Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Last of July!

This was meant to be an Instagram update but since i snapped photos with the little one today, more photos are expected! (:

I think every girl has this problem of having no clothes to wear though we've a wardrobe full of clothes. I'm a clothes maker but for sure, i'm no different.
Today was one day i'd the same woe again. :'(

Grabbed our Tropical Floral Shorts from my pile of shorts, paired it with my trusty knit from H&M and viola, i felt good enough to leave home in this outfit!
Top: H&M
Shorts: TCL Tropical Floral Shorts
Blazer: H&M

Found a whole series of crazee Bert in her cam while i was on the phone.


I think we are vastly different though almost everyone says we are twins (?!)
But if you know us personally, you'd know we're on the extreme ends of the world, hahaha.

So back to the purpose of the post, instagram updates! (:
Been a while since i posted instagram shots, sooo here we go!
Follow me @briannawonggg if you'd like to!

(I haven't posted this, gonna do so later! My shoes of the day!)

Today's OTD on instagram. :)

Lunch earlier today at Barossa.

$2 carrot cake from Bedok 85.
I don't know where else you can find $2 carrot cake, so i was quite amazed by the price!

My next favorite ice cream to-go!
Found this gem at Bedok Blk 86, Milk & Honey Gelato! :)
Went there twice since i found it 2 weeks back!
I think i wanna blog about it soon!

Brownie with ice cream never fail to make you smile. :)


My current ombre nails.
I love love love it! <3
I really love having manicured nails!

And a selfie with MTXX!
It's such an awesome app and it's even more awesome now with newly added features! (:

If you haven't shopped with us, please do!!
10% off new arrivals launched yesterday! (:
Promo ends this Sunday, applicable for BO items too!

AND i know so many of you girls have been email-ing us for BO for this sweetheart maxi, so a BO is finally up!! :)) Don't miss it again!
Direct link if you need:

I feel better now that i've blogged with one post before i jet off for an impromptu short getaway!
Extremely looking forward to it cos it's a much needed one.
I'm just gonna eat and eat, stuff myself sillyyy!
Plus the boyfriend is coming alongggg this trip, hehehe! :)
Have a blessed remaining week ahead loves!
I will be back soon! (:


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