Tuesday, 26 July 2016


I have been sharing about Roadbull a couple of times on Instagram, it's time to go more indepth so you guys can know about them better!

Roadbull is the one stop solution for all your delivery needs. They are the last mile fulfillment specialist, dedicated to help streamline your deliveries more conveniently.

As an online store owner, I am always on the lookout for reliable and affordable delivery services. I understand the delivery stage is the last part of a customer’s order process, and that to me is equally important.

Roadbull offers premium deliveries at affordable prices. 
They not only allow me the ultimate comfort of arranging for pick-ups anytime and anywhere, their easy to use website and system allows me to train my staff on how to use it easily too. Roadbull only offers exactly what I need, giving me the assurance the ease whenever they help with our deliveries.
Read on to find out what I mean! :)

With deliveries from as low as $4, prices are really reasonable!
To arrange for a pick up and delivery, here’s what you need to do.
Make a booking via their website (www.roadbull.com), pack and seal your item, and just wait for it to be picked up! You can opt to have your payment made via credit cards, PayPal or bank transfers.

Easy peasy! 

Roadbull allows you to make a booking 4 days in advance too. As an entrepreneur, on some months, I travel quite often. This service gives me the flexibility to arrange a pick up ahead of time and ensures customers order’s can still be processed and delivered on time while I am out of town!
They deliver and collect parcels Mondays to Saturdays, 9am - 10pm.

I find this really useful as they have a wide delivery time frame, which also means customers can expect a shorter delivery time.

Roadbull offers a few types of deliveries, namely:
- Standard delivery: Guaranteed Next Day Delivery.
E.g. Collection on Monday, Delivery on Tues
- Scheduled delivery: Choice of Collection and Delivery timeslots for Same day or Next day
- Bullet delivery: Pick up and deliver within 3 hours

Bullet delivery will be useful if you have an urgent document/parcel to send.
Collection and delivery will be completed in just 3 hours! You never know when you may need this express service so it's always good to keep Roadbull in mind, just in case! :) 

If your recipient misses a delivery, they also offer a free re-delivery service! Roadbull's customer care will contact the recipient directly for this re-delivery, hence it is really hassle free! This service is really convenient for the sender and recipient as you need not do anything. Leave the work to Roadbull! In addition, at any point if you need assistance, a Roadbull consultant will be able to assist you professionally!

Unlike most delivery companies, Roadbull deliveries are all carried out by their full-time drivers! They place importance in ensuring every staff is well-trained, responsible and to maintain a professional attitude at all times. Every staff is also required to look well groomed and to always be punctual in their collections and deliveries. :)

With these in mind, I find that I need not worry too much about my delivery.
In short, I can trust Roadbull with a smooth collection and delivery process.

I took up the opportunity and delivered some parcels through Roadbull!
True enough, the delivery personnel who came by was friendly and professional!
He was dressed in their uniform, one look and I was certain my parcel is handled to the correct person! He was also all smiles and that really made me smile.

Most delivery personnels I have encountered are always non-smiley, but this experience made it better! :)

Every parcel is scanned and accounted for, hence you can be assured your parcel reaches the recipient! :) Booking and tracking are made easier with their user friendly mobile app and online interface. It enables you to be updated of every stage of delivery, anytime!

Roadbull also has a fleet of vehicles to cater to the ever growing deliveries.
All their vehicles carry their company logo, hence you know your parcels are in safe hands!

To try this service yourself, you can hop onto their website!
There is a GSS promo on-going at just $3/parcel with $300 topped up in your account.
You can then use it for your delivery needs! :)
Online store owners like myself can use this promotional rate for some savings!