's still MIA-ing from FS like how i MIA from my blog, haha. 
We're both quite active on Instagram at least, updating at least 1 photo in 2 days? Follow us if you'd like to! @briannawonggg and @bertillawong! So anyway, my point is, thank you to our loyal and supportive customers! :)

July/ Aug saw us through with 2 big events, which we're really honoured to be part of! The CKL event and Maybelline event at Zouk were both a huge success, thanks to you girls again! Glad i managed to meet you girls face to face, and i could finally put a face to those email addresses, haha. Some of you girls have also sent me the photos taken, teehee thank you! 

Maybelline photos spam below! 
All taken from Bert's blog since we only had one camera on both events!
With pretty Cons during the rehearsal! :)
Backstage. What you see here are the clothes for the fashion show, paired with the accessories!
With our super email reply-er pixie, who came down to help us! :)
All of us donning TCL apparels, hee.
On myself, both unreleased designs, Sequin Chiffon Cardi with Memoirs Ruffles Top in Indigo
On Bert, Denim Peplum Skirt with Alexis Blazer in Navy which are both launched already!
On Janelle, Embellished Cuff Toga Dress, unreleased as well! :)
Rehearsal Vs Live!
Still available on backorder!
Neon x Studs, the "in" things now! :)
These 2 outfits are my favorites, both upcomingggg!
With TTR Joyce, Jolene, and VGY Tricia!
Haven't met them in awhile and it was good seeing familiar faces! :)
Some people call us twins, haha.
Some photos with our customers! :)
I could see some of them dressed up in TCL apparels, and we were really happy seeing you girls donning on our apprarels, heh. Thank you! And i have more photos with customers sitting in the inbox, butttt, they are unedited yet.
And the lovely girlfriends who queued an hour to get in, who never fail to lend their support always! 
And the highlight of the event which needs no further introduction!
This should be out in stores soon! :)

Some of the "Live" photos a customer sent me!
TCL outfits x Grand Finale with all the brand owners on stage! 
Next, the pixie's birthday!
Twenty firsttttt! Had dinner at Ramen Play at J8, and surprisingly the food was pretty good!
Better than Ippudo! I read so much reviews about Ippudo and thought i just have to give it a try myself and i left so disappointed, and the food was quite exp too! Big no no for me!
The photos are also from Bert's blog! :p
I think i was asking Janelle if she wanted to use her laptop as a table base, hahaha.


Yummy good food makes us happy!
The classic moment before this went like this.
Bert and the girls went to the restaurant first so i could get the cake.
And before i went up to the restaurant, i told them to serve the cake when we were ready. So after the dinner, we were chatting and i told Bert to get them to serve the cake, and using the most used excuse, she said she needed to go to the toliet, hahahha. When she came back, i thought all's good, so just wait to see the "SURPRISE" look on XM! Butttt, the waitress walked over and asked, "So do you want us to serve the cake now right?" The "SURPRISE" look ended up on Bert's face instead -.-
That waitress totally ruined itttt!!!
Ok, so thats the end of the story.


Guess whose!
And there you have it, the faces behind the emails.
XM the birthday girl is our power packer who packs those parcels you receive, and Janelle is the power email-er who replies emails whenever she can, be it from school/camp/home. Hahaha. So thankful we have these babes to work with us the past 6 months or so, but school's starting and we're bidding them goodbye soon :( Boohoo.
Happy birthday XMM (again and again!) I know you'd too much fun that you fell ill, hahaha but please get well soon okay!

Anddd moving on to tomorrow's collection!
We have almost 30 items, so i'm just gonna blog about my favorite items and those i kept wokay! :)
Let's go!

My favorite ruffles top makes a comeback in new new new preettyyy prints!
Those who already own the piece in solid hues will know how awesome/ versatile/ wonderful/ pretty and whatever nice vocabulary you can think of! :p
Point it, i really adore this piece.
It's made of chiffon too, cream base, with either pink or indigo watercolor prints!
Comes in Xs to M, and both models wear Xs! :)
Those who went to the Maybelline event will know how well it sold, and how everyone wanted a piece of it! :p

 For those who have been asking about the cardi i wore to the Maybelline event, it will be launched tomorrow! :) A glamorous piece with the gold sequin details and padded shoulders, the combi of black/gold brings out this piece to perfection. I've always liked how black x gold compliments each other so well, so needless to say, i'm in love with this! Talking about this makes me realize how many black x gold items i have! Haha.
It's made of chiffon with side drapes flowing down, which i totally adore.
And it comes with pockets at the hems too, hahaa that was where i kept my phone at the event! :p
The back comes with a ribbon tie as well, so it helps to tighten the waistline.
It's imported from Korea btw, soooo don't miss it!
Paired it the same way for the Maybelline event, except i wore it with a bandage skirt, and the outfit really works well! So i thought i'd dress it up this way for shoot too! :p
What's for sale?
The aztec skirts and boho knit cardi! :)
I dont think the skirts need much intro considering how aztec prints are well loved by all, haha. It comes in S/ M and Cons and myself wear S. It's slightly loose for a Uk 4 though so i'd to send my for alteration.
The skirt is non sheer, and the length is pretty long, so for you girls who have been asking for longer bandage skirts, this was brought in for you in mind! :)
The peach piece you see paired with the orange skirt will be available at our racks, Miyoc and KJ! :) It's actually a mini tunic but we wore it tucked in instead!

The boho knit cardi is of the same material as boho knit top launched last week!
If you've like that fabric/ design, then this is a pretty similar piece in an outer piece.
For girls who're thinking how else you can match it with, try pairing it with your denim jeans and basic tanks, i think it'll look awesome! :) This kind of pieces are super perfect for days you wanna dress down, yet dont wanna look too sloppy, and on days where you wanna look good but dont want to have that i-tried-too-hard look. I'm sure all, or most of us have experienced this! :p

AND.. The aztec craze continues.
Hahaha, it's a little overwhelming with all the different but look alike aztec pieces, but we just couldnt help it. They all look so great we couldnt make up our mind which was better, so we brought them all in!
Esp the bucket bag! Bert lovessss that!
We also brought in these knitted pieces since it'll be the year end season soon, considering how time flies, and these will be great pieces for holidays!

Another knitted piece in the launch, Island Knitted Top in White!
We usually style such pieces with shorts but we tried it with a bandage skirt this piece, and it turned out quite well! :) Simple and pure, just add on colored accessories and the outfit looks complete! :)
Like i said above, i have a fetish for black x gold combi so this piece is one of the favs too!
The prints look so charming, so vintage! Esp love the deep scoop u-neckline at the back!
It's made of structured spandex, material is thick and slightly stretchable! :)

Knitted cardi with gold studs, love this sooo much!
Cons bagged this home too!
The knit isn't very thick, so it's good for everyday wear, and for those who're concerned about those studs, they are non spiky ones! Must have in the collection! :)
If you haven't had enough of spikes and monochrome, these 2 dresses are for you!
Love the simplicity and classic look!

TOPSHOP Inspired Jeans!
Not too sure if you have seen it at TS, but it's the exact same piece to all the nitty gritty details!
The blue portion you see are of cute floral prints! :) Comes in S/ M for this!
Galaxy Shorts! Not our usual style but we'd some of you girls asking for it, and the colors for this were quite to our liking, so we decided to try and test out the response! :p When Cons first saw this, she asked why we brought them in cos it wasnt TCL's style etc, but when she wore it on, she said it's actually quite nice ah, hahaha.
Tribal looking necklace also coming up! :)
Love the feathers, hehe.
And new shoes in tomorrow's launch too!
It's made of suede btw! Something similar to the Zara Cobalt Blue one you've seen on Bert's instag! :)

Instagram photos!
Follow me @briannawonggg

The twinnie watches which got all of you excited!
Which almost killed us cos the site hung and i couldn't do anything when it was 830pm!
We have opened BO and ordered extras, so if you haven't placed your orders yet, please order now! :)

The original one from ASOS which costs 20 pounds!
Like a sir, so nice right!
 OTD for Maybelline's event!
In case you're wondering, i wore the same top for the pixie's birthday, but i paired it with a pink blazer! :)
Lounge knit also on backorders! :)
Wore it the first time with jeans, and the 2nd with denim shorts and uggly spects on a cui day :x
 Twins, yes or no?

And these photos reminded me of those mousssssy watches! :p
OWL FLATS! Also on backorders!

My happiness in a box. Haha. So sinful but who cares, it's really damn yums!

Happy color food! Heh.
Hehe, 21st birthday girl with her cake!
 MY Polaroid! Each of us had 1 to keep! <3
And tomorrow, we're launching these neon pieces!
We're also giving away these pieces, find out how on Facebook! :)

 Pris in our upcoming Memoirs Ruffles Top in Pink! :)
And she paired it with the Colored Pants in Pastel Peach!
Nice outfit!
 Cons in the Sequin Cardi! :)
New armswag from the girlfriends! <3

And quotes to end off this long post!

I spent godzillion hours blogging on this post cos of the crappy internet which drove me crazy, so i hope you enjoyed this! Hahaha.
Happy weekends & long holiday babes!
And to all the muslim readers/ customers, Hari Raya to you all!

Formspring me if there's anything you wanna know! :)