Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Floral Parka x Kith Cafe

I'm always a fan when it comes to outer pieces, they are just very me! :)))
Laid my eyes on this piece.
A floral prints parka, a combination of two things i love!
Yes i'm a floral fan too! 
My face was a little bloated that day, but other than that, i quite like my outfit! :)
Shorts are now my worn to death shorts, can't believe how versatile it is and goes well with almost all my tops!

I don't usually repeat my clothes but i've worn this more than 8 times since my last BKK trip!
And it's only 4 bucks, hurhurhur.
Awesome buy scored!

Outfit of the day
Upcoming Parka on TCL next week,
(It's just a normal outerwear, not suitable for the cold climate in case you're wondering. :))
Black Spag Top Cotton On,
Shorts from BKK
Bowler Cap from BKK

The boyfriend went to Salon Vim for a hair cut that day and Fiona gave him a stylish look.
Hahhaha, i cannot stress enough how he doesn't care about how he looks AT ALL. Are all guys like this? -.- He can not cut his hair for months though they are growing out all over the place if not for my consistent nagging. 

Breakfast at Kith Cafe
This is me after a fruitful 10pm - 8am night of sleep.
My usual bed time is 3-4am or 5am, but i kinda just fell asleep that day at 10pm and i was amazed how my body woke up on its own at 8am! I must say, that night of sleep was one of the best i had in a long time. I felt so refreshed, recharged and so energetic! :p

We'd wanted to have breakfast at L'etoile Cafe but it was closed that Monday.
This hasn't happened the first time. I somewhat have the capability to face such circumstance all the time; heading to closed cafes. -.-
ANYWAY i honestly think that was a sign.
Cos i headed back to L'etoile the next day and food was horrible beyond words.
I don't even know if i should blog about how horrible the food and experience was.

Texted Melody, now my walking food directory (super awesome that i get instant replies! HAHA) and she suggested Kith Cafe at Park Mall so off we went! 
Images credit to google

The boyfriend's.
The colors of red, green and yellow just made everything look good!
You have a choice to pick your bread type and the way you want your eggs done! :)

Mine didn't look appetizing and appealing but it was good too!
The mistake I made was to have my eggs poached.
It tasted weird and kinda blend without the usual hollandaise sauce. :(

The bacon, grilled tomato and sautéed mushrooms made up for the eggs though!
They were SO GOOD!

Kith Cafe
9 Penang Road
Park Mall #01-01E
Opens daily 8am - 10pm

Will be back soon!


Monday, 19 August 2013

Two Souls.

A good outfit which makes you look and feel good brings about a day of goodness.
Here's my cup of goodness last Friday. :)
I'd previously paired the upcoming shorts with a white top while in BKK, that's one of the easiest way to style anything - white top. But i wanted something dressier so i tried it with this tropical cropped shirt this time! Honestly didn't think it'd work out well!
This is a Zara inspired piece if you're wondering! :)
The embroidery work is so neat and intricate it's so fabulous really!
Comes in XS to XL and we're launching tomorrow! :)

The boyfriend is improving in taking OTDs! :p
I'm relying him on OTD shots at our next getaway which is just a month away, whooops.
Can't wait alreadyyyy!

Dinner that evening at Saveur.
We waited an hour and a half before getting a seat. I'm not sure if they are this packed every other day but it was a friday evening so i guess the wait was expected. Just didn't expect it'd be that long! We registered our names and went to FEP for some "walking" so it didn't seem that long.

The food there is reasonably priced, quite cheap in my opinion actually, about $10-$20 odd.
Of cos, expect a smaller portion as compared to regular prices at other places.
Taste wise, it exceeded my expectation but i probably wouldn't head there again if i'd have to wait another hour and a half. 

14 Scotts Road
FEP #01-07B

My whacky dinner date Gecks.
She is really whackkyyy!
Another gem i met through the TCL journey. :)

As i grow older, it dawned into me it doesn't matter how many friends you have, it's more of who are the ones who really matter and the ones who will walk down the path with you, through good and bad days. I've lost contact with friends i thought would accompany me till i turn old; which caught me in a whirl of emotions then. But as i look back, i start to count my blessings cos i've met the unexpected along the way. It's really amazing how two souls can talk and laugh about anything under the sun, let you feel 100% comfortable, and make you have an infinite amount of trust. :)

Till the next!


Friday, 16 August 2013

Knit x Florals OTD

Hey girls!
Thanks for still checking back despite the lack of updates! :)))

Top: Cable Knit (Coming up on TCL)
Bottom: Katt Floral Jeans (Launched on TCL, found here)
Shoes: Campbell Heels in White (Coming up on TCL)
*Shoes stocked in at KissJane Vivo!

We asked for the supplier to manufacture it in white, cos we know you girls have been looking for white heels for the longest time ever, righttt?
Maybe only for Bert whose heels craze isn't over yet! 
I was initially concerned on how it would look like on my feet, cos i've tanned skin so white doesn't look as nice as compared to fair skin, but hey, i think i quite like it on my skin now! :)

On a side note, if you've previously asked for this, it's back on backorders again!

While waiting for my consultation with DRX, the 40 mins wait was accompanied by the boyf. :)

Have a great weekend peeps!


Friday, 9 August 2013

AD: Shoppy & Poppy

Hey babes! 

I'm back with another advert for Shoppy & Poppy! 
Just an update if you've made a purchase the last round, most orders are already dispatched out!

Received a stack of new accessories and boy am i lucky! :p

Abigale (She's the girl behind S&P!) kindly sent me those i'd mentioned in the earlier advert too though there was no need to, super thankful to be working with her! :)

If you remember this, this was one of my top picks! :)
At just $3.50, it's extremelyyy affordable!
And it doubles up as a layering piece with your other bracelets! :)

I got myself a pair of nautical themed loafers and don't you think they go well together? :)
Still available, you can get yours HERE!

Remember this?
Abigale sent me this too cos i'd mentioned i liked it, how sweeeet! :)))
The size is pretty manageable, not too big nor too small.
Love the gold hardware and tassle on the front!
Pardon the blur photos :(
Still available for order here!

The heart pendant necklace is one of Poppy & Shoppy's premium item, which should also be coming up soon! It's really demure and dainty looking, and it's pretty easy to match most dresses and outfits.

And this is my top pick! 
It was an instant fall in love feeling when i opened the package!
Pastel florals on a gold chain, such a statement piece. (:
I'll be posting my OTDs with these pieces soon so check back if you're keen!

 They are also currently having a pre-order for bags, and the good thing?
It takes about just a week or so for items to arrive, so it's a short wait! :)
Just some of the designs available. :)
They carry casual ones for weekends and holidays, and also suitable ones for work.
So be sure to check them out!

My first pick is this yummy looking piece! (:
They remind me of macaroons somehow!
I guess this is perfect for a holiday or weekend out where you don't need to carry too much! :)

And my 2nd pick goes to thissss!

I personally don't own any red bags cos i haven't seen one which really captivates me enough, haha. 
But this is love! <3 <3 
I like how spacious and chic it looks, and how it's awesome for work or play!

Bags pre-orders are closing soon on 12/8, so hurry place your orders!
SHOP Shoppy & Poppy HERE!

OTD today in black! :)
My music scarf from BKK at just $2!
Scored a good deal!

Will be back with more updates!