Monday, 1 April 2013

Outfits Post!

Have been taking OTD regularly, trying to i would say! 
Matched an upcoming polka dotted jeans with a basic tee right after our shoot! :)
At the airport during our last work trip. Bert is a hardworking fella, working on the mobile while waiting for flight, hahaha. Love the parkaaa! :p
Love dressing up like this! It's so casual yet doesn't look too casual, if you get what i mean?
 Last Saturday. Haven't been keeping much cobalt stuffs these days so i kept this piece in this color! Comes in light pink, light yellow and black as well! :)
And the bag that many have been asking for will be launched tomorrow too! :)
On a random note, i look SO FREAKING TANNED.
I'll never be able to be fair at the rate we're doing outdoor shoots :(
And the last outfit, one of the suay-est day ever.
Last photo of the start of the day before the camera died, and one otd which caused me much regret cos it resulted in me losing my table at Fab Baker Boy and not having what i've been craving for ages which is also my 2nd fruitless trip there. Such a mouthful of sentence but it was really ...
And that wasn't the end cos we visited 3 other places, fruitless trips again.
Adding on the fact that i bought a battery-less camera out, battery-less iPhone 5 out, just in the name of taking photos. Imagine how depressed i felt that day. Please laugh -.- 
BUT i must say i love this top, love the feel and colors! :)))

Full sneaks are up on Facebook already so swing by!

And FS seems to be still working?!
So i'll be answering back at FS!


See you at the launch! :)

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