Tuesday, 28 May 2013

TCL Miyoc Week x Salon Vim

It's TCL week at Miyoc JCube!
The event lasts till this Sunday 2/6, so reserve your weekend and head down, ok? :p

Dress code to office on Friday to prepare for the event! :)
Wearing our modified and improved version of Marshmallow Top x Wall Paper Floral Pants.
We changed the fabric to a better quality one, and made it reversible! :)
The piece i'm wearing is a light lilac/ peach piece.
Also comes in hot pink/ navy, mint/ off-white!
And it comes in sizes too! Will probably be launching it 2nd or 3rd week of June, 
but it will be stocked in at Miyoc on Thursday onwards!

OH YES, due to the response, we'll be adding new designs this Thursday/ Friday again!
So even if you've went down last weekend, you can pop by again to check out the new(er) arrivals! 
They are also upcoming and unreleased manufactured designs! :)

The set up was at 1030pm when the store closed ~
Always a mess at such events, hurhur.

Guys are usually bored at such events, but my boyfriend sure knows how to entertain himself, hahahaa.

Thankful he's always there whenever we need an extra hand! (:

After hours of hard work, it's finallyyy done!
This was at almost 2am!
Our favorite photo of the last themed shooot!
很有 feel, 对吗?
Promo if you haven't heard;
Free TCL Shopper's Tote with every purchase excluding small accessories!

For those who missed this popular sandals at the launch, cream/ brown are available on backorders now on the site! Some sizes are still available at Miyoc too, so you can pop by if you wanna give it a try! (:

If these look familiar, it's cos they are probably Pandora inspired, or so i think?
At least that was my first impression of it! :p
They act as great stackers, so if you pair them with other accessories which you have!
Have been flying off at Miyoc and it will be restocking it too! 

My awesome BFF, sister and biz partner. <3

With one of the (many) man behind Miyoc store; also one of our suppliers and now good friend whom we got to know through work 3-4 years back. It's amazing how friendships can be forged! :)) And definitely one of the mega perks in our job! :))

Thankful for all the opportunities and help this guy has rendered.
ALOY SNG, if you're reading this, xie xie ni! HAHAHA.
(Bet you must be feeling WOW to see your name here!)

Accessories for the day! :)
I actually paired it with the cobalt piece in the day but switched to the black when i got to office!
Reason being; i got tempted with the black and ended up keeping both colors now.

And while setting up, i couldn't resist and tried on the sandals again,
though i've already tried them in office. 

And this pair went home with me..
I bought like erps 9-10 pairs in the last BKK trip, of which i've only worn 3.
Yet another new collection, hahaha.
For reference i'm a usual S37 and wears size S36! :)

Overjoyed that we finally can have dinnerrrrr!

Aloy brought us to this porridge store at AMK which operates till late.
 All these for less than 20 bucks, 4 pax!

My favorites of the lot!
The Chili Sotong was soooo shiok, and the braised meat was tender like mad!
Will probably be heading there again very soon!!

Headed to Salon Vim the next day after we got back from the BKK trip!
I was still very much loving my hair but you can see the roots were quite visible,
so that was a much needed trip! :)

I was still in love with the brown shade Fiona gave me previously, so she suggested keeping it and gave the roots a touch up! We kept the previous ash highlights too, cos i love it all the same, haha. AND she added pink highlights for me! I've always wanted pink highlights since i walked in to Salon Vim as a customer, but i always ended up doing something else, so i finally got to do what i'd set out to do initially! 

Also did the Arimino Privy Treatment again!
The outcome was nothing but beautiful!
It's been 2 weeks since this visit and my hair is still tenderly soft! :)
Adding on that it's so manageable!
Nothing but (honest) praises; really!

Took our OTDs right after that our with professionally treated hair do! :)

Bert went with even more purple hair, and they are now significantly more visible than the previous visit! (: Fiona also gave me more pink hair as compared to the previous ash highlights! No complaints at all, hahaha.

Went home with another hair mask which i've been using diligently! :)
I've started to realize the importance of pampering our hair in the comfort of our own homes!

30% off their treatment services is still on-going till the end of the month.
Many of my friends have already tried it, so if you're still contemplating, it's really worth a try! :)
Not many days left so be sure to head down soon!

Quote "brianna" to enjoy these discounts!

313 @Somerset
Orchard Road
#04-07/08/09 S238895
Tel: 68847757/ 68847767

235/ 235A Victoria Street 
Tel: 68370073/ 68360045

OTD that day.

Top: BKK
Jeans: Uniqlo
Sandals: Cineleisure
Bag: Celine

Got this vintage top at Chatuchak at a steal! (:
The top is full of details; pretty vintage floral prints in a pleated fabric, gold ribbon vintage button, navy pipeline details.

On days where it's cooler, i'm an extremely happy person! :)))
The weather has been so scorching hot my outer pieces haven't been out to play!
So when it was breezy one fine day, i grabbed this piece immediately! :p

It looks very much like my personal piece from Topshop that i posted on Instagram. The fabric used is slightly thiner, that's about all. The price is a fraction of my Topshop piece so honestly, i'd choose this anytime! (: This will probably be one of the highest priced item ever sold, but they are worth every single penny. We stocked it in last weekend at the Miyoc set up and was it was sold the next day! :)
Paired it with the upcoming Acid Wash HWS.

Headed for dinner at Ice Edge.
It's been a LONG TIME since we'd dinner there;
in fact since we moved out of the old office.

Dinner date.

Love those prints! <3

 Appetizer was our usual crab meat soup.

 I was craving for the superb vongole but this turned out meh.
It has always been FANTASTIC so this was a huge disappointment.
It was so blend; either they have changed cooks, or the cook didn't add in enough wine. :(

The boyfriend's cream pesto prawn pasta.
He too commented it didn't taste as nice, the pasta wasn't al dente and the sauce was blend. :(

Felt we made a wasted trip back.

Last update before i continue with the launch preparations.
Backorders are up already! :)))
 The popular weaved 3 way bag!!
If you'd still like to get it fast, we are stocking them in at Miyoc again and will be available on Thursday/ Friday,

Another popular item in the launch, TCL Weaved Sandals! (:
Only cream and brown are available via BO!

Till the next, will be back with BKK day 2/3!
We are also launching another new launch tomorrow at 830pm!

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