Sunday, 7 April 2013

Because weekends are love.

It's sun sun sun SUNDAY!
Had a smashing Saturday and i fell into a deep slumber the moment i reached home, and i actually missed Bert's flight. Horrible moment when i woke up, felt like a part of me left. Oh wells, my 24/7 partner is gone for 3 weeks, i hope i survive well! :)))

Made an impromptu booking for LE NOIR!
It was such a stunning breathtakinggg performance and it was worth every single penny spent!
These performers are really da bombz, so so so talented!
Talented is an understatement in fact.
This performance ends today, so if you haven't watched it yet, i guess you'll have to wait for the next!
 We didnt snap any photos from the live performance but i've attached a video below! :)

Headed to Au Chocolat for dinner after that! 
Love colorful prints like this! <3
I had their Smoked Salmon Savory Crepe with green apple and it was quite nice!
Was quite surprised at the generosity of the salmon. They even added slices inside the crepe! :)
Can i also add i like their side salad so much! They have raisins and walnuts mixed together, so nice please! The boyfriend had their Signature Burger which had beef patty and portobello mushroom and bacon slice. You can see how the burger is almost toppling when served, haha. Needless to say, it was mega filling!
Never can end a meal without DESSERTS! :D
Their Lemon Meringue was calling out for me the moment i saw it, hehee. 
I have always loved lemon tarts/ lemon meringue so you can imagine how i died and came back.
Their Red Velvet Cake was quite disappointing though. It was not fluffy, no moist, just blah.
Happy tums after the dinner! <3
Was walking out and we managed to catch the Laser Show! :)
It was just a short 3-5 min show and there were SO MANY people!
Everyone was just snapping photos and the boyfriend followed suit, hahaha.
What i wore; Darlene Box Bag coming up next launch! :)
Box bags are super versatile and i have an extreme liking for them. Kept the Grand Heir Box Bag, Lasercut Divine Box Bag, and now Darlene Box Bag! :) I know how they are all black, but it's same same but different different, right? :p 
Thanks love, for always spending time with me amidst the busy schedules. :)
 AND i sinned again.
Went to the Pandora outlet while at MBS and i spent a good 45 minutes deciding on charms.
Added the frog, castel and key to my heart charms! 
The frog comes with a gold crown, mega cuteeee!
You know, i have never liked Pandora, but somehow the look just grew on me overtime. Can never walk out empty handed ever since i got mine! :)

  Today at the office.
Wearing NERD tee in navy! :) 
Everyone needs a casual tee like this for casual days!
Comes in navy, black, white and hot pink!
 Last week in a cold shoulder top and upcoming glitter jelly loafers! (:
TCL version for the top will be coming uppp, cant wait!
Loafers come in silver or gold! :)))
The very nice banner Bert did before flying off! :)))
I'm still deciding if i should launch tomorrow or Tuesday!
Till then, see you at the launch! (:

Formspring is still working!


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