Monday, 18 November 2013

The Oxford Boots.

"Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world." 
–– Marilyn Monroe

I have recently be on a shoes craze! Writing about this makes me wonder if i should do a dedicated post to my new shoes, i have at least 10 new pairs it isn't hard to get it done! :p
I couldn't be any happier when my supplier managed to source for what i've been looking for! :) I'm super glad to be sharing these with you TCL supporters cos i'm pretty sure you girls will love them as much as i do! :)

Sharing of those i found online.
(Click on images to be directed to source)



Of course, i didn't end up with these purchases cos of the hefty price tag which came along. I've been on the lookout for such ankle boots ever since i returned from Europe. I got myself a pair there and found it so comfy and easy to match i thought everyone needs to own at least a pair! Make that two or more, cos one simply isn't enough. :p

You might have known i've just returned from Hong Kong. I've been travelling so much this year, seen and learnt so much but that's probably the last leisure trip of the year. Enough of play, I'm back at work, gonna focus for our upcoming busy period ahead! 

Put together my outfits for this trip with this upcoming Oxford Ankle Boots! :)
Top: Plaids Shirt, upcoming on TCL
Jacket: Denim Jacket, upcoming on TCL
Shoes: Oxford Ankle Boots, upcoming on TCL tomorrow

One thing i love about boots is how they instantly dresses up the entire look.
You can see how i'm wearing just day to day staple pieces, but with a pair of boots, the overall look changes! You don't look so sloppy or too casual, if you get what i mean.

This pair comes in brown or black. I kept the brown only because i've too many blacks and this brown comes in a really lovely shade! :) It isn't too hard to match with outfits too!

The rest of the sneaks are available on Facebook now!
I kept more than just one pair, so i'm hoping you girls love this shoes/bags collection we've put together! :) 

We'll see you tomorrow at 830pm! :)


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