Thursday, 18 July 2013

AD: Shoppy & Poppy

I was contacted by Shoppy & Poppy for an advertorial a couple of weeks back, and lucky me had the chance to pick any item i liked for this advert! (:

Needless to say, i was excited!!
Like who doesn't when it comes to shopping, righttt?
Though i shop almost everyday, considering i'm always in new clothes, i can still sense that happiness and excitement every single time! :p

Here's my pick!
A beige studded cap!
It was love at first sight for me!
I was scrolling down the page and this caught my eyes instantly!
An immediate "I WANT!"
I later learnt it is one of their best sellers, uhmm, i've good taste? :p

I love love love the studded details on the front, like it's a little edgy, punk and rock? 
But it's not too over the top, something i know which can go well with my outfits! (:
It also exudes a korean vibe, agree?
It's available in black too but, but i opted for the beige one since i don't one in this shade.

They are opening a pre-order for this item now, 
so hop over to place an order if you like it as well! (: 

Their prices are really really affordable, and they are basically a one stop online accessory store! Honestly their affordable prices kinda stunned me cos they are really so low. I can safely say the prices are one of the lowest around! PLUS they have a wide array of accessories; bracelets, watches, bags, cap and so much more!

Some other items i picked out! (:
Scroll down!

This silver bracelet is only $9.90!
So so so pretttyyy!

And this pretty timepiece is going for $15 only! 
Love the black and gold contrast!

And this sky blue necklace, which looks a little mint, for only $8.90!
I actually have one, which looks almost the same from Diva, and that cost way way way higher!

Spotted these bags which i liked as well!
I love the unique front closure and the tassel which kinda completes the whole look! :)
Kinda perfect for work and play!

And these below are my top picks!!!
I know how you readers/ TCL shoppers have been asking for such bracelets, but we never managed to source for them. So heres your chance to get them at a pocket friendly price!

Nautical themed ones!

I know you girls have been looking high and low for such pieces!
And the best news is it's only $3.50 for one!
Getting all 3 is only $10.50!

I'm so gonna ask them to keep these pieces for me!
Shop for yours now HERE!

Special thanks to Shoppy & Poppy once again for sending your love over! (:
Hope you girls have fun shopping!

I'm gonna be heading for an eyelash extension appointment tomorrow, cant wait for it! :D
Till then, have the most awesome weekend ahead! 


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