Saturday, 27 April 2013

Till The End.

You got it all 
You’re all alone 
You thought it all before 
You gave it all to call it all to see it all before 
For a man who’s got it all, all the world is not enough 
And though I’ve seen it all
I never but lived it all 

And though I never see the world go round 
I could always hear the sound 
Of every little boy and every town
It’s all going down, you’re not around 

And now I’m finally at the end 
I still can’t seemed to comprehend 
The little pieces of my heart that stay there broken in your hands 
It never seem to make much sense 
And for I never stood a chance 
I know that I will love you till the end 

You got it all 
You’re all alone 
You thought it all before 
You gave it all to call it all to see it all before 
For a man who’s got it all or he’s never seen the world 
And though he’s filled it all, he never but believed it all 
And though I never see the world go round 
I could always hear the sound 
Of every little boy and every town 
It’s all going down, you’re not around 

And now I’m finally at the end 
I still can’t seem to comprehend 
The little pieces of my heart that stay there broken in your hands 
It never seemed to make much sense and though I never stood a chance 
I know that I will love you till the end 
I know that I will love you till the end

Friday, 26 April 2013

What i've been up to!

I have been working from home this entire week due to personal home stuffs, so kudos and many thanks to the pixies in the office, i could have a peaceful mind! :)
They have been diligently replying emails, packing your orders and backorders which came. 
Hehehe, if you're reading this, thanks babes! <3

So many happy moments have happened recently, and i'm just feeling thankful.

To Janelle; who offered to help us at the office right after her last day of her exams. I was quite concerned we'd be short of help, and she readily offered to help all the way until her internship. It doesn't sound wow, but to work right after mugging for months, then straight to internship is something not everyone will do. I've been there, i'd gladly opt for a short break before internship!
Such bonds formed are really keepers. 
友情万岁!Cant wait for BKK with youuuuu (and Bertie!!)

To the other pixies Huiee, Xinmei; thanks for all the entertainment in the chat. Haha you girls really make LOL literally. What's up with the Heineken commercial?! 
Especially to XM who's constantly checking TCL (ALL the time!) out even though she's miles away, it's really heartwarming to know how deep TCL is etched in her heart. :) The moral support they give all the time so readily is something that really motivates me. Though these girls aren't working for us anymore, the connection is still so deep. 
Cant wait for housewarming session and makan sessions! 

To Sab, Joce, Steph; thanks for fighting the battle with me all the way when Bert wasn't around, even working way beyond your usual hours just so the parcels are cleared.
Special thanks to Xiao Bu Dian Joce, thanks for sweeping/vacuuming/mopping the office though you have done zero housework before, haha. 

To Mel the boyfriend; thanks for delivering parcels all the time for us.
Without you, the operation is not completed. :)
Thanks for always giving suggestions be it good or bad, for sending me up and down to office and suppliers, for just being there. :)

And to our models Cons & Sipei, our Make Up Artist, our Photographer; thanks for always making our models and photos look their best. Outdoor shoots are really monsters; the sun, mozzies (horror of all horrosssss!) and the early hours are enough to drain 100% of your energy, 
and they are always so enthusiastic nonetheless.
I'm especially thankful for Cons who stuck by us the last 19 months. She has been poached by other shops which is no surprise, but choosing to stay by TCL, this i'm really thankful. :)

All in all, i just wanna thank the team for everything.
Without you guys, TCL is just an empty shell.

It was meant to be a short and sweet post, but i ended up feeling the emotional gratitude. 
Oh wells.

I've been busy with THIS!
YES, my tiny walk in wardrobe! :D
Converted a room to this, and my work table is also in here.
I'm still very proud of this tiny space, and i foresee it to be my favorite place at home already!

Got these from Ikea anyway, if you have been to Ikea you should have seen it! :)
It's customizable, so it's like a pick and add kind of concept!
I've tons of clothes to hang, so you can see more clothes racks than shelves!

This rack is where my beauty stuffs end up, just beside the mirror! 
It makes make up, applying facial products more convenient! 
The mirror is a swivel one btw, and you can put accessories and random stuffs at the back!
#save space

And HELLO! I've shoes rack in da room!
I know it doesn't make sense, but i've too many shoes too, and the one in the living area is already over flowing, 
so i'll probably pick the favorites to put them in here! :)

And this 3 box thing, can i scream how convenient they are!
I've seen it on songofstyle on instagram and it's kinda inspired by her!
Just fold and put all the shorts and jeans into the holes!
It makes packing easier, and it makes picking what to wear so much easier, 
cos i can see everything! 

I've already unpacked my clothes from the boxes, and it's slowly falling into place! :)
Just missing a carpet, and we're done!
I'll probably blog more about the finished look in the next couple of weeks!
Will also be doing a selling post on the blog since i've sorted the clothes out.
After my BKK trip okay! :)

Here's part my beauty corner! 
I just had to take a photo since it's just packed, and it looks so neat and nice! I hope it stays this way! :)
I have really dry skin, so Laneige is my best friend, haha.
Have tons of their products to help my poor face.
Spot Lancome products? I'm using them and i've blown away. They are oh so good!
I kept a pack of the Belif samples too, yet to use them yet as i'm still on Lancome, but i've already heard raves on them! Gonna blog about them in the next couple of posts too!

Frequent visits to Ikea has triggered my green fingers!
Bought this pot of plant plus other colorful plant pots, plus seeds to grow.
Like tomatoes and herbs and such, and i was telling Bert and my supplier in the chat.
And guess what, they thought i was kidding, like since when Bree is interested in plants, laughed out loud SOOO many times, and worst; they placed bets (like hello!?!)  that the plants will not survive in my hands! :( 

But hey, i've been watering them diligently okay!
Let's see if there's any results, hahahaha.

Took a Nail OTD with the new plant.
Not bad rightttt. Hehhee.

And yesterday noon, i was feeling hungry after all the packing, so i made this!
Easy peasy and fuss free, all done in less than 5 minutes!
I love french toasts with maple syrup! :D

I've been cooped up at home this entire week hence i haven't been dressing up, so no OTDs.
But i've sort of planned my upcoming outfits, so more to come! :p
Feeling very homely, been cooking more frequent now.
Oh yes, i attempted steam cod fish, fried bean sprouts and butter sotong!
Thankfully it tasted nice and edible, cos the cod costs a bomb!

Have you seen this yet?
It's up on TCL's Facebook, and i must say, i super love this collection!
The pastels and prints are sooo gorgeous! It's been a while since we'd such a nice collection right? :p
When i first saw the photos i was like DAMN NICE CAN.
We changed some lights, Cons had a new hairdo and everything turned out so nice, heheee.

For this launch, we're giving away $100 TCL vouchers, plus free outfits!
More details on Facebook!

Gonna head to bed now!

Till the next, have a good weekend!


Thursday, 25 April 2013

AD: Simplicity Nails

And so, i was invited for a nail session with Trina, the boss of Simplicity Nails, a home based nail salon! :)
If you have been following me on instagram, you'd have noticed that i do my nails regularly, 
cos i believe they add spice to our look! :) So i was extremely elated!

My nails after removing the previous set.
You can see how yellowish they are. :/
I hardly have bare nails since i was many years ago, so these are so called "stain nails" which also kinda explain why i need pretty nails to cover them up! :p

COLORS! Trina has way more colors than just these, but i picked these cos i had some colors in mind! :)

Most people do their research prior to going for a manicure session, but for me, i actually dont. I let my heart decide on the design only when i'm there, haha. So Trina showed me some designs she had, flipped through some magazines and i decided on something i've never tried before.

Pastels x Florals.
I've done florals umpteen times and i'm never sick of them! :)
But pastels, i've always stayed away from them cos of my tanned skin, and i just kinda felt it looks yucky on me. But look at how it turned out!

Lilac x Mint x Florals x Polka Dots!
So girly, i know. But i'm loving it!

Couldn't help snapping more photos.
This is one of Trina's speciality and i gotta agree. 
The roses are so beautifully drawn, and i love how even the dots are! :)

If you're interested to pamper your nails, here's what you need to know! :)

Simplicity Nails
Instagram: @simplicitynails
Contact: 8118 5274

Simplicity Nails is located in the west, so i headed to Power Nasi Lemak after the session!
Had heard raves about it and i was kinda looking forward to it after the disappointing Punggol Nasi Lemak!

Arrived with Gecks who went to have her nails done too, hehe. :)

Nasi for 1.

Nasi for 3.

I thought it was quite cheap, as compared to Punggol Nasi Lemak.
The set costs only $3 - $3.50!
The rice was fragrant, the chili was superb.
Perhaps i'd too high expectations for the chicky wings, but nonetheless it was good!
Was just expecting it to be more "power!" :p

Anyway they are located at Boon Lay Place Market and they operate till late, 2am! 
A considerable place to go if you're someone who loves supper!

Thank you to the bf who sent me all the way to the west, picked me up, and had supper with us! <3

Ending the post with a random otd on a random day! 

Till the next!


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Outfit Post!

I've been taking otds diligently or so, i'd choose to think i am! :p
A quick OTD post on upcoming items!
I can have horses on my top.
Love the brillant mix of cobalt and neon pink.
I've always stayed away from neon items cos i'm tanned and i think it makes me look tanner. But recently, the clever mix of it with other colors make them wearable on me! :) Hehe. For those who are afraid of looking too overwhelming, the trick is just to keep your bottoms/accessories simple and basic. Of course, if you're someone who love colors, by all means, spam all the neons and loud colors, i'm sure it'll bring our your personality to a higher level! :)

Pastels on florals is my soft spot, so this was a much needed "die die have to keep item!"
We've new arrivals every week, like 60 designs on an average? I cant possibly keep them all cos there won't be enough days to wear them too, so sometimes, i just shortlist the best 3 or 5 i like! :D

It comes in a shorts version too, but customers have been asking us to bring in more pants/jeans, so i hope i didn't make the wrong choice! The lovely sky blue, yellow and white combi just makes everything look so pretty! <3

Wore it with an upcoming white shirt, easy peasy.
We always have customers asking how to match this top or this bottom.
I usually match my tops with colors on the bottom, like for printed items. So say for this jeans, there's blue, yellow and white; so i just pick the color i think brings out the bottom piece best! :)
The white shirt is non manufactured by the way, and so many of you have been asking for shirts, so there you have it! :)
Our own version is coming soooon!

Pretty pretty~

Monochrome florals is another one thing i can never resist.
They are such classic keepers, agree? ;)
It's like keeping this basic yet you're dressing up!
Went monochrome that day with a black top and bag, AND it was rainingggg!
I was so happy cos i finally got to wore this outer piece i got! :D
I've worn this shorts out with black and white tops, and both combinations are great!

So here's 3 new outfits this week!
Be back with more! :)
PS: These items should be available in the next launch, coming Sunday!

In the meantime, drink lots of water, rest well and be healthy!
The weather has been erratic and so many people have fallen ill! 


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Which denim are you wearing this spring? ;)

If we haven't made it clear, we LOVE denims! 
Aside from it's versatility, denims are hot this spring!

Get onto the ongoing trend radar and start picking your denims!
We've opened backorders for these popular denim pieces, so don't miss them again! :)

- Scallop Hem Denim Skirt makes styling stylish.
A great number for weekend brunches, be a dainty lady in this!

- Ombre Denim Shirt is now on backorder 5!
A popular casual shirt that had you girls asking for it time and time again, this piece really needs no introduction!


Till then, will update this space with an OTD post next! :)



Monday, 15 April 2013

And so we say hello again.

Today, i'm gonna be blogging about Salon Vim! :)
If you've been following me, you'd have known i've been to Salon Vim as a customer a couple of times, so i was extremely elated to be invited by Salon Vim x Loreal to get my hair dyed for their latest Spring/Summer colors! 

You'll be surprised even hairs have trends! :p
Gary told us SO MUCH about "the hair knowledge" before we actually started the whole process, and i just wanted to say, there's so much depth to their job. At that point, i felt that TCL is so much easier, hahaha.

Anyway, this was me before!
I did a hair dye and a cut just 2 weeks ago, and it looks quite nice on photos. But in real life, you can see how uneven the dye is, the color was like orangey? And look at how my hair still felt very "heavy" at the ends.
And horror of all horrors, my hair was bleached to obtain "purple" but i've never see any shades of purple at all. -.- It was a job not quite well done sad to say. Gary and John were quite appalled by the state of my hair, hahaha.

Didn't take photos during the dye-ing process. But you shall see how it turns out later anyway!
Needless to say, we had an awesome treatment pamper after the dye was done! :)
Instead of the usual popular cocktail treatment, we'd a new treatment which helps to lock the color and moisture, so not only does your hair feel softer, it basically also lasts longer!
I'm always in love with their treatment! :)
TADAHHHH. The end result was a beautiful ash-brown base with ashy highlights inspired by my stylist, Fiona! I saw the ashy streaks on her head and told her i wanted that, and she gave me just that! :) She gave me something very different from my usual hair style after everything was done!
Not quite used to the curls, but the color was really gorgeoussss! 
My face is instantly brightened with this color, i don't look SO sleepy anymore, haha. The hair cut saw a lighter overall look, plus i cut my fringe slightly shorter! 

I was really impressed when Fiona didn't cut it too short, cos she knows my lifestyle and how i always need to tuck my hair behind my ears due to my job scope! *IMPRESSED x1000*
Couldn't help but snap more photos of the new hair! :)
Left the salon with 2 products and i've been using them diligently!
Though my hair is dyed and bleached, it doesn't del stiff or tangled at all! :)

I'm sure Salon Vim is no stranger to most of you. You've seen how they have transformed different hairdos for many, right? Though this is a sponsored post, i've nothing but praises (and only the truth), only cos i really trust my hair with them! :) Been there as a customer and i made returning visits, just so you know! They really do wonders! So if you're planning to get your hair done, you know where to go to! :)

Big thanks to Salon Vim, esp Gary, John and Fiona for being so patient and meticulous! :)

Salon Vim
Orchard Road
Tel: 68847757/ 68847767

235/ 235A Victoria Street
Tel: 68370073/ 68360045

You'll see more photos of my pretty new hair below! :p

Dinner with the pixies one random day. Our first dinner actually! :)
Meet XiaoBuDian Joce and Steph!
Both of them haven't eaten at Soup Restaurant so there we went! :)
Their food has this home cooked flavour and for people like me, who don't dine at home that often, this is awesome.
The boyfriend joined too! :)
Whoops. Must order dish! I love how the chicken is cold and refreshing, noms.
After dinner, we asked the boyfriend to snap a group shot.
See that above? He proudly exclaimed he did a very good job cos he captured the signage. -.-"
Burst our laughing. He sure knows how to take tourist shots. 
Next attempt, he cut of the signage to make it less tourist. -.-
But okay, it didn't look that bad, but we felt we could have done much better if we'd taken it ourselves. LOL.

We were stuffed to the max after dinner, but i'm so glad the pixies have sweet tooth just like me! :D Desserts; a MUST!
I was too busy and lazy and asked the boyfriend to snap photos.
And these are his art work. Only realized during editing that i don't have a proper or nicely taken shot. 

Random OTDS!

Wore the polka dotted shorts out and i felt i looked kinda young! :p
Can i stress how much i love this pair of jellies?
Wore it out immediately getting them and zero blisters scored!

Snapped 2 photos of my hair!
This is (i think) 2 weeks after the visit! :)
See the ashyyy streaks! 

From the last OD shoot.
We had a shoot at Sentosa which explains the location. :)
Top: Incanto Top (Unlaunched)
Shorts: TCL Vintage HWS in Purple

I don't have many HWS, cos i've a longer torso (or so i think?) and most HWS don't seem to flatter me as well as it does to others? So i'm quite picky when it comes to HWS. I always feel like i've no waist, no hips :x 
But here's a keeper for me! 
The material is stretchy and soft, so i guess that helps to define my body shape better! :)

Yes, i know i took a lot of shots ah, but i really had to do justice to this fabulous pair here.
So indoor and outdoot shots both provided. Hahaha.

A premium denim overalls coming up tomorrow as well!
I have always wanted to manufacture something like this, but Bert says it's like construction worker -.-"
If so, i think i'm a stylish construction worker, meh. 
Anyway, i wore this during the move house day! Quite appropriate for the theme ah.
And OTD from yesterday! :)

Top: Off-Shoulder Top (Unlaunched)
Pants: Diamond Checks Pants, coming up tomorrow

It was a simple coordinate i did within 3 minutes! :)
Love the basic and simple top. We have a striped version one coming up tomorrow, and the solid hues ones will be launched next week due to the different arrival time! :)

My new favorites! (:
The pants is mega comfyyyyy, and the prints are too chio not to love! <3
Another random OTD out of nowhere because i like the colorful background. :p

And from today!
I've always loved cobalt/lime combination, but this is my first piece with such colors! :)
What i love about this piece is the prints, colors and material.
It's made of jersey cotton, and it's so comfy like i can sleep in it! 

I'm gonna end the post with a photo of the upcoming petite box bags!
Hahaha, so impressed with my camera! :D
We're having a collaboration with Belif Singapore!
WIN WIN WIN facial products, more details up on Facebook! :)
Sneaks for tomorrow are also uppp!
I grew like 2 shades tanner cos of the sun, and our models were perspiring like mad during the shoot. So go take a look and click the "LIKE" button kay? Hehehe.

See you tomorrow at the launch tomorrow babes!