Sunday, 3 November 2013

Europe Travelogue Paris Day One.

I'm finally gonna start blogging on my Europe trip! :)
Took so many photos since we visited so many cities, so i will be blogging city by city! This should also be easier for you girls to reference if you're planning to head to these places too.

Before i start on that, i specially made a trip to my hair sponsor Salon Vim!
I knew i'd be taking tons of photos so i asked Fiona, my stylist to do something drastic! Always trust her to give me the best. Spent 6 hours at the salon that day and i walked out with purple and turquoise highlights! She also gave me a lighter brown base for more contrast, everything turned out how i'd pictured it to be, and i couldn't be more thankful.
More photos below! :)

Our flight was 10pm, travelling to Paris!
We bought our tickets in Feb this year when Swiss Air was having a promo, and we paid about $850 including tax per pax only. It was a really awesome deal!

I have many of you girls asking where i get these promotions news; just follow social media! I got the info on Twitter back then from Ladyironchef's tweet. For all the recent impromptu trips like Taipei or Bert's Oz trips, they were all via Scoot's Facebook and mailers! If you plan to travel, just follow/join these platforms for updates! :)

Our first time meeting the little sister's boyfriend, Glen.
These kind souls sent us to the airport that night. :)
I have heard so much about him even before meeting him in person, haha. 
No complaints about him since he makes her happy as a lark. :)

We had dinner and chilled at Starbucks before boarding.
Don't they look cute together? :p

Airport OTD.
Jacket: H&M
Jeans: ASOS
Boots: China

"Ohana means family, family means no one gets left behind."
Though Bert is younger than i am, she's my pillar of strength, together with the boyfriend's.
She gives me the motivation to strive harder for TCL, she nags me to take care of myself (and to quick blog about Europe too!), she lets me use first hand stuffs and pass down to her, and she loves me as much as her boyfriend, haha. Though she's bimbo at times and irk me by asking the lamest and dumbest questions, i love her all the same. <3

Off we went!

After an exhausting 17 hours, we finally arrived at the airport!
We flew 14 hours to Zurich, before transiting to Charles de Gaulle (CDG) airport.
It was my first time taking a long haul flight and it was extremely uncomfortable. :( Though i forced myself to sleep, i was kept awake with baby cries. I also wasn't able to sit still in one position all the time. There was nothing much i could do about that and counting down make it worst. Was extremely, extremely thankful when we finally touched down!

But the horror started after we collected our luggage.
We were gonna travel to Venice the next day, so nothing much was planned that day. The plan was to just head to our hotel, have an early night for the next day's flight. But we'd so much trouble getting to the hotel, which was situated all the way at the other end. The itinerary was so simple; take the airport shuttle to Beauvais Airport then cab to the hotel. -.-

CDG airport was HUGE.
The signs at the airport are quite misleading. We took the airport train to the supposed "airport shuttle" only to realize it's not the airport shuttle we're supposed to head to. Took another train back and we wasted an hour. We then spent the next 30 mins walking before we managed to locate the correct airport shuttle. And when we reached, we were informed the next bus was a good 5 hours later. 
The exact words going through my mind then. 
We had no choice but to take the more expensive bus service, the private bus service i suppose. The ride cost 29 Euros per pax.

The bus ride was about an hour. Alighted at some random road, then lugged our luggage to the bus terminal, where we took another hour long bus ride to Beauvais Airport. Another 16 Euros per pax. And from the airport, we took a cab which cost 20 Euros to the hotel. It sounds so straight forward but it was nothing like that. 

1. Transport was so FREAKING expensive. May i add that it was confusing too. All in all, we spent 110 Euros and a long and taxing 5-6 hours to get to our hotel. Remember, we took buses. The taxi ride was a short 5 mins only too. 
2. It was so hard to locate the taxi stand at Beauvais Airport. There were no signs, unlike in SG. We had to ask to confirm if we were even waiting at the correct spot. There were no taxis coming in or going out though we were at an airport. And we spent almost an hour waiting for one.

My 2nd thankful moment when we reached the hotel.

Headed for FOOD straight after we checked in. 
Located just opposite our hotel.

The boyfriend beef patty burger while i had the steak. Also ordered a brownie with ice cream to share.
I thought the food was cheap, 28 Euros considering how we paid 110 Euros just to get to our hotel. :/

Explored the area a little and we found this mall a stone's throw away.
A whole row of apparels stores! Wasn't very exciting for me so we headed back to the hotel.

Hair; sponsored by Salon Vim.

Just the night before, straight after the fabulous job by Fiona. :)

I love plane rides, i love looking at the clouds.
They look the same, and i love it how they are always different. :)

And this ended day 1!
Headed back for an early night, i can't believe we slept at 8pm, hurhur. 
Our flight to Venice was 8am, which meant we'd to be awake at 5am!

Will be back with Venice soon! (:
Have a great start to the week!



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