Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Ignorance is bliss.

I havent' been blogging as much as i'd love to, but i'm gonna make up with a picture spam post! :p
I'm sure by now, you girls know it's TCL week at Miyoc!
This small event is basically a space for TCL to display our apparels, accessories and basically anything and everything! :) The event started last weekend, so we were there on Friday night after the shop's closing to "decorate" the place! :)
We really went out of idea, hence this poster. Hahaa. But it isn't that bad right!

And the process begins...

Posters of Cons which we printed, and everyone was just saying how she look gorgeous in any outfit, even the enlarged version! :p
Love how pretty the wall turned outtt! :D
And the entrance and end product!
Left Miyoc at almost 2am that night but it's all worthwhile! :)
Hehehe for those who have already went down and bought something, thank you so much!
Upcoming Aztec Top, available in 3 colors! :)
And this crochet top is selling like hotcakes! Stocked them in after we'd so many of you girls asking for it after the outdoor shoot! :)
One of the year end dresses, spot it in pink! :)
We have just added more new arrivals to store today, so pop by if you're in the area! :)
Stocked in upcoming bags, watches, shoes and iphone cases! 
 The event ends this weekend anyway! We may be adding even more new items in store, so follow us for updates okay! :)

 Some random OTDS.
Launching tomorrow! :)
Loving the happy happy colors! :D
Perks up your mood instantlyyyyy! 
Went a little edgy that day with leatherette pants! Will be launching it in navy on TCL soon! :)
Super appropriate for year end events i think!
My new black shoes which i think look like pixie shoes? Hahhaaha.
And speaking of which, i dumbly deleted Bert's OTD in the floral bustier, which we took at the same place i took mine, erps. So we've no photos to share, except one pathetic one which you should have seen on her instagram: :/
For those who have been waiting, we're launching this finally! :)
Wanted to launch it as a CNY design but we'd so many of you girls asking for it and such a hot seller on the racks, so there you go! TOMORROW! :)
Comes in navy or cream, Xs to L!  

Last Weekend.
It was raining and i was super happy, cos my knit pieces come out to play!
Today's OTD.
Feeling very black.
Top & Bag coming up next week! :)
Super love this piece cos it has small tiny gold dots! My next favorite item!

And this is my next favorite bag after the 3 way bag! Teheee. Will post more photos of it again! :) 
New launch tomorrow, and sneaks are up on Facebook! :)
Giving away some watches too, pop by!

Gonna head for dinner soon!
Formspring me if there's anything you wanna know! :)

Blessed midweek!


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