Monday, 28 May 2012


And we're back from our work trip! :)
It was a pretty fun filled one with lots of good sourcing, and i'm guessing Bert had an eye-opening experience considering it was her first trip with us! 

Just went to take a look at the last blogged entry, and gosh it's dated 9th May.
I can never keep up with blogging and i really salute those who blog consistently and constantly :/

I have been trying (yes, trying hard) to keep up though!
Took more photos than usual so i can (blog) and uhmm, i've backlogs which are way overdue.
Hahaha, shows how bad a blogger i am.

Anyhow, shall let the pictures do the talking! :)

Dinner at Fullhouse.
Went down to take a look at the place as we were gonna have a shoot there.
Dinner was not bad, nice ambience with pretty good food! :)

A rare occassion of me with false lashes.
How do people do it everyday? :/
 This appetizer was so nice, can't remember the name though, haha.
Salmon with mango!
The awesome Honeydew drink, tastes so much like Happy Cup, my favorite BBT store back then, which sadly, has closed down :(
Bert's pot of tea. 

Potluck dinner at the girlfriend's! :)
Homemade goodness! :)
Tuna and mushroom pasta by yours truly, pork cutlet by the BF and chawanmushi by the host!
 Don't ask me why i didn't snap any photos with the gfs, i just realized that too.

One day in the office.
When stocks and furniture arrived.
It was INSANE.
These crates are our furnitures which we shipped over, 
and the guys in the office had a (superrr & megaaa) hard time dismantling them.
It was so bad the bf went to buy an electric saw, haha.
So much for acting smart and buying our furniture overseas!
But no complains now cos we're loving every bit of them! :)

These green sacks are how it look like when clothes arrive.
Not very glam right? Haha.
Working in this line is actually quite the opposite of how people perceive it glam.
So many of the people i've spoken to used glamorous, but it's nowhere near!
We are coolies and men, hahaha.
Packing and lugging is one of our fortes! ;p  
And our tables that night after the 1st round of crates were opened! :)
We have a really nice accessory cupboard too, rustic looking, which i haven't gotten a chance to snap cos the lighting in the office is not fully up yet, and the current lighting is way too dim to take nice photos. Haha.
We also have a nice cosy corner which we decorated to make it look like a garden!
And our warehouse.
Looks pretty neat cos we were packing them that day. Bah.
And we spent 10 hours doing stock count, removing them for the green bags blah blah.
It's not in a state like the picture now, sadly :(

Moving on to the glam-er and nicer photos, SNEAKS!
We'll be launching tomorrow, and it's gonna be a huge collection! :)
Lovin' all the items, but if i had to pick, below are my favorites!
The manufactured pieces! :)
Kelia was supposed to be launched a few months, and we even planned it for CNY shoot, but yayadadaaa, it got pushed back until now, haha.
And Camily Lace Top is a remake of my personal fav pc from Zara! :)

And there you have it, my picks! :)

And finallyyyy, so glad that we managed to get a promotion/ collaboration with KlearZkin!
If you haven't heard of them yet, they basically provides a protective film for your electronic gadgets!
Or like how they say it, "surfaces worth protecting." :)

We'd a chance to work with Sabrina, whom i first met back at Vivo Starbucks when chilling out with the BF. And we met his colleague back then, and Sabrina is happens to be the GF! We talked for awhile then and she didn't mention she was the partner/ owner of KlearZkin and so when i got her email, i was like WOWWWWW. Hahahhaha, the world is small!

Anyhow,  Bert and myself and our pixie Tiff all converted to MacBook Pro and we were really excited to get ours KlearZkin-ed!
Things she used, simple tools.
The key is to be professional and experienced! :)
And the main subject, the protective film!
In case you're wondering why there's a car image, we learnt from Sab this film is the same film used to protect cars too! So you can imagine how good this is.

And here she starts!
She starts off with spraying some water onto the surface, then aligning the film.
Once it's done, excess water is removed and the hair-dryer is then used to secure it.
It sounds really simple, but if you have bought DIY screen protectors yourself, you should know it isn't as simple and easy as it looks and think.
Hahaha, it requires practice to make it perfect i guess!
And it's done!
All she took was a good 10-15 mins and tadah!
You can see the shine, and the transparent film is almost invisible, which is what i love about it! :)
My MBP has been KlearZkin-ed for about 1 month plus now, and i feel at ease knowing it's protected and less prone to scratches! :)

I loved it so much and thought it'd be good if TCL customers using Macbooks can have a pie of this good thing too, so i talked to Sab and we worked things out! :)
If you're wondering how i'd have known TCL customers use Macbooks, it's through your attachments sent in for the like and share promos we have. Hahahahha.
I'm pretty sure people who have KlearZkin-ed their gadgets will have no regrets!
It's like how everyone has a screen protector for iPhones, and since Macbooks are equally important, i feel they should be protected too, right?

So for you TCL customers, if you're interested to get it KlearZkin-ed, you can be one of the lucky 150 winners to walk away with a $10 voucher! :)
And if you currently do not own a Mac but you'll be getting the new Macbook, or if you're using a Samsung tablet etc, you'll be glad to know this promotion is extended to you tooooo!
It's a promotion that KlearZkin has never done before, so it's a treat for you people!
Promotion ends on end Aug, so don't miss it!
LIKE their page HERE babes! :)

We will be having a FB promo for this collection as well, and both promotions can be used together :)
An e-voucher will be mailed to you for your utilization too.

Alrighty, ending off with some Instagram photos!


Till the next, have a smashing end to May! :)
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