Thursday, 23 May 2013

AD: Chocolate Cornflakes!

I think one of the perks of my job is being able to meet new people! :)
I've met some of our customers face to face at our events, or virtually on Instagram/ Twitter. Some customers have even turned friends and this is probably one of life's gifts i hold dear.
One of our good ol' regular customer will soon start work with us and i'm really looking forward to have her on our team!! :)

Today, i'll be sharing about homemade CHOCOLATE CORNFLAKES!
And these are baked by one of our dear customer, Honey! :)


 These were hand delivered to our office and i wasn't expecting such a BIG trayyyy. 
These lasted for a good 3 days, haha.

I know they don't look as pretty as macaroons but i'd choose them over the hyped up macaroons!
I kinda like how the cornflakes have that crunchy bite, and the chocolate coating isn't too sweet. 
Definitely something different from the usual sweet treats! :)) 

Got the pixies to join in too and they loved it! (:

My "contributions" in just less than 10 minutes.
It can get really addictive, don't say i didn't warn you!

Thanks Honey for sending us your love! (:

If you'd like to try them, these are the details you need!

15 pieces: $3.50
25 pieces: $6

Honey bakes them weekly and meet ups are available at selected MRT stations to collect your goodies!
Just whatsapp/SMS her at 98282251 and arrangements can be made! :) 
You can also find out more details/ reviews on her blog!
The happy boyfriend.
Give him food and he's a happy anytime, HAHA.

Found these random photos of the pixies packing in my cam!
You can see the warzone, hahahaha.

Some random day, i decided to cook!
These asparagus turned out SO NICEEEE.
If you're someone who loves asparagus and find it too costly outside,
 just get this bunch from any supermarket and cook it yourself. SAVE A LOT.
I got it for $1 if i remember right!  
And instead of using cooking/olive oil, use butter and garlic to stir fry it instead! :)

 Home cooked meals are da best! <3

Bert and myself have been making the effort to dress up more these days!
Put together this outfit in less than 5 minutes one random day!
Full TCL outfit!
Top, pants and wedges have all been launched already! :)

Will be back soon again!

PS: We will be having TCL Week @ Miyoc this weekend!
Expect TONS of unreleased manufactured designs, and they are mega chiosss! 
More details will be announced on Facebook sooooon! :)


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