Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Taipei Travelogue Day Two & Three.

I have an insane amount of backlogs to clear, and i'm ashamed how i haven't even blogged about the remaining of Taipei, which has been more than almost 2 months. :x

Gonna start on it right nowww.

We started day 2 only in the afternoon as we were busy catching up on sleep!
Had a good 12 hour or so sleep before we ventured out! :)
Headed to the first 鼎泰豐 store for lunch, only to find out it was closed for break.
The late birds do not get the worms. :(

We visited it another day anyway, more details in another post!

Decided to head to XMD then!

The train system works pretty much like SG's and it isn't hard at all to get around. Each trip is about 20-35 NTD, and that's about $1 plus SGD! :) Our hotel was situated just in front of the station, so basically we took the train wherever we went!

They keep right there!

To get to XMD, alight at Ximen Station! :)

Saw this sushi store at the station and we grabbed some as we haven't had lunch. They were cheap and good, fresh and cold, the way i like my sushi served! :)

And here we are, at one of the popular tourist locations in Taipei!
XMD is known for shopping and more so for food, so off we went to look for food!

The popular XXL chicken! :)
There were a few stores selling this anyway, and i've no idea which is the authentic one.
This tasted pretty okie to me, but i was craving for water and more water after that.

They also serve other small bites, but obviously more pops for their chicken!

We tried this fried scallop thingy and it was so good!
The scallop tasted fresh and chewwwwy!

Tourist shottt!

We headed off to look for 阿宗麵線.
It took us quite awhile to locate it, and we asked for directions from the locals before locating it!
I was expected a huge crowd since everyone has been singing praises of it, but the queue was pretty short when we arrived!

So here's the legendary 阿宗麵線.

Everyone was just "camping" in front of the store to gobble down the food, and we did it the Taiwan way too. Except i didn't feel that "shiok." I've been hearing a lot of it, so perhaps i was expecting more. Honestly, i prefer the mee-sua that we can get here.

Snapped a few OTDs before we went to explore more.
Wearing TCL Bliss Flutter Top with a previously launched polka dotted shorts, and my new kicks from NB! This top is making a comeback in new colors for CNY anyway, mega love it! :) Sports brand is much cheaper here as compared to SG, so if you're planning to get NB and you're heading to Taipei, you know what to do!

And my 100 NTD cap too.

Lucky us managed to catch some ongoing filming!
I saw that Zac guy from 5566, i think?
Haha, the Taiwanese are damn crazy when it comes to such games; they were shouting and running round to win the other group. 
I forced him to take an OTD cos of the colorful wall. :p

We lingered around till it was night fall.
XMD was pretty quiet when i was there, probably cos of the rain. 

Some road side food stores.
They were everywhere, so there isn't a moment you'll feel hungry~

Next was dinner!
I wanted to dine at this Modern Toilet Restaurant though i knew the food wasn't fantastic. It's that kind of been there done that kinda thing? But this was the worst meal ever. :x
As you can see, NOT appetizing at all.
I wouldn't suggest you heading there at all. :x

Was walking to the train station when we spotted this street artist.
The boyfriend have seen videos of his works on youtube before so it was like a "WOAH" moment for him to see this in real life. 
He basically sprays and sprays to make an art out of it. 
Pretty amazing i must say. 

And here's his final work!
Quite amazing right!

We had planned to travel out of Taipei but due to the forecasted typhoon, plans were cancelled. Trains were even cancelled so we were stuck in Taipei the entire trip. :( 

We headed to Taipei 101 on day three, but plans failed anway. :(
At the train station again.
To get to Taipei 101, alight at 市政府站!

We had lunch at the mall which was linked to the train station.

Fried tempura which was served on the side, DAMN GOOD.

This store specializes in tempura, so everything was fried.
No complains though, cos they weren't greasy or oily; every bite felt good! :) 

Give the boy food and he is a happy man. 

So 101 failed cos it was raining so mega heavily! :(
We walked there despite knowing it was raining, hoping we could get there. But the rain was so huge i was almost blown away, no joke. :(
Managed to capture this across the road nonetheless, so far yet so near. :'(

We headed back to the mall for some shopping and i saw thought this is damn cute!
They are like wooden craft, and there's music and those small stuffs will move!
I bought one, which i have not even opened yet, haha.
I will probably do a video of it someday! :)

We headed to night markets for more shopping in the evening.
Visited 五分埔!
As you can see, very quiet cos of the rain.
I went to Taipei at the wrong timing cos of the Typhoon. ;(

They basically sell clothes, something like a wholesale market.
The style isn't quite mine, so i left with nothing much!

Next, we walked to the highly raved 饒河街觀光夜市, otherwise known as Raohe Night Market.
The walk was quite a distance, about 1km i think?
But everyone seems to walk there from 五分埔!

Jordus was telling me the food there is damn shiok, best night market in Taipei, and this was what i saw when i reached.
Cos of the rain, the stores weren't opened.
So depressing! :'(

It was quite boring there since the stores weren't opened. It reminded me of our Chinatown version with all the oriental decos. Shopping isn't fantastic as they are not so fashionable, haha.

Shaved ice store spotted.

THIS attracted me.

The mango cubes were so succulent and fresh it left me craving for more! But the boyf said no, else i'd have gotten sugar rush. :/ 

And that sums up day 3! :)
I will be back with the rest of the days real soon! 


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