Monday, 9 December 2013


I'm sorry if i have been missing, but i just haven't had the heart to take any otds. :'(
Braces are making me look ugly and i don't like how i look like in camera, well most of the time.
So here's my headless otds, haha.

All upcoming pieces!
Top: TCL Keepsake Embellished Swing Top in White
Skirt: TCL Georgia Asymmetrical Skirt in Cobalt
Jacket: TCL Kingston Blazer in White

I've been in more skirts this year than i ever did in my entire 27 years of life.

I never adored wearing skirts cos i don't have hot or sexy legs, and they kinda make me look even skinnier than i already am. So over the years, in my attempt to hide these flaws, i just skipped wearing skirts all together, hur. 
But somewhere along the way, i realized hey, i could make do with some kinds of skirts and not abstain from all. Kept this Zara inspired asymmetrical piece just because it flatters my look. :p

Kingston Blazer is a re-make of our previous sold out Merry Blazer!
I know how awesome the cut it hence we remade it in newer colors.
The fabric is also slightly different cos the previous one didn't have much color choices, but the fit is exactly the same. Kept the white cos i don't own many white pieces yet. I personally like the lilac piece too which comes with peach lining, really sweet looking, but no way i can carry it off, haha. 
Keepsake Embellished Swing Top features beaded embellished details.
In silver beaded details, I can't stress how gorgeous it is in real life, and no my photo does not do any justice to it AT ALL.
Everyone needs to own one embellished piece to know how such details add that instant sparkle to your outfits. The top also comes with a nice swing cut which hides the tummy well, something i personally like! 

Ending off this post with my shoes stash this month!
Been into this silvery fetish, probably cos it's Christmas soon i guess!
Loafers from C&K, Trechelle Loafers from TCL, Upcoming (tomorrow) Distressed Metallic Trainers Wedge from TCL.