Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Catching Up.

Staying back at the office while waiting for my dinner khaki to reach, so thought i'd blog a short post! :))

The pixies were decked in TCL pieces that day, so we decided to take a group shot! :p
Say HI to Steph and Huiee! :)
They are the "on the ball pixies" now cos the rest have either started school or internship, so they are the ones who pack your parcels these days!


This is Huiee's favorite pose!
Hahaha she does it in all her photos so...

How about a Huiee inspired pose? HAHAHAA.

Photos courtesy of the boyfriend! :)

Loved what i wore that day and i couldn't help snapping more photos.

This piece will be coming up this month, probably the 2nd week! (:
Also available in tropical hues!
Think cobalt, yellow and spring green combi!

Remember what i said about Bert photobombing?
She decided to do it with her hands this time. -.-

I've no idea what i was doing but it turned out good enough for me to post this! :p

And on Bert, our manufactured romper which will be launched next week! (:

Swee Choon

Needed to get some stuffs for office and we headed to Mustafa.
Everytime we head there, Swee Choon is more a less a must! :)

I remember eating this when i was a kid, like all the time.
And I like mined served plain with just sesame seeds and light sauce. :) 

The cha siew bao which was heavenlyyy.

 Carrot cake which is oh-so-crispy!
I never fail to order it at each visit cos of the crisp!

Fried rice and random steamed dishes.

Swee Choon Dim Sum
183/ 185/ 187/ 189/ 191 Jalan Besar Singapore 208882 
Monday to Sunday : 6 pm to 6 am 
Close on Tuesday 

Ended the night at Udders! :))

Random day out to town, wore the upcoming Scallop Hem Metal Tip Shirt again!
I kept 3/4 colors and all 3 have been wore more than twice.
That's how much i love it! :p
Same styling except with new kicks!
My most expensive shoes everrrrr, but it was worth every penny.
There was zero blisters or even an inch of pain on the first wear, simply amazing!
Awesome pair from Steve Madden! :)

Making full use of the 1-for-1 promo! :)

Pan seared tuna salad which we tried for the first time!
The boyfriend didn't like it but i did, so this was finished up by me.

Also tried their Mushroom Tortellini for the first time and it was quite satisfying!
It's stuffed with cheese and mushrooms, wrapped in pasta.
The sauce was a little spicy so that added some kick too!

This has been the boyfriend's favorite dish after their popular Seafood Aglio. 
I think it's called Crayfish Pasta.
The sauce is a mix of cream and tomato, topped with wasabi fish roe!

Till the next!
Oh yes, sale post is now up on site! :)


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