Friday, 16 August 2013

Knit x Florals OTD

Hey girls!
Thanks for still checking back despite the lack of updates! :)))

Top: Cable Knit (Coming up on TCL)
Bottom: Katt Floral Jeans (Launched on TCL, found here)
Shoes: Campbell Heels in White (Coming up on TCL)
*Shoes stocked in at KissJane Vivo!

We asked for the supplier to manufacture it in white, cos we know you girls have been looking for white heels for the longest time ever, righttt?
Maybe only for Bert whose heels craze isn't over yet! 
I was initially concerned on how it would look like on my feet, cos i've tanned skin so white doesn't look as nice as compared to fair skin, but hey, i think i quite like it on my skin now! :)

On a side note, if you've previously asked for this, it's back on backorders again!

While waiting for my consultation with DRX, the 40 mins wait was accompanied by the boyf. :)

Have a great weekend peeps!


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