Sunday, 16 September 2012


Alohaaaa! It's a sunny sunny Sunday and we're here at the office, tying up loose ends and packing more parcels for tomorrow's mailing! :) Thought i'd do a short blog post since i haven't been updating this space, for erps a month now. Buttt, one post per month is still better than nothing right? :p

Have been posting #otds regularly on Instagram! 
So below is just spam of them! Follow me @briannawonggg if you're not! :)

 The upcoming eyelet bustier which we waited for a good 3-4 months! It was a long wait but definitely worth it! :) I love love love the touch of the fabric! :) Made of cotton with gorgeous eyelet details! It's one of the rare times we pick lilac! Haha if you have shopped long enough, you will realize you dont really see this color, and the last we had such a color which i can still recall, was our very first few manufactured pieces! Remember which? TADAAAHHH.
COLLECTION 66, 2011 25 JAN.
When Bert was still our model!
I have always stayed away from lilac cos the color doesnt seem to compliment my skin tone (i really hate my skin tone btw), but this piece was too pretty to resist, and it turned out as a surprise when i tried it on! Looks quite okay, better than what i'd expected, so now i have my first lilac piece! :)
Length's perfect to be worn tuck out like i did, or tucked in with your high waist pieces!
Comes in Xs to M and concealed side zip, been moving really quickly at the racks! :)
From left: White, Black, Blue, Lilac! :)
To those who have asked on FS, i did the measurements!
Such pieces are meant to be worn tight fit, so measurements appear smaller, but you're advised to take your usual sizing! :)
Xs: Ptp 14", Down 19.5", fits Uk 4 - Small 6
S: Ptp 15", down 20", fits Uk 6 - Small 8
M: 16", down 20.5", fits Uk 8 - Small 10
Was searching for the lilac dress picture and i stumbled across this old photo, and i thought it's quite pretty! Hahaha. Bertillawong is gonna kill me! Looking at those old photos made me realize how much we've changed and evolved to what/where we are now! :)

Also in the launch, our manufactured Aztec Skirtttt!
Made of soft cotton blend, super comfy piece that Bert has been wearing every other day with a different top! Hahhaa, it's her design so it's very "her" if you get what i mean! :p
Comes elasticized at the back with hidden bands, fully lined!
Available in Xs to L! :)
Gunmetal Blouse in Black! With my yummy bowl of prawn mee, hahaha.
Talia Knit Top in Lime which is oh-so-comfy! :)
Sold out damn quickly at the launch, available on backorders now! 
And the same piece in off-white! Hahaha, when i really like something, i've the tendency to buy/keep them in pairs! :p
 Thematic Crochet Top in Cream which i absolutely adore too! Teehee, love anything crochet/ lace! 
I have such a soft spot for these! Also available on backorder for this! :)
Laser Cut Flats in Metallic Gold!
One of my favorite pair of flats now, love love love the cutting and details! :)
Both our pixies kept it too so it's a really awesome pair!
One of the rare days i feel like dressy up a little more! :)
In upcoming Ave Dolce Cropped Blazer and the super chio clutch i cant stop raving, haha.
Made of tweed in a cropped cut, with military like buttons!
What i really love about this piece is the overall cut, super awesome it fits like a glove! There's also a hook on the front, so you can just hook it up if you want it that way! :)
Comes in S - L and i'm wearing S! 
Cutting runs a little small, so S will fit a Uk 4 - Small 6, M will fit a Uk 6 - Small 8, and L will fit a Uk 8 - Small 10! :) 
Cons love it so much she kept it as well! 
 Erps, another knit piece! Hahahaa. Adele Knit Top in Fuchsia! 
Told you i really love knit! I have at least 30 pieces of knit wear in my wardrobe! :p
Matched it with an upcoming monochrome bottom btw!

We have many many other knit pieces not launched, so if you're a knit lover like me, you're gonna be in for a feast! This piece is pretty similar to the piece i've from Cotton On, posted that a couple of months earlier and had many of you girls asking for it! :)
 So now that we have something similar, you should love a little more right? :p
In off-white and i just realized Cons wore it off shoulders! :)
Pastel mint jeans paired also coming up! Coincidentally someone asked for pastel jeans and we happened to see it at the suppliers the same week, so we brought it in!! :)
Comes in yellow and black too, sizes available!
In Meadows Green! :) I seriously wanted to keep them in all colors, but resisted and kept them in the fuchsia and green piece since i've Talia in off-white already! One of my top favorites in tomorrow's launch! :p Must buyyyy for knit lovers!

Since we're at this knit topic, i shall be nice and post more KNIT sneaks, 
cos im a 100% knit lover, hahahaha.
How about some distressed knit? Yay to yyummeh colors again!

Dip Dye Exposed Shoulders piece, wanna guess where's the inspiration from? :p
Answer: TOPSHOP! 
Muahahaha, #lame.
Colorblocking in knit! :)
Stripes knit! :) Inner piece will be advised for this piece since the holes are pretty big! :)
Petite Rock of Ages Bracelet, still available online! :)
My authentic Tory Burch bracelet, and we've something similar coming up! 
In Black! Love it all the same!
Love anything which adds on to my #armswag collection in actual fact! Lol.
And tomorrow, we have a gold tip flats coming up!
I think i've been on a pink streak this week huh, always in pink!
Ending off the post with a colorful picture!
Giveaway on TCL soon, so watch out for it! :)
On a side note, will any of you girls be keen to purchase this? Im considering opening a spree for this!

Wokay, gonna pack more parcels now, see you girls at the launch tomorrow! :)
Formspring me if there's anything you wanna know!

Much love,