Sunday, 30 June 2013

The last of amazing June!

Salon Vim

Headed to the trusty salon to get the tresses treated about a week ago! :)
Look at the new interior!
Super love it! It's so modern, sleek and manhattan looking!

The extremely dry ends which were in dire need of pampering. :/

I look like a kid here totally, hurhurhur.

After hours, it's doneee!

Fiona gave me a light brown base to light up my face, so i'll look fresher and less dull. We added green/purple streaks too! :) Also did the Armino Privy treatment which left me with super soft silky hair!

I'm always amazed at their amazing work. :D

Just look at my cool like mad stylist! Hehehe.
Her whole purple head is so cool, wished i could carry it off!

New backdrop MUST be used, right? Hehhe.

Cant really see the colors here, but i'm loving the new brown base! (:

OTD that day.
In an upcoming TCL Scallop Hem Metal Tip Shirt (Coral)

Some of you may find this familiar! :)
I posted a photo of the original piece some months back and i'm so glad our supplier managed to find the same scallop hems tips! :)

After the trip, i was contemplating if i should do some shopping, but i decided not to. Kept telling myself "save money save money!" For once, i resisted the temptation and headed home. Instead of cabbing which i usually do, i resisted the urge with the intention to save money again since i'm already at the station. 

It was one of the worst decisions made ever. 
Of all days, the NEL had to break down the day i decided to rely on public transport.

Like seriouslyyyy.
It was a horrifying 2 hours which didn't even see me at the planned destination - HOME.
Landed myself back at Somerset after being stuck for 2 hours (like wth right?!), and before i knew it, i took the train to Tampines. 

Dinner was at 930pm, thanks to the breakdown NEL. 

Solo picture worthy, haha.

Back at home.
See the colors? :)
I have dyed my hair umpteen times since i was 16/17, so i guess the color couldn't be absorbed as well. The purple turned out ash purple/ blue streaks but they were equally gorgeous! Looked like i've some ombre streaks!

Salon Vim is having a promotion till the end of July, so do call and book an appointment! (:
I've people asking how does the 30% work.
Basically you still get to choose your preferred color, but the technic used to dye your hair is known as the SS trend! :)

Quote "brianna" to enjoy these discounts! 

Salon Vim
 313 @Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 
Tel: 68847757/ 68847767 

 Bugis 235/ 235A Victoria Street 
Tel: 68370073/ 68360045

Took some photos the next day! (:

You cant see the highlights on the front, that's cos my bleached areas were all hidden inside, so that it has a peekaboo effect! :p

Chiffon shirts and shorts have been my staples these days!
For one, it's a comfy attire to combat the heat.
And two, i like it, hahaha.

Top from Lowry Farm, Shoes from New Look.
These new kicks are mega comfy to walk in! :D

Sri Bistari Changi Village
Had Black Ball cravings that day and the nearest outlet to us was located at Bedok, so off we went! Parked the car at some random carpark and we came across this Muslim kopitiam which looked like they serve nice Ayam Penyet!
Gave it a try and BINGO!
It is damn nice!
The chicken was crispy on the outside, tender and succulent on the inside!

The rice was also mega fragrant and so was the soup!
Really haven't had such good ones in a long while.
Thank god for this photo cos it captured the name! :p

Sri Bistari Changi Village
Blk 416 Bedok North Ave 2

The Sushi Bar
Met up with the girlfriends last Friday for some catch up and shopping!
Dinner saw us at The Sushi Bar at FEP. :)

Chawanmushi, $2.80 and it was yums! (:
I like how they added the roe for some texture.

Mixed Sashimi.
The knife skill of the chef is probably not as comparable to Ikoi's one.
They were sliced a tad too thick and somehow, they seemed to more "fatty and oily."
They weren't easy to chew too. Ikoi still serves the best sashimi. 

California Maki $8.90 and Salmon Aburi $13.90

We rarely see salmon aburi sushi on the menu so this was something different!
I quite liked the slightly burnt taste on the salmon.
What i liked more was how the sushis were plated! (:

Sirloin Steak.
You can pick from 100 or 200g, $14.90 or $28.90

This was charming dish, very delightful and tasty!
One dish which will probably make me head back for more!
It's slightly seared on the outside only, hence the meat was really soft, tender and succulent! 
Worth every penny! (:

It's quite a small cosy place, so be prepared to wait especially during peak hours. We went on a Friday evening and waited for about 20 mins before we were given a seat.
The food here is reasonably priced with no additional GST and service charge, so if you're Jap food lover, do check them out! :)

The Sushi Bar
Far East Plaza #03-89 S228213

TCL Scallop Hem Metal Tip Shirt (Sunshine)
Shoes from New Look

Ended the night at TCC!
They are having a promo till July!
1 for 1 pasta/ main dish for TCC members, or 50% off pasta/ main dish for non members!

I'm sure most of you have tried these already, they are my usuals at TCC! (:

The only photo we took that day after much persuasion. 
They just don't like to take photos. :(

What's a meal without desserts right?

Perfect Pairing, what a name!
This was too cheesy for my liking, but it still looks gorgeous! 

Puffy Triplets.
Finished every bit of this!
I'm a chocolate lover so this was heavenly! :)

Stomp @ MBS
Bert and the boyfriend were kept entertained throughout the show and had nothing but praises. Unfortunately i was too tired and fell asleep. It's supposed to be noisy and loud, but i guess it was too therapeutic for me. :x
TCL Scallop Hem Metal Tip Shirt (Whitte)
TCL Frenzy Printed Pants, still available here:

As you can see, i kept almost all colors of the upcoming shirt! :p
Can't put into words how much i love them, hehehe.

Bert seems to love photobombing these days, beautifully. 

Birthday Surprise

The pixies and sister came by for a surprise.
I mean big surprise.
I only fell asleep at 7am as i'd a mahjong session the previous night, and at 12pm, i heard people singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU....
In my room.

I knew it was them and the first thing that came to my mind was,
"Oh shit i look like crappp!" -.-
I was in bed with messy hair, just wake-up-face with horrible eye bags?
Adding on messy house and room?
And they still forced me to get out of bed to blow the candle(s).

The only photo we took cos i looked too horrible, haha.

Not a secret now that i'm a fan of Pandora i guess?
Haha, everyone seems to be getting me charms for presents/ gifts, hehehe.

And the mega big card they gave me.
I read every word and it left me smiling from ear to ear. :))
Seriously, they are the best bunch i can ever ask for, working their asses everytime we need extra help, and making work enjoyable. 

Though i looked like crap, thank you for the surprise.
I heard Bert smartly changed the group chat topic cos her phone was with me, so to the little bum, thanks for being smart and so considerate. Haha.
Thank you for making me so paisei with the birthday song and cake in BED.
And thank you all for loving meee! <3

Birthday outfit.
Wore TCL Cut In Top and paired it with a New Look pants. :)

Thank you to the boyfriend who plotted everything with them too! <3

Didn't do much that day.
Just roaming around in town in a happy mood.
Ended the night with some happy buys at MBS! :)

Thank you everyone who dropped me messages and wishes, appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!

Till the next, will be back with more updates! (:

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