Saturday, 13 April 2013


I've been meaning to blog but this week has been nothing but busyyy.
It's 2am in the morning and i'm supposed to be sleeping, cos i've to be up at 8am! :(
I'm in the midst of moving to a new place and boy, i really hate packing (and unpacking!)

But anyway, i decided to drop by and i'm here to blog about Ikoi since i've already edited the photos! :)
The draft has been sitting there for almost 3 weeks!

If you've been following me long enough, you'd probably know this isn't my first visit there. I've been there umpteen times, especially when i'm craving for sashimi! You'll know why soon when you see the photos! (:

Ikoi is an a la carte buffet, and my main reason for the returning visits is the value for money. I love how their food is SUPER FRESH all the time! :)
The interior of the restaurant is pretty much like any typical Japanese restaurant. It looks a little old, but that's probably cos they have been around for quite some time. 
That day was probably our lucky day considering how i could snap photos with empty seats. It's usually packed to the brim, every corner, no joke. It was also our first time sitting at the kotatsu. :)
They usually start with complimentary starters after you're seated down! The first time i went, i was quite amazed. Like i dont even have to order anything and good is served? Haha.
Salad on ice probably isn't something everyone will love, but the greens are fresh and it goes quite well with the miso paste which comes along! The salmon will probably be more well loved, haha. I have no idea what dressing it is but it taste superb, and more importantly, it somehow whips up your appetite! 
All ready to conquer dinner!
Look at how thick and succulent they are! I've always ordered just salmon sashimi until i tried swordfish for the first time during my first visit here, and i was sold. It's sweeter than salmon, and there's this slight crunchy bite, compared to salmon which is softer. Not saying salmon isn't nice, i still like it, but i prefer swordfish over salmon after trying it! :)
My favorite deserves a close up! :p

And everyone's must order at Jap restaurants.
Their chawanmushi is light but flavorful. I usually have 2 servings of it at the buffet! (:

Cha-Soba. One of my favorites as well, but i feel the one at Ikoi is just mediocre. Nonetheless, one of my must order when i visit! :)
Their mid-wings is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
Another favorite here. They serve pretty good yakitori as well! 
Salmon skin handroll! Noms.

I like how their sushi are always full of ingredients over rice.
Some places try to stuff you full by using more rice and cutting down on the ingredients. But just look at the tamago sushi! The ball of rice is just 50% of the egggg.
Another complimentary dish which they will serve while having your meal. I'm quite a fan of this! :)
Very flavorful and refreshing!
Crispy tempura fried to perfection. They have mushroom, onion and all sorts of tempura too, but ebi is my favorite! 

OH. I took a photo of the menu just so you can see what kind of food they serve, cos i stopped taking photos after these. These are my favorites at Ikoi! :) We've tried most of the items on the menu, so for the subsequent visits, we just order what we like better! :)
Took a photo of this only cos i liked the fishy~

The entrance of Ikoi, very authentic Jap looking! :)
#OTD that day.
The buffet partner who eats much lesser than me. :p

Hotel Miramar
401 Havelock Rd
Singapore 169631
11:30 am – 2:00 pm, 6:00–11:00 pm

Headed down to town after dinner, and i scored a new charm at Pandora!
It's funny how i blogged about the newer charms i just added in the earlier post than this, haha.
So yeah, spot the new charms i added and spot the difference? :p
I'm off to bed now!

Will be back with more OTD photos soon!
It's the weekends babes, have a blessed one!
And since FS is still working, drop me a question there instead of Ask FM ok? :)


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