Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Floral Parka x Kith Cafe

I'm always a fan when it comes to outer pieces, they are just very me! :)))
Laid my eyes on this piece.
A floral prints parka, a combination of two things i love!
Yes i'm a floral fan too! 
My face was a little bloated that day, but other than that, i quite like my outfit! :)
Shorts are now my worn to death shorts, can't believe how versatile it is and goes well with almost all my tops!

I don't usually repeat my clothes but i've worn this more than 8 times since my last BKK trip!
And it's only 4 bucks, hurhurhur.
Awesome buy scored!

Outfit of the day
Upcoming Parka on TCL next week,
(It's just a normal outerwear, not suitable for the cold climate in case you're wondering. :))
Black Spag Top Cotton On,
Shorts from BKK
Bowler Cap from BKK

The boyfriend went to Salon Vim for a hair cut that day and Fiona gave him a stylish look.
Hahhaha, i cannot stress enough how he doesn't care about how he looks AT ALL. Are all guys like this? -.- He can not cut his hair for months though they are growing out all over the place if not for my consistent nagging. 

Breakfast at Kith Cafe
This is me after a fruitful 10pm - 8am night of sleep.
My usual bed time is 3-4am or 5am, but i kinda just fell asleep that day at 10pm and i was amazed how my body woke up on its own at 8am! I must say, that night of sleep was one of the best i had in a long time. I felt so refreshed, recharged and so energetic! :p

We'd wanted to have breakfast at L'etoile Cafe but it was closed that Monday.
This hasn't happened the first time. I somewhat have the capability to face such circumstance all the time; heading to closed cafes. -.-
ANYWAY i honestly think that was a sign.
Cos i headed back to L'etoile the next day and food was horrible beyond words.
I don't even know if i should blog about how horrible the food and experience was.

Texted Melody, now my walking food directory (super awesome that i get instant replies! HAHA) and she suggested Kith Cafe at Park Mall so off we went! 
Images credit to google

The boyfriend's.
The colors of red, green and yellow just made everything look good!
You have a choice to pick your bread type and the way you want your eggs done! :)

Mine didn't look appetizing and appealing but it was good too!
The mistake I made was to have my eggs poached.
It tasted weird and kinda blend without the usual hollandaise sauce. :(

The bacon, grilled tomato and sautéed mushrooms made up for the eggs though!
They were SO GOOD!

Kith Cafe
9 Penang Road
Park Mall #01-01E
Opens daily 8am - 10pm

Will be back soon!


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