Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Pump-ed Up Collection!

You girls would have known by now we are launching todayyy! :)
Pretty excited for the launch cos it's something we've never tried before.
TCL has always been the girly and feminine style to many, and in this Lookbook, we went with a different styling and direction!

I'm personally very pleased! :D :D :D
Styling was done by yours truly, it's not hard to tell with all the chunky necklaces and trainers wedges right? Cons is so versatile who's able to carry off any style. It may not be her everyday style or something she'd personally don on, but she just makes them look so good.
Our gem seriously. :p

Hahha, and talking about this, i've been on a trainers wedge spree (OMG so in love with it really!) and i got our supplier to source for them, and violaaa, it's coming to TCL soooon!

I'm starting off with photos we shot but didn't use for our lookbook!
We didn't manage to capture any BTS due to some "happenings" at the shoot.
But thank god everything else went well! (:
TCL Tribal Loafers in Blue/ Red
Available in S35 - S40
Model Cons is a S37 and wears size S37

S35: 9"
S36: 9.25"
S37: 9.5"
S38: 9.75"
S39: 10"
S40: 10.25"

People following us close enough would find this familiar!
Bert got them in London awhile back and we thought it was a pretty design to share, so here you have it; TCL version! It's almost similar to her original though! I'm loving the aztec fabric used, and those tassels are so cute!

TCL Embroidered Frayed Denim Shorts
Available in mid or mineral wash, in sizes Xs - Xl
Model Cons wears size Xs
(White tee paired can be found here)

Size XS measures 12" mid-waist across, 16" hips, 12" down, 9.25" rise, 10.5" leg opening, fits Uk 4
Size S measures 13" mid-waist across, 17" hips, 12" down, 9.25" rise, 11" leg opening, fits Uk 6
Size M measures 14" mid-waist across, 18" hips, 12.5" down, 9.5" rise, 11.5" leg opening, fits Uk 8
Size L measures 15" mid-waist across, 19" hips, 12.5" down, 9.5" rise,  12" leg opening, fits Uk 10
Size XL measures 16" mid-waist across, 20" hips, 13" down, 9.5" rise, 12.25" leg opening, fits Uk 12

The neat and intricate embroidery work blew us away~
I don't think we've launched any manufactured embroidered items with such awesome work!
The length may be a tad short for girls who are not comfortable with short shorts, but the trick is to just size up so it would loose less tight! That's what one of our pixies did! 3 of the pixies kept this so i'm pretty sure you girls would love it just as much! The denim used is pretty thick with minimal stretch, so do refer to measurements for best accuracy! :)

TCL Sleeveless Parka 
Available in olive, black or off-white, in sizes Xs - Xl
Model Cons wears size Xs
(White tee paired can be found here)

Size XS measures 18" ptp, 25" down, fits Uk 4 - 6
Size S measures 19" ptp, 25.5" down, fits Uk 8
Size M measures 20" ptp, 26" down, fits Uk 10

I sent in my personal piece for manufacturing and made some changes to it!
The original didn't have a waist tie, so we added this for that added curve factor, since it helps to accentuate your waist line. We also changed the studs to those which are less spikey! This parka is made of linen and definitely suitable for the weather here! I'm so in love with it i kept it in all colors, so i've 4 pieces of this including my original, hahaha. 

If you're intending to get TCL Embroidered Frayed Denim Shorts or TCL Sleeveless Parka, consider getting it in a set cos it matches oh-so-well together. My honest opinion! I've personally paired it this way too, you can read more HERE! :)

Parka in black, and the QT Cons!
Cons usually give people this "atas" or high society aura, but she's someone with all sort of expressions really, haha. 

And in off-white! :)
In case you're wondering, it's made of linen blend.
Linen is quite an expensive fabric in the market so it's gonna be worth every penny!
If you gotta ask me for my pick, i'd pick the white anytime cos it isn't easy to find a white outer piece, so it's something rare. I kept the white only initially with the help of self restriction, but the fab cut and comfort level made me keep all colors in the end. Must get this okie? Super chic and an instant dress up look over your tees and denims! (:

Just a heads up that item is meant to be worn loose and slouchy! :)
I notice how some people will get items based on their usual ptp, whether it's meant to be worn loose or tight, and end up emailing us for an exchange. Measurements for outer pieces are generally larger to get the "feel" when worn, so don't get the wrong size! :)

TCL Floral Darling Top
Available in purple or orange florals, in sizes Xs - L
Model Cons wears size Xs

Size XS measures 13.5" - 15.5" ptp, 18.5" down, fits Uk 4
Size S measures 14" - 16" ptp, 19" down, fits Uk 6
Size M measures 16" - 18" ptp, 19.5" down, fits Uk 8

We fell in love with this fabric at first sight!
Because the florals are already all over, we didn't want to make it too complicated or "cheena" looking, we did it in a basic cut! It isn't too long nor too short, just the right length to pair with high and mid waist bottoms. If you're wearing it with a low waist shorts, be prepared to show some skin! :p Just a tiny whinny bit! It's made of cotton polyester blend, really stretchy! :)
Bert kept this piece and has worn it a couple of times, you can probably sneak a peek on her instagram!

Our Lookbook photos below!

The full sneaks are up on Facebook and we're giving away TCL vouchers!
So go on and share the loveee! <3

I hope this short post will help you girls with your doubts! :)
Pop me a question if there's anything you wanna ask! (:

PS: Please do not ask me about measurements as i do not have them now. I'll put it up once i've gotten them. I'll be glad to advise base on UK sizing. Thank you! :)


Friday, 20 September 2013

Catching Up on OTDs.

"Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live." - Gianni Versace

Outerwear: Sleeveless Studded Parka, upcoming on TCL
Bottom: Zara inspired shorts, upcoming on TCL
Shoes: Steve Madden
Necklace: Louisa 
Bracelets: Sensibar

My favorite go-to outer piece is finally here! :)
We made it sleeveless for the local weather, and i'm super loving it!
I love how casual and chic it is, and how it instantly dresses up your outfit!
The subtle studded details aren't too over dramatic too.

Shorts are Zara inspired.
Love the neat and clean intricate embroidery.
The supplier did an awesome job i must say! :)

Top: Paddlepop Knit Top, upcoming on TCL
Shorts: F21
Shoes: BKK

Who doesn't love colors and knit?
This piece was love at first sight for me.

Top: Uniqlo Black Tee
Outerwear: Sleeveless Studded Parka, upcoming on TCL
Bottom: Zara inspired shorts, upcoming on TCL
Shoes: Steve Madden

Another day out in the parka, in another color.
It comes in white, olive and black btw! And i kept all 3 colors.
It's too hard to resist. With the versatility, i'm sure everyone won't have trouble pairing it up! :) 
I love how it goes well with shorts and sneakers!

Knit Top: H&M
Outwear: Biker Jacket, upcoming on TCL
Pants: Abstract Printed Jeans, upcoming on TCL
Heels: New Look

I've been wearing this pants a thousand times since it arrived!
The prints are gorgeous beyond words and i love this fabric.
It's so comfy to wear! Threw on our upcoming Biker Jacket (due to launch in Oct/ Nov) with gold bar heels for that extra oomphz. 

Extremely excited to launch these upcoming pieces! :)
More updates again! In the meantime, TGIF!