Thursday, 11 July 2013

Catching Up!

The lazy ass in me will probably not blog once i'm home, i know my inner self too well. So i'm staying back at the office to do some blogging! (:

The boyfriend and i are the laziest people around when it comes to food.
Once we find some place nice, that will be our subsequent place for meals.
So this month, we decided to be adventurous and aim to venture new places.

Brought him to Sushi Bar after the last trip with the girls which left me wanting for more. I'ma die hard Jap food fan, never gonna get sick of it. :p

He leaves the ordering to me all the time, so i basically ordered what i'd the other time since i felt they were good! See, told you i'm boring and lazy, hahaha.
The sashimi didn't taste as "fatty" as the previous visit, but they were sliced a tad too thick, and some of them even had bones. :(

The boyfriend loved this too!
The best dish he loved!

Sushi that day was a huge disappointment.
The sushi rice didn't stick at all, and everything just collapsed the moment you use your chopsticks. :(

I guess the standard still isn't very good, but for the price and the grilled steak, i guess i should be making a trip back nonetheless!

The Sushi Bar
Far East Plaza #03-89 

Dean and Deluca
Have heard so much about this cafe since the opening but never had the chance to visit!
Spent the next few hours walking around in town, to digest the food before we headed here!

I was quite excited just seeing what was displayed!
Zoomed in to Lemon Meringue which is one of my favorites and the pasta salad!
If i have to list those food i can't leave without, it has gotta be Lemon Meringue, Tiramisu, Pasta and anything Jap! 
They had an assortment of other cakes as well! 
Dessert lovers will probably love them! (:

It's a "fast-food" kind of concept, where you pay and order at the cashier, and wait for your buzzer to buzz to let you know your food is ready!
I've no idea why he was so happy, haahah.

We ordered BBQ chicken pasta salad which was about $11 for the smaller portion.
Loved the dressing but the pasta was a little too hard.
It would have been better if it was slightly softer.
Nonetheless, thumbs up for this!

Can't remember the name for this, but it's some berries pancakes i think.
(And the whip cream fell offfff!) 
Not worth the penny at all, i think it was $18!?
They were so thick and the maple sauce was only drizzled on the 1st and last piece, so the 2nd/3rd/4th were dryyy and just, plain. 
McDonald's hotcakes will be good enough. 

Anything lemon is nice to me, so yeah. 

All in the all, the food was quite expensive in my opinion.
Other the pancakes, i loved their pasta salad and dessert.
They have a huge variety in their menu, so i may head back to give their all day breakfast a try!

They also have a retail store!

Dean & Deluca
181 Orchard Road
#04-23/24 Orchard Central
Opens daily, 11am - 10pm

Top: Bangkok
Shoes: Steven Madden 

Ended the night at TCC again after Despicable Me!!!
I have lost count the number of times i visited them since end june till date, really making full use of the promo! :p

We ended the night at 3am, way way way past his bedtime.
And we'd so much food that day i felt kinda fat.

Last Saturday saw me waking up at 10am.
It may not sound early to most of you but it was the earliest day i woke up that week, 
all in the name for brunch.
Outfit details. 

The sky was such a beautiful sight i just had to snap this.
Blue skies which we haven't seen in a long while!

Brunch was at a new place, Gl├╝ck Bistro Express.
We'd quite a shock when we reached cos the place was so incredibly small. :x
I think it can hold max 15 guests?
Then i pondered onto me, no wonder it's called an express bistro.

Their caffe latte was probably the worst ever i've drank. :x
I poured like almost half pot of sugar syrup but it was still SO SO bitter! 

Their menu was a huge disappointment.
I can only blame myself for not doing enough homework before heading down. :(

I had the Mac & Cheese while the boyfriend had the Lasagna, which wasn't even photo worthy. 
As the boyfriend puts it, we were just eating microwaved food.

I felt so cheated waking up early for this really. :(
Never going back!
I don't even think it's a place worth going so no point including the address yea?

Top: H&M
Pants: Upcoming on TCL
(It also comes in a set with a blazer, super prettyyyy!)
Shoes: Colorblock Sandals 

I recently switched to the iPhone 5 after getting it back in Feb, and got myself a new case! I can't stop laughing at how it looks, like so cuteeeee!
So i got my manicurist to do THIS! :D
Hehhehee. We've brought in a similar case and shoes for sale on TCL as well, so if you like this doggy too, keep a lookout!

Today's threads.
And i have just received my pick from Shoppy & Poppy!
Rare act cute selca, hahaha.
Can't wait to wear it out to take proper photos and share more info, hehee.

Will be back to blog on our TCL brunch and BTS for our latest lookbook!
A few unedited sneaks for you, these items have been stocked into KissJane (Vivo & Bugis) and Miyoc (JCube) already, these are my picks so you can pop by this weekend to check them out! :)

We'll be working out of office tomorrow, so happy weekends in advance babes! (:


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