Saturday, 28 April 2012

Happy Weekends + SNEAKS!

Happy weekends everybody! :)
So glad it's the weekendssss! Though there's no difference in any day of the week for me, since i work almost everyday, the "weekend" somehow just feels better! 
Hahhaa, must be the physiological effect! :p 

Alone in the office now, came back to tie up some loose ends and to BLOG about sneaks! 
AND BERT has completed her last exam and unofficially graduated, 
sooooo we're back in full force again!
Can't be any thankful that she's back to help with the workload!

YAY, congrats little one for making it through!
YOU survived!
And you're done with school, so welcome to the work life yo! 
Muahahhaha <3

Was having some problems finding some files in the comp and in the midst, i found some classic photos!
Hahhahaha. That's the adorable side of bertillawong for you.
This was taken back the old office, or rather, the last few days at the old office, when we first got our MBP, and Bert was so excited to try out Photo Booth, lol.
And that's the BBT that everyone loved back at the old office.
Cheap and good!
You can totally see how high Bert was! LOL.

OKAY, back to sneaks!
Did an outdoor shoot for C123, and ggrrrr, becos of that i grew another shade tanner :(
Hate those an lines really, and none of the whitening products i use seem to be of any help, anyone has any recommendations please let me know!
The weather so EXTREMELY hot that day, and i felt like i was gonna melt anytime!

Items in the launch will include 3 manufactured pieces! :)
Noir Lace Crochet Blouson, Alice Embroidered Top, and Symphony Fishtail Skirt!

Noir Lace Crochet Blouson is a personal favorite from an older collection when Rebs was still modeling for us back then, and when mustard was the hottest color! :)

Dug this piece out and remade it into our version with some minor changes!
Sleeves are shortened, remade them in sizes so there won't be so much excess cloth on the front. We changed the lace crochet details to a slightly thinner one, so that the collar bone and neckline will be more prominent, brought it up slightly higher too so the bra will not be seen easily, and finally, added lining cos the previous piece didn't come with one!
Comes in white, black, teal.
Sizes available : XS to M

XS: Ptp 17", Down 24.5", Sleeves 14"
Fits UK 4 - 6
S: Ptp 18", Down 25", Sleeves 14.5"
Fits UK 8 - 10
M: Ptp 19", Down 25.5", Sleeves 15"
Fits UK Big10 - 12

SGD 26

As this piece is meant to be worn loose, please do refer to UK sizing for a better gauge.
Or you can also measure your favorite loose fit top and see what's the ptp.
Noticed that a lot of girls tend to use their regular ptp sizing for all designs for their orders, 
and this result in items not being able to fit :(
So actually for such pieces, since it's meant to be worn loose and not body hugging, it doesn't mean if your usual ptp for a tight fit top is 17", you can take S though you're a usual M okay!

Next, Alice Embroidered Blouson.
And i believe this needs no introduction!
We heard you and remade it into a top version! ;)
Comes in Dark Teal, Navy, White
Sizes available: XS to M

XS: Ptp 15.5", Down 24", Sleeves 15.5"
Fits UK 4 - 6
S: Ptp 16.5", Down 24.5", Sleeves 16"
Fits UK 8 - 10
M: Ptp 17.5", Down 25", Sleeves 16.5"
Fits UK Big 10 - 12

SGD 27.50

Still loving the intricate embroidered bib on the front! :)
We paired 2 of them with printed bottoms to add some colors and happiness to the outfit, for those who still prefer basics, you can just pair it with your basic denims! :)

And my favorite in the collection, Symphony Fishtail Skirt! :)
It's such a beautyyyyy!
Love how it flows, esp when you walk down the streets and with the wind blowing!
Makes you feel so so so dainty!
What i love even more is how it creates a slimming silhouette! <3

Comes in pastel yellow, black and teal.
Sizes available: S, M

S: Waist Across 12" - 15.5", Down 16" (Front), 27.5" (Back)
Fits UK 4 - Small 8
M: Waist Across 13" - 16.5", Down 17" (Front), 28.5" (Back)
Fits UK Big 8 - Small 12

SGD 28

It's elasticized at waist and it's real stretchy.
Scraped the zip idea as we learnt that zips for such skirts tend to create an illusion of bigger butt due to the extra zip material blah blah blah, 
so no no no, we made it in elastic band instead! :)
We did it in small pleats instead of the usual accordion pleats too, so that's something different! :)

Paired with the skirt, both tops on the pastel yellow and teal ones are also our upcoming pieces!
And yes, for those who have been waiting, Cascading Ruffles Top will be launched next, finallyyyy!

And next, we have Enchanted Florals Maxi Dress!
Florals are still very much in season, and maxis are such easy grab and go pieces!
So what's not to love especially when it comes in such pretty prints! <3

Ptp 17", Waist 11" - 15.5", Down 49"
Fits UK 4 (Slightly loose) - 10

SGD 30

And tadahhh, the last item, Eden Weaved Tote!
It's in camel and made of quality faux leather for the hems, comes with an attachable sling strap,
priced at $38 with normal mail.

Measurements for this has not been done for this item, just tried to see if it fits A4, and yes it does!
Just tried slotting in an A4 file and it fits, but a little tight, so you gotta slot it in with tactic!
If you know what i mean, hahaha.


We wouldn't be here without the support and love from you all, soooo, we felt generous in this celebration! Dont you just love us a litte teeny weenyyy bit more? Hahhaa.

100 lucky girls will walk away with a $10 e-voucher! :)
We usually give out max 8 store credits, but this time, it's $1000 worth of vouchers!
We even designed a voucher to be sent! Hahahaha.
AWESOME isn't it?
3 giveaways in one! <3
Share the loveeee babes!
And goodie luck!

Some pictures of what's coming up in May! :)
A reversible piece, with one side in prints!
I wore it out, and flipped it to the solid side in the evening!
Hahhahaa, felt so cool as though i changed into a new outfit! <3

Tomorrow's launch item, Symphony Fishtail Skirt, 
paired with upcoming Cascading Ruffles Top in Pastel Yellow! :) 
Love love love this combi!

Cambridge inspired Satchel bags!
In 4 freaking pretty huesss!
Our pixie saw it and immediately said I WANT! Haha.

Denims for you?

And this vintage looking tank, which i've already stocked in at KJ last night!
Stocking in at FD as well on Monday! :)

And Noir Blouson which i wore today! :)
Was contemplating to keep the teal piece, cos i really love teal, haha.
But i've way too many pieces in that, so settled for the black! :)

A rare photo of us. Hahaha i dont know why, but we hardly take photos. 

And my new favorite watch! 
I'm so loving tortoise shell, and i even made a new spects in tortoise shell too! 
Hahhaha, call me mad. 

Okie dokie, i'm done with blogging!
Have a blessed weekend babes! :)


On a random note, I'm in office blogging and doing work, Bert's at hall editing photos, and the pixie is at home replying emails.
Feels so loved that everyone is at different places, but all working on TCL over the weekend! 
Teehee. I know you both are reading this, love ya!


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