Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Last of July!

This was meant to be an Instagram update but since i snapped photos with the little one today, more photos are expected! (:

I think every girl has this problem of having no clothes to wear though we've a wardrobe full of clothes. I'm a clothes maker but for sure, i'm no different.
Today was one day i'd the same woe again. :'(

Grabbed our Tropical Floral Shorts from my pile of shorts, paired it with my trusty knit from H&M and viola, i felt good enough to leave home in this outfit!
Top: H&M
Shorts: TCL Tropical Floral Shorts
Blazer: H&M

Found a whole series of crazee Bert in her cam while i was on the phone.


I think we are vastly different though almost everyone says we are twins (?!)
But if you know us personally, you'd know we're on the extreme ends of the world, hahaha.

So back to the purpose of the post, instagram updates! (:
Been a while since i posted instagram shots, sooo here we go!
Follow me @briannawonggg if you'd like to!

(I haven't posted this, gonna do so later! My shoes of the day!)

Today's OTD on instagram. :)

Lunch earlier today at Barossa.

$2 carrot cake from Bedok 85.
I don't know where else you can find $2 carrot cake, so i was quite amazed by the price!

My next favorite ice cream to-go!
Found this gem at Bedok Blk 86, Milk & Honey Gelato! :)
Went there twice since i found it 2 weeks back!
I think i wanna blog about it soon!

Brownie with ice cream never fail to make you smile. :)


My current ombre nails.
I love love love it! <3
I really love having manicured nails!

And a selfie with MTXX!
It's such an awesome app and it's even more awesome now with newly added features! (:

If you haven't shopped with us, please do!!
10% off new arrivals launched yesterday! (:
Promo ends this Sunday, applicable for BO items too!

AND i know so many of you girls have been email-ing us for BO for this sweetheart maxi, so a BO is finally up!! :)) Don't miss it again!
Direct link if you need:

I feel better now that i've blogged with one post before i jet off for an impromptu short getaway!
Extremely looking forward to it cos it's a much needed one.
I'm just gonna eat and eat, stuff myself sillyyy!
Plus the boyfriend is coming alongggg this trip, hehehe! :)
Have a blessed remaining week ahead loves!
I will be back soon! (:


Saturday, 27 July 2013


Time has been passing too quickly!
Before i know it, one month flew by and it's time for my monthly hair pampering session! :p

I've been trying pink, purple, blue and green hair for the past months so i opted for a solid shade this time. Fiona couldn't make it for the appointment but since i was already on the way down, Katherine who's also Bert's stylist took over the job instead! No qualms about that at all cos i know every stylist at Salon Vim can be trusted! :) 

My hair has gone through "magic" by Sham from Bugis, as well as John when i was still a paying customer. Then Gary did some "magic" too before Fiona became my appointed stylist and honestly, i do feel all 4 of the have been nothing but awesome! 

Anyway, I asked for a brownish red tone this time!
One thing i've learnt is that darker hues (for me) make me look tired all the time, and cos my skin tone itself is already dull, a darker hair will mean my skin looks even duller! So girls who have yellow tones like myself, do try a lighter/ brighter shade! (:
This was right after the visit to Salon Vim! :))
I always walk out feeling like a million bucks.

You can see it's a mixture of red-brown, but more of the brown.
I haven't had the guts to try a brighter red though i really want to.
Katherine did an awesome job and gave me exactly what i was looking for! (: 

Also did the awesome Arimino Privy treatment again!
This treatment strengthens and nourishes your tresses and it's probably one of the better ones i've tried! The softness and shine lasted about 3 weeks for me after multiple washes!

Someone once asked me on FS if they are that lousy that we sponsored bloggers have to head back every month. I know right, what a blunt way to put across a question. -.-
No matter how well we look after our tresses at home, mask/ condition them frequently, nothing beats professional care and treatment. The products/ machines/technics aren't comparable at all. So proper treatments at salon are required if you want healthy hair!

If you think GSS is over, or gonna be over soon, you'll be glad to know Salon Vim has extended their GSS promo! HOW NICEEEE! 30% off SS 2013 colors plus their popular treatments! :)
 It is now extended till 15th Aug instead of 31st July so if you need a hair fix, do call and make an appointment!!

Salon Vim
 313 @Somerset Orchard Road #04-07/08/09 
Tel: 68847757/ 68847767 

 Bugis 235/ 235A Victoria Street 
Tel: 68370073/ 68360045

Remember to quote my name "brianna" to enjoy these discounts! :)

The little one making faces again!!!

Top: F21
Jeans: Zara
Sandals: New Look

Bert suggested Koh Grill & Sushi Bar for dinner as i haven't tried the Shiok Maki before, 
so we walked over to Wisma!
We just wanted to show our new hair color under natural sunlight..
But it led to a series of unglam shots, hurhurhur.

Lucky us reached at 615pm hence there wasn't a queue yet! :)
Got a table within 5 minutes!
Doing what we do best while waiting, other than checking our phones.

The food was served quite quickly, probably cos the crowd hasn't formed yet.
I didn't plan on blogging about this so i didn't really take note of the item names. :(
This if i'm not wrong is beef sukiyaki soup!
The beef wasn't overcooked so thumbs up!
The soup was a little salty for me but Bert found it otherwise. 

There were plenty of different yakitoris to choose from!
We ordered the bacon ones, wrapped with golden mushrooms and asparagus.

Salmon Skin! :)
We were seated at the counter seats so i got to see how this was prepared.
I always order this dish when i'm at Jap restaurants but i never knew how they were prepared until that day, pretty amazing i must say!

The legendary Shiok Maki which i found disappointing sadly. :(
Perhaps i've heard so much that i'd expected more, but i found it too overwhelming.
It was like a mixture of everything and nothing was distinctive enough. :(
I also learnt from Instagram that there's Gen 1 and 2? 
I've no idea if mine was a 1 or 2, but this was served when Bert ordered Shiok Maki.

The salmon sashimi was fresh and served cold, but sliced a tad too thick. 
Salmon Skin Maki was crispy, scored full points! :)

I'm not sure if i'll head back again, but i highly doubt so!
Especially if i'll need to queue for 30 mins to an hour, which i think is the usual waiting time!
If you're still keen to try, here's the details.

Koh Grill & Sushi Bar
Wisma Atria #04-21
Opens Daily: 1130am - 1030pm

Headed over to Paris Baguette for some desserts!
The lemon cake was FREAKINGGG GOOD!
Or maybe just cos i'm plain biased towards lemon tarts and what not, 
i found this extremely delightful! :)

This is the worst Tiramisu ever.
I have never eaten anything worst than this. -.-
And the item name is "I am a Tiramisu."

While eating, i was thinking if you know you're a tiramisu, how can you taste like this!
 I took just a bite and the rest was untouched. :(

Found this in my cam and i just have to post it up.

I will probably and most likely be back to try the rest of the cakes!

Paris Baguette
Wisma Atria #02-48/53
Opens Daily: 10am - 10pm

Met up with Melody at Corner Stone after months of whatsapp-ing! :)
We were so engrossed in our talks i didn't even take photos of the food, haha.
I don't know how to put them into words, but we found so so sooo many similarities in each other as though we were long lost friends. And guess what, we even share the same birthday! :))) Have been talking to her on whatsapp and it was a pleasure meeting her in real life finally!

Don't you think she looks just as good without make up? :p
I like her without make up more!
An afternoon well spent, just catching up on random things with this sweetie!

Wore our Tropical Ave Blazer in Navy that day and went all black with bottoms, shoes and accessories!
(Still available HERE!)

Mel was wearing our Tropical Floral Shorts which she'd previously done an ad for us. :)
We're offering 10% off this piece if you still haven't gotten it yet!
Available HERE.
<Quote Melodyyap at check out to enjoy 10% off, valid till 27/7 2359)

We have been taking more photos than usual, hahaha.
And we are forever young, hahaha.

Headed to town as the boyfriend had an appointment with Salon Vim to have his hair cut. 
And while he was at it, i was shopping. :p 
Got this floral skorts from Uniqlo though it's not my usual style.
The fabric is really smooth, something like satin polyester!
Plus those florals are too gorgeous and more importantly, it fits me!
Hehhe, it's only $24.90!

And today's OTD.
Wore an upcoming blazer in mint out! :)
Inner lined with a floral lining which is major loveeee!

Random Instag/Phone Snaps
I wanted to show my new iPhone sticker, hehehe.

Wore a sample piece out last weekend! :)
You can't really see here but the collar is made up of pearls and gold chains.
Super girly and dainty!

Railway BF Shirt paired with a new skorts from the new shipment on random day! :)
It will be launched next week!

Supper with the boy! :)

I'll be answering questions on Ask FM instead of FS! :)
So do direct any questions on the new platform okay?
I've also changed the side banner on the right, 
so if you're lazy you can just pop the question directly in that white box! :)

And to those who have dropped me a note or another on my first video,
I really needed the encouragement cos i felt it wasn't a job well done, like i could have done it better? So THANKQ for all your encouragement! :)
Let me know if you girls want more, or if there's anything you'd like me to blog/talk about! :)

Have a blessed weekend babes!