Friday, 29 November 2013

Still Alive.

I'm still alive and kicking!
Thought i should make an update (and some noise) to let you readers know! :p

Anyway, i've embarked on a braces journey since Monday if you haven't know!
Only metal brackets and rubber bands were put on but it was still so painful on the 1st few days. Things are better now, at least i don't feel much pain. But THANK GOD i didn't have to do any extractions. I was literally jumping for joy for my orthodontist told me he will put that off and see how the teeth shifts after 3 months. :D

I'm kinda dreading this Monday cos i'm going for another visit and more things will be done and added, so yeah, let's see how things go! Gonna embrace it with a positive mindset! 

To those who have asked me why do it when i've straight teeth?
For one, i do not have straight teeth. I've a protruding and jutting front tooth in fact :( 
It's quite bad that i can even slot my fingernail into the gap.
And two, i've a slanted jawline and i'm extremely conscious of how i look like in photos. What i mean is, i am getting more and more conscious of how i look now. :( Of cos, i angle my poses in such a way it's less obvious to people, so if you aren't really close to me, you probably wouldn't have noticed unless you've a keen eye for details! Or i simply just do not post unflattering photos of myself, haha.

I've actually considered this entire thing since i was 16 after i completed O's?
I'll have to do an operation a year later to straighten the jawline. The thought of going through the operation scared me deep, and i kinda put that away. The op will have a minimum down time of 2 weeks, and i'll only be able to drink liquid food. Seriously, DRINK LIQUID food. How is this not scary? When i graduated with my diploma, I actually did check with National Dental Centre to find out more and learnt that it will get even more obvious over the years. But the cost was too high to handle then, coupled with all the fear, i put that thought away again. Ten years later, it's true. :( It has gotten so bad i'm mega conscious how i look like in photos. I couldn't take it, and finally plucked up the courage to "let's whack it man!" It took just 2 weeks, HAHA.
So here i am, finally with braces! :p

To the lovely girls who have dropped me personal emails, thank you!
I will be replying your mails very soon.
And i'm really thankful to have you kind angels dropping notes of your personal experience and sharing these stuffs with me. Thank you and thank you!

I may not have a lot of knowledge and experience to share since it's been only a week, but if you've any questions, you're welcomed to drop me an email! :)

Till then, i'm gonna have a carefree weekend!
Have a blessed one too! :)


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