Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Outfit Post!

I've been taking otds diligently or so, i'd choose to think i am! :p
A quick OTD post on upcoming items!
I can have horses on my top.
Love the brillant mix of cobalt and neon pink.
I've always stayed away from neon items cos i'm tanned and i think it makes me look tanner. But recently, the clever mix of it with other colors make them wearable on me! :) Hehe. For those who are afraid of looking too overwhelming, the trick is just to keep your bottoms/accessories simple and basic. Of course, if you're someone who love colors, by all means, spam all the neons and loud colors, i'm sure it'll bring our your personality to a higher level! :)

Pastels on florals is my soft spot, so this was a much needed "die die have to keep item!"
We've new arrivals every week, like 60 designs on an average? I cant possibly keep them all cos there won't be enough days to wear them too, so sometimes, i just shortlist the best 3 or 5 i like! :D

It comes in a shorts version too, but customers have been asking us to bring in more pants/jeans, so i hope i didn't make the wrong choice! The lovely sky blue, yellow and white combi just makes everything look so pretty! <3

Wore it with an upcoming white shirt, easy peasy.
We always have customers asking how to match this top or this bottom.
I usually match my tops with colors on the bottom, like for printed items. So say for this jeans, there's blue, yellow and white; so i just pick the color i think brings out the bottom piece best! :)
The white shirt is non manufactured by the way, and so many of you have been asking for shirts, so there you have it! :)
Our own version is coming soooon!

Pretty pretty~

Monochrome florals is another one thing i can never resist.
They are such classic keepers, agree? ;)
It's like keeping this basic yet you're dressing up!
Went monochrome that day with a black top and bag, AND it was rainingggg!
I was so happy cos i finally got to wore this outer piece i got! :D
I've worn this shorts out with black and white tops, and both combinations are great!

So here's 3 new outfits this week!
Be back with more! :)
PS: These items should be available in the next launch, coming Sunday!

In the meantime, drink lots of water, rest well and be healthy!
The weather has been erratic and so many people have fallen ill! 


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