Saturday, 4 May 2013

Changing Styles.

This is gonna be an outfit post! :)

Have been trying out new styles apart from my usual and typical outfits,
if you've noticed!

I haven't really been into rompers until i tried this piece!
And i was pleasantly surprised i don't look weird it in, hahaha.
I don't know why but i usually stick to my usuals cos i think they look best?
Butttt, age is catching up so never try never know, right?
In fact, i love it so much i spammed a lot of photos! :p
A belt is a must for this piece and i chose neon to have a popz effect!

This piece is free sized and will fit up to a Uk 10/Small 12!
For those who are petite like myself, it will be loose at the ptp but i personally think it's fine since it's meant to be worn slight loose anyway! :)

Did my nails the same day hence the photo!
I've been trying new things, even my nails don't look like my usuals, haha.

That ended our Friday night if i remember right! :)

My soft silky hair, hehehe! Even the bleached portion feels soft!
This was a couple of days after the treatment if i remember right (too) and you can see how soft it is still! 
Remember to book your appointment with Salon Vim before 30/5! :)

After keeping the aztec piece, i decided to keep this as well! :)
It's of a pretty similar cut except it's more cut in as compared to the aztec one.
The material is also slightly stiffer so though they have the same ptp of 17", 
this piece will be loose for Uk 4/6 as it doesn't drape as well.
(If you're a uk 4/6, you'll need to send the piece for alteration at the ptp!)

Nothing's too hard to conquer if i really like the piece.
So despite the larger ptp, i kept it anyway! :p

Tropical Florals Maxi!
The colors are soooo vibrant and wearing it makes me feel like i'm going for the holiday! 
But no, i wasn't.
On a happier note, i'm finally heading back to BKK for some BKK lovin' this week! :)))

More otd shots outside the office.
Maxi comes in 2 other colors as well and can be worn as a tube dress with straps tucked in if you prefer it that way! (:

And today's OTD to a wedding solemnization!
Does my face look smoother? :)
It does right?
Using Lancome Mat Miracle Foundation today! :)

And here's me in a dress.
If you know me personally, or if you're my follower on whichever platform, you'll probably be wondering why you haven't seen me in dresses? Or even if you have, it's like once in a blue blueee moon? And they are usually only maxis or bodycon pieces. 
They either cover my legs, or stops at the thighs, nothing in between.

I hardly wear 33" dresses or skater dresses in general though they are what everyone loves, or though i sell them, cos i just feel it shows off how thin my legs are. :( And how they make me look so girly, so not me, if you know what i mean!
So i just try to avoid them all these while; at all costs. Hahahaha.

BUT, i'm trying new styles, remember?
So i tried this one when stocks came, and viola, it looks quite okay on me!

I think it doesn't make my legs as thin as how other dresses would have, 
so that's a good thing! :)
And adding a neon belt add colors, and add that "briannawong" style like others would say.
The other day, i tried some dresses for the pixies and they burst out laughing. :(
Really not ME AT ALL, bah bah.

The true color is truer to this than FB sneaks if you're wondering!
The studio lights were't able to capture the true color and editing didn't work as well too! :(

My new heels bought a month or so back, first time wearing them out!
For those who've asked, they are from C&K! :)

Anyway, sneaks are up on Facebook already and we're giving away $100 worth of TCL shopping vouchers again! 
Don't miss this promotion again!

And this week, we have a shoes collection as well! :)
Top picks would be the aztec wedge one, so versatile and easy to match!
And the silver mirror looking heels! (They are not transparent!)
So sleek and full of character! :))

Will be back with a Prada/ LV bag selling post next! :)
Till the next!

Formspring me if there's anything you wanna know!
Measurements will be up only tomorrow!


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