Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Midweek Updates + Sneaks

I haven't been blogging, i know! But the week has been nothing but home to office, office to home; my extremely boring, mundane yet busy life. Haha, sounds contradicting!
SO i had a busy work week with very minimal OTDs since i was way too lazy to dress up. 
I'll try harder and take more photosssss!

For now, sneaks for the next collection! :)
My favorite ruffle top which i love to bitsssss! <3
The first batch was sold out entirely on the racks,
so we did a 2nd batch in new colors and added more sizes! :)
It now comes in 5 hues; from left, Deep Purple, Pastel Yellow, Navy, White and Forest!
We manufactured this piece in Xs to M! :)

Super love the ruffles on the front which flows beautifully!
And i love how it's so versatile and so wearable it goes well with almost anything! :)
I kept the previous batch in periwinkle and white, and i kept the deep purple and pastel yellow this time!
Definitely a classic and timeless piece! :)

Since most of the sneaks are already out on Facebook, i'll just blog about a couple of my favorites from this collection! :)
This is a Topshop inspired piece!
And it's the exact same floral crochet bib!
We'd initially wanted to manufacture this piece, but we weren't able to find the exact same crochet, so we skipped it, but tadahhh, looks like we're pretty fated with this item! :p
Comes in light pink and navy!

I have a thing for zips at the ends, so this is a piece i really love! :)
I bought a similar piece from Zara, and thennnn, we found this!
It's made of really soft and stretchy cotton spandex mix and elasticized at the waist! :)

Galleria Top which i previously bought for myself, and many of you girls asked me to bring them in!
So here you go!
The piece i'd was in long sleeves and i reckon you girls wil prefer this!
Love the black for the edgy feel, and the cream for that softer touch!
Contrasting shoulder pads with studssss! <3

Peach/ Pink combination, with floral prints.
What's not to love about this piece rightttt? :)
It's can also be paired with pants/ leggings tucked out, it's a dipped hem top!
Spot how it looks like with Everyday Jeggings in White!

And this piece will be our Pocket Friendly Deal! :)
It comes with functional buttons down anyway but it's hidden behind the flap!

My favorite in the collection, will still be Memoirs Ruffled Top! :)
Can stop looking at the photos, heh.
Changed Cons hairstyle and make up, a fresher look i hope!
The deep purple and navy looks kinda similar in the photos, but there's a difference okay!
And i honestly think the deep purple is so much nicer in real life!

This was taken a few months back, when we did it in periwinkle! :)

Shown this before; in pastel yellow paired with our Symphony Skirt in Teal! :)

We decided to be nice and we're giving away 5 pieces of this top!
All you need to do is to "Like and Share" C124 Sneaks album!
IF you haven't LIKED us us, please click here:

Wanted to upload more photos but photobucket is not cooperating and it's taking ages to load, soooo i'm gonna end here!

Bert and I went to Fullhouse Cafe to had dinner that day (nice food albeit a little costly) 
and we did a shoot a couple of days back there as well!
Pretty pretty cafe!
Will blog more about that again! :)

A sneak for C125! :)
Already up at KJ!

Picture perfectttt <3
Till the next! :)


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