Friday, 23 November 2012


Woohoo! It's FRYDAYYYY finally! 
Been waiting for the weekends the entire week! :p
Anyhows, a short and random post!
Today's OTD! :)
Upcoming knitted top which comes in many colors!
Love the zigzag design!
White as seen, also in cereal, yellow, lilac and sky blue!
And my new kicks! :D
Been looking for something like this for the longest time ever, and finally found one i really like!
Changed into them straight away, teehee. I recently realized i've a change in my fashion style, hahaa.
Brought them in for TCL too after some consideration, cos it isn't our style exactly, but style and fashion changes all the time right? :p
And we just confirmed another bag design for manufacturing! :)
How does the popular 3 way bag in this weaved fabric sound? You can guess which colors we picked!
AND, THIS will be stocked in at Miyoc JCube later tonight! :)
Loving the statement cuff, perfect accessory to glam up your outfit! 
Bert and myself kept more than 1 color each, hehee.
AND.. We'll be launching another Treats for your Feet collection this Sunday!
Posted some sneaks for your eyes, more to come! :) 
I've been wearing a new pair every other day, now you know why, tons of shoes shoes shoes! :p
Also launching some restocks and extras of some previous backorder items, mainly knit pieces! :)
Gonna head off to get some work done!
Leaving you girls with this quote! :)
It's never too late to dream!

Blessed weekend everyone! :)
Formspring me!

PS: PS inspired bags spree will be opened sooooon! 
(Pictures below!!!)
Thanks so much for all your interest!
You can drop me an email at with your email add if you'd like to be notified when the spree is opened! :)


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