Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Airport OTD.

Was at the airport last week to send the little sister off, and i put together this denim on denim outfit, just so i can wear my new Jeffery Suede Boots out! :D 

Black Basic Top, F21
Denim Jacket, upcoming on TCL
Denim Shorts, Taiwan
Jeffery Suede Boots is available in three colors; black, taupe and camel.
I chose to keep the taupe one only cos i've too many blacks. 
It turned out too comfy that i needed to keep the black as well. 
It isn't a want, it's a need. :p

The boyfriend always say we look so alike, even our back views.
Do we? 

Time has been passing way too fast.
It's a week and the little sister is back tonight!
And Oct is almost over!? It seems like it just started!

Backorder for this lovely pair is up on the website now, grab yours while there's still slots!

And to the special customer who dropped me an email at my personal box, thank you for making my day! :) 


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