Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Airport OTD.

Was at the airport last week to send the little sister off, and i put together this denim on denim outfit, just so i can wear my new Jeffery Suede Boots out! :D 

Black Basic Top, F21
Denim Jacket, upcoming on TCL
Denim Shorts, Taiwan
Jeffery Suede Boots is available in three colors; black, taupe and camel.
I chose to keep the taupe one only cos i've too many blacks. 
It turned out too comfy that i needed to keep the black as well. 
It isn't a want, it's a need. :p

The boyfriend always say we look so alike, even our back views.
Do we? 

Time has been passing way too fast.
It's a week and the little sister is back tonight!
And Oct is almost over!? It seems like it just started!

Backorder for this lovely pair is up on the website now, grab yours while there's still slots!

And to the special customer who dropped me an email at my personal box, thank you for making my day! :) 


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Taipei Travelogue Day Four.


We started day 4 at  鼎泰豐!
Knowing they close at 230pm for lunch break, we woke up earlier lest we missed it again! The store we headed to was just situated near our hotel, a 10 mins walk away! (: It's the first  鼎泰豐 store in Taipei hence many tourists choice!
Nearest train station: Zhong Xiao Fuxing

We had the usuals we have in SG but it was nothing impressive. We've heard all sorts of raves at 鼎泰豐 Taipei so i was really expecting something, i guess. The food standard was comparable to SG's, perhaps just a slightly larger portion? Their service was impeccable though, thumbs up for that.

I  can't remember where we headed to thereafter, but we headed to Shi Da night market in the evening! And this is the best night market in my entire trip! :D :D :D
I was so disappointed with the previous ones but this is a shopping heaven! I learnt that it's situated near universities and it's the students favorite hang out place, hence the stuffs here are more trendy and young. :)

Spotted this cute store selling handmade accessories!
Fell in love with the handphone one and got one for myself! :)

Finally, i see PEOPLE at the night market.
I've always heard people say how crowded the markets are, but the past few ones i went were like ghost town. Believe it or not, i'd to look for the most crowded lane to make the photo look like there is a crowd. Super meh. :x

Spotted Air Space! 
A recommended shop by many friends! I was so excited i just walked in and didn't even realize the boyfriend was out taking photos, haha.

See what i mean when i say the Taiwanese have impeccable service?
I kept telling the salesgirl it's okay, i'll do it myself, but she insists on putting them on for me. And if you look closer, there are like 4 other pairs beside her. She kinda knew my style and picked all the new arrivals for me to try. And even if you walk out buying nothing, they will not give the black face or mumble stuffs under their mouths, you know what i mean right?

Just some of the many shoes i like!
Shoes here are a little more expensive but they are stylish! :)
I haven't wore the pair that i bought yet but comfort level is definitely there!

And we ended our night with happy buys and happy tummies! :D


Decided to head for brunch as i was craving for eggs benny.
Googled and we decided to head to this place!
It's one of the best place for eggs benny and brunch according to the Taiwanese bloggers! :D

It took us freaking 2 hours if i remember correctly to find this place. :x
We checked with our hotel before leaving and they had advised us to walk since the nearest train station is just below our hotel. I don't think they gave us the wrong directions, more of us being noobs and missing the turn or something. 

The boyfriend is usually not patient at all, but surprisingly he could still put a smile to his face despite all the crazee walking and waiting, hahahha. When we finally located the cafe, we had to wait another 45 mins for a table, so all in all, we spent almost 3 hours that morning, just to have this meal. :x

Morning sleepy face.

We ordered eggs benny and an omelette to share. :)
This was probably one of the best meals we had in Taipei! :)

For your convenience, i googled the address for you!
No. 6-1 Lane 6, RenAir Rd, Sec. 4 
(Do call to make a reservation if you're intending to head there!)

We were stuck in Taipei for our entire trip due to the forecasted typhoon, so we headed back to Shilin Night Market. There were a lot more people that night as compared to the previous trip we made probably cos it was a weekend!
Full of people despite the rain.

We settled for dinner at this restaurant cos the rain was too huge for us to walk over to the popular steamboat place, where we supposed wanted our dinner to be at.

A Japanese concept apparently, to have the sushi served on these trams!
The kids were fascinated all the time, i could totally tell it on their faces!

Freaking fresh sushi!!!!

Doesn't this remind you of restaurant city in the FB game? Haha. 
The meal came up to 50 plus SGD, a little expensive but for the freshness, i felt it was worth a try!

It was still raining heavily when we finished our dinner, and a short walk from the restaurant led us to our original destination. :/

I will fast forward to our next day where we managed to have the steamboat!
We actually headed there in the afternoon for lunch but it was full house! I've read online that reservations are highly recommended cos it's always full house, but i didn't expect it to be true. Anyway, we had a reservation for that same evening, so it was steamboat for dinner! :D

The meat were all freshly sliced, thin but succulent!

Each table was given 1.5 or 2 hours to finish your meal.
Though there was a restriction, i think this time is more than enough for you to complete your meal, so no complaints on that. Given their popularity, without this time limit, i don't think those people waiting outside will ever get to step foot in, haha. 

Highlight of the restaurant!
They serve Haagen Dazs and Movenpick ice cream! :))))
I lost count of the number of scoops i had, erps. 

And that ended our last night in Taipei! :)

I'm so glad i finally managed to complete blogging this Taipei trip!
I know i took ages, but i hope these posts were insightful enough!
Gonna start on the Europe trip soon okay, i have already edited day one photos, heh.

And we're launching tonight at 830!
I'm loading the sneaks on Facebook soon, so be sure to check! (:

Have a blessed week ahead babes!