Monday, 26 November 2012



As promised, i've opened a spree for these PS1 inspired bags! :)
Please note that i do not have the actual item and i'm purchasing it for the first time too.
However I've read reviews and the supplier has informed quality is assured and the workmanship is fabulous, hence the price is more costly than other items. 
Please join this preorder at your own discretion. 

The item is available in TWO fabrics:

In sequence of the colors below:
Suede is available for the larger images, in Black, Wine Red, Dark Purple, Light Grey or Brown.
PU is available for Beige, Khaki, Camel, Red, Black, Mustard, Pink, Light Grey.

Other details you may need:

Length Across: 34cm
Height: 26cm
Width: 12cm
- Comes zip closure, with one inner zipped pocket and 2 other side pockets
- One zip pocket at the back
- Adjustable/ Detachable long sling strap
- Fits A4

$35 per item (Excluding postage)

Normal mail: $3 per item
Registered mail: $2.24 for registered mail
EG: $35 + $3 for 1 item for normal mail, or $40.24 for registered mail 
$70 + $6 for 2 items for normal mail or $78.24 for registered mail

Payment can be made to POSB SAVINGS 126-88543-1
For ATM payments, do email me your ATM snapshot with your email add written on it.
For IB payment, do input your IB nick in the order form.

Preorder will close on 30/11 (Friday), extended till 3/12 1159pm based on first-order-first-serve basis and will arrive in approx 3-4 weeks thereafter.
For all other enquiries, please email me at or formspring me directly.

To place an order, please submit your order form HERE!
T&Cs can also be found under the order form.

Thanks babes! :)


Friday, 23 November 2012


Woohoo! It's FRYDAYYYY finally! 
Been waiting for the weekends the entire week! :p
Anyhows, a short and random post!
Today's OTD! :)
Upcoming knitted top which comes in many colors!
Love the zigzag design!
White as seen, also in cereal, yellow, lilac and sky blue!
And my new kicks! :D
Been looking for something like this for the longest time ever, and finally found one i really like!
Changed into them straight away, teehee. I recently realized i've a change in my fashion style, hahaa.
Brought them in for TCL too after some consideration, cos it isn't our style exactly, but style and fashion changes all the time right? :p
And we just confirmed another bag design for manufacturing! :)
How does the popular 3 way bag in this weaved fabric sound? You can guess which colors we picked!
AND, THIS will be stocked in at Miyoc JCube later tonight! :)
Loving the statement cuff, perfect accessory to glam up your outfit! 
Bert and myself kept more than 1 color each, hehee.
AND.. We'll be launching another Treats for your Feet collection this Sunday!
Posted some sneaks for your eyes, more to come! :) 
I've been wearing a new pair every other day, now you know why, tons of shoes shoes shoes! :p
Also launching some restocks and extras of some previous backorder items, mainly knit pieces! :)
Gonna head off to get some work done!
Leaving you girls with this quote! :)
It's never too late to dream!

Blessed weekend everyone! :)
Formspring me!

PS: PS inspired bags spree will be opened sooooon! 
(Pictures below!!!)
Thanks so much for all your interest!
You can drop me an email at with your email add if you'd like to be notified when the spree is opened! :)


Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Spree, anyone?

Bags bags bags!
Found this PS inspired bags online!
Was wondering if any of you will be keen to purchase?
They have it in suede (1st image) or the others in faux leather! :)
Then i can open a spreeeeee! :p

Formspring me if you're keen!


Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Devil Wears Prada!

I havent been blogging as much as i'd wanted to! Boo.
Was pretty busy the entire week with never ending to-do list! :(
We're gonna engage more helpers to help with the workload next month, so i'm hoping things get betterrr! 

If you've read Bert's blog, i'm sure you've seen the BTS of our recent themed shoot!
Looking at FS comments, i'm glad you girls are loving how the photos turned out! :)
Gonna be spamming the BTS for keepsake, considering how goldfish my memory is nowadays, so if you've already seen them, just scroll down okay!
We're launching 4 manufactured pieces tomorrow, yay!? Hahaha.
TCL Memoirs Ruffles Top in Cobalt Blue and Pink (XS - L)
TCL Courtney Paperbag Dress in Berry, Black, Daffodil (XS - L)
Extras in Rose and Royal Blue will be launched too! :)
TCL Miranda Dress in Black and Pink (XS - L)
TCL Blockbuster Blazer in Pink, White, Black (XS - L)

For reference, Cons is wearing the smallest size XS and Sipei wears S! :)

I kept the Memoirs Ruffles Top in both colors again!
I seriously have almost all the colors we've launched, one of my favorite-est tops ever!
I'm sure most of you already own at least a color so you know awesome this piece is! :)

Blockbuster Blazer is one of my personal favorite from H&M, and i'd a couple of you asking for it when i posted my OTD a couple of months back, so here you have it!
Workmanship and fabric is really awesome, really! 
I asked for all the details on the original piece, including the buttons and threading! :)
It's made of thick cotton, something similar to our Alexis Blazer, but slightly softer to the touch and more structured feel! :)

I've a couple of you girls asking me how to pair it casual.
It's really simple! How i wear my blazers on casual days:
Basic Tank, Jeans/Shorts, Flats!
TADAH, it's really that easy! :)

And the other 2 dresses, pretty much obvious are Bert's pieces, haha.
Shall leave that for her! 
Our props for that shoot, which our designer drew from scratch and we printed them out! :) I'm really horrible in art/drawing, so i was really amazed, hahaha.
Pretty Cons and Sipei! (:
Hehe how can we not take a photo with it! RIGHT?
We had to lug these huge ass things to another studio for this shoot, and it was a pain sitting in the cab with these! -.- 
 Catch more sneaks on Facebook! :)
We're giving away SilkyGirl products as well, so there's really a reason to pop by to try your luck! :)
OTD for last Sunday! :)
Pleease pleasee ignore the fat cheeks :(
Wore Memoirs Ruffles Top with Blockbuster Blazer, paired with a tweed shorts launched previously! Completed this look with upcoming Bejewelled Flats in Gold and the already launched Lasercut Clutch! :)
Allow me to promote the flats please, hahaha.
The flats is reallyyyy damnnn comfyyyy!
Cant stress enough how comfy and it is and how gorgeous the jewels/embellishments are!
They are drop dead gorgeous really, totally gonna rock your year end outfits! :)

And because i havent been blogging, random OTDs from Instag! :)
Follow me @briannawonggg!
Upcoming Enchanted Studded Top
Upcoming Denim Ripped Shorts
Comes in S - L!
One of my most worn to death shorts! :)
It was launched previously but we're bringing it back!

Already launched Lennon Throwover in Metallic Gold
Already launched, Calista Knit Top in Purple
Now on backorders! :) 
*Color is truer to website 
Our first manufactured flats which was so well received! :)
Hehhe thanks girls for your support!
We're still deciding if we should open a BO, please put yourself on the wait list if you're looking forward to one k? 

And leaving you girls with a quote! (:
Positive vibes shall tide us through!
Formspring me!

Much love,