Monday, 24 June 2013

Food Updates!

Canopy Garden Dining
The boyfriend and I made a trip down to Canopy one weekday (finally!)
Have been meaning to go back since the last visit but never had the time, so i was really quite happy to be back! :p

We sat beside a table of mummies and babies, and it was quite an interesting eavesdropping session for us. The fact that they were talking quite loudly made it impossible for us not to eavesdrop! They were complaining about their in-laws, maids, jobs and everything under the sun literally. One of them was still unmarried, and erps she was telling the other ladies to watch out for their figures cos they seemed to be growing sideways now, hahaha.  

The boyfriend ordered Eggs Royale, which was also what we had the other trip. 
Seems like the portion has shrunk in size, but other than that, it tasted just as nice!

I was contemplating their breakfast/ brunch menu or their pasta.
 I caved in to their Crabmeat Aglio Olio and it was a wrong choice. 
There was no garlic fragrant at all and their crabmeat was mushy like baby food. :(
Conclusion is to just stick to their breakfast menu!

We also ordered their pancakes which was so fluuffffy!
Super love pancakes with maple syrup! 

It was a quick meal as we were supposed to head back to the office!
If you're someone who's never able to wake up early enough for brunch, Canopy is the place for you! :p

Canopy Garden Dining Bishan Park II 
 1382 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Singapore 569931 
 Tel: 6556 1533
Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri : 9am - 10pm 
Sat, Sun, Eve of Public Holidays : 8am - 11pm

Brunch Menu is served daily from 9am - 5pm on Mon - Fri,
and 8am - 5pm on Sat, Sun and PHs.

Plans changed after lunch and we headed to the Reebonz sale instead of the office,
thanks to the wonders of social media!
And so, I'd the luxury of declaring an off day! :p

Spent a good 2-3 hours at the sale before we headed to town for dinner.
Walked around PS including the new and revamped area but there was nothing much i was craving for.
So we made a trip down to one our of favorite Pizzerias! :)

Peperoni Pizzeria
It's located just opposite Great World City so it's a short drive down from town! :)

Some places do not allow mixing but they do! :)
The fire wood pizzas here are really damn good! 
We ordered our usual; Seafood x Prosciutto with Rocket Salad.

The pizza is 12" and it's quite huge! 
They have the XXL pizza which is 21"!

We also had their seafood risotto, one of the best i have eaten in SG!
Mega love the rich flavor and how the grains are cooked to perfection!

Their portion can be quite huge so we don't usually order much here.
I remember the first time here, we ordered a soup, salad and a large pizza and we had to stuff ourselves silly!

Peperoni Pizzeria @ Zion
 56 Zion Road Singapore 247781
 Tel: 67323253
Opening Hours:
Mon - Sat: 12pm - 1030pm
Sat: 11am - 1030pm

They have a list of other branches as well if you're wondering!
If you need them, you can get more info HERE!

 Manna Story
Finally got to try this after hearing all the raves!
It's funny how we've been to Jcube umpteen times yet never taken notice of it. 
And it's on the same floor as Miyoc! 
They have a couple of branches if i'm not wrong.
We had ours at JCube that day since we had to drop by Miyoc.

The boyfriend and his new bicycles tee Bert got for him!
The prints are super adorable rightttt! 

We ordered the Cinnamon Tea and it was mega yuck.
Even a cinnamon lover like me do not know how to appreciate this, so don't ever order this. :x

The FREE FLOW side dishes!
Don't we all love this! :D

The boyfriend usually waits for me to be done snapping photos, but i guess he couldn't resist them. Hahaha managed to capture this shot!
The kimchi was damn good btw!

First time trying out rice cakes after seeing them on TV for donkey years.

Hot-Stone Bibimbap.
I like that we had to add and mix the sauce ourselves, kinda helps determine the level of spice/flavor you want! :)

My favorite has got to be this!
It was SOOOO crispyyyy! 

Bad hair day, but who cares! 
Cos the food made us happy that night. :p

Went bright with colors that day!
This "overused" bag will be launched real soon! :)

Manna Story
JCube, Jurong East Central Singapore 609731
Tel: 66842872
Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun: 11am - 10pm

One of my favorite rompers till date, which unfortunately cannot be restocked via backorders. The fabric is sold out and not available! :( We're considering remaking it into similar floral printed fabric, 
let us know if you girls are opened to the idea kay? :)
You can drop me an email or just Formspring me!

Ending this post with our Cold Shoulder Top (and a few sneaks below!), launching tomorrow night! :)
If you remember this, my original was in grey from Topshop and we'd sent it in for manufacturing!
The original's cotton was a little thin and the cut out edges were raw, plus it was really huge for a Uk 6.
So we changed them into a thicker cotton jersey fabric, sew up the edges and changed the measurements for better fit! :)
Our version is available in Berry, Heather Grey, Cobalt and Black!

Will also be launching this ombre chiffon top! :)
The previous ones we sold was a tank version and sheer, so we added lining and made it more work appropriate with slight pleats down the front!

We have a couple more manufactured pieces tomorrow too, and the best news is; 
Since they are basic pieces, we'll be pricing them at FAB FIND PRICES! :)
More savings for your pockets so rejoice!

Till then, we'll see you tomorrow!


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