Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Quick Update!

Good morning, to those reading this now! :)
Am about to head to bed now, but i thought i'd say a BIG THANK YEW to everyone who showered us with so much "likes and shares!"
Major loves! <3 <3 <3

Stayed up all night to invoice but i'm still at comments left at 9.06pm, 
with most items already pending now!
Big boooooo. 
Can't wait to finish up with collection already, and launch the next, 
cos it's soooo pretty! <3
Just did the shoot yesterday, which was a wrong call yet more than thankful it went well, 
more on that later, 
and we tried new makeup and hairdo for Constance and she looks amazing! :)))
We've brought forward the launch date for Cascading Ruffles Top to the next launch instead of the original 3-4 weeks, so that deserve a loud YAY right?

SO anyway, smart ass me planned a studio shoot yesterday when we just did a 4 hour long outdoor on on Sunday, forgetting that i'll have to tag FD items, clear backlog emails from the weekend which is super duper time consuming, and most importantly, prepare for launch -.- SMACK ME.

And SO cos of this stupidity, our kind pixie had to suffer with me and we started work at 8am on a Monday. Hahahhaa, so glad we survived the day with no screw ups!

ANYHOW, we have hit 10,000 likes on Facebook, so as promised, 
we'll have something coming up for you babes!
It's gonna be something GOODY GOOD! <3
Which reminds me SK was such a stalker to send us this during the shoot yesterday:

9, 999 LIKES! <3

And i'm gonna end this post with a new (very pretty to the max) buy which made me all eggcitedddd!
Have a blessed week everybodyyy!

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