Thursday, 25 April 2013

AD: Simplicity Nails

And so, i was invited for a nail session with Trina, the boss of Simplicity Nails, a home based nail salon! :)
If you have been following me on instagram, you'd have noticed that i do my nails regularly, 
cos i believe they add spice to our look! :) So i was extremely elated!

My nails after removing the previous set.
You can see how yellowish they are. :/
I hardly have bare nails since i was many years ago, so these are so called "stain nails" which also kinda explain why i need pretty nails to cover them up! :p

COLORS! Trina has way more colors than just these, but i picked these cos i had some colors in mind! :)

Most people do their research prior to going for a manicure session, but for me, i actually dont. I let my heart decide on the design only when i'm there, haha. So Trina showed me some designs she had, flipped through some magazines and i decided on something i've never tried before.

Pastels x Florals.
I've done florals umpteen times and i'm never sick of them! :)
But pastels, i've always stayed away from them cos of my tanned skin, and i just kinda felt it looks yucky on me. But look at how it turned out!

Lilac x Mint x Florals x Polka Dots!
So girly, i know. But i'm loving it!

Couldn't help snapping more photos.
This is one of Trina's speciality and i gotta agree. 
The roses are so beautifully drawn, and i love how even the dots are! :)

If you're interested to pamper your nails, here's what you need to know! :)

Simplicity Nails
Instagram: @simplicitynails
Contact: 8118 5274

Simplicity Nails is located in the west, so i headed to Power Nasi Lemak after the session!
Had heard raves about it and i was kinda looking forward to it after the disappointing Punggol Nasi Lemak!

Arrived with Gecks who went to have her nails done too, hehe. :)

Nasi for 1.

Nasi for 3.

I thought it was quite cheap, as compared to Punggol Nasi Lemak.
The set costs only $3 - $3.50!
The rice was fragrant, the chili was superb.
Perhaps i'd too high expectations for the chicky wings, but nonetheless it was good!
Was just expecting it to be more "power!" :p

Anyway they are located at Boon Lay Place Market and they operate till late, 2am! 
A considerable place to go if you're someone who loves supper!

Thank you to the bf who sent me all the way to the west, picked me up, and had supper with us! <3

Ending the post with a random otd on a random day! 

Till the next!


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