Monday, 8 July 2013


Shoot at Monoyono.

Lucky us had a shoot at Monoyono, located at Plaza Singapura B1! :)
Bert walked past and thought it was a nice place to have a shoot, and violaaaa, approval granted!
We love indoor shoots, away from the rain and sun and mozzies, and it makes changing so much easier for the models! 

Monoyono is a gift and lifestyle store, a place where you'll find the unexpected!
They sell frames to household items to lifestyle items like phone cases and dust caps, notebooks etc.

But here's my favorite section! :)
Don't they just keep you going in life?

They also have a small section Mr & Mrs for those who are prepping for your weddings! :)

We are still kids cos these teddy bears made us go "aww so cuteeee!"

Was bare-footed here cos my heels were used in the shoot, haha.

The shower caps which everyone loveddd! 

Bert's amazing hair, courtesy of Salon Vim! :)
The colors are mad gorgeous we just had to snap a photo of it!

The boyfriend was off from work and came along! :)

With the pretty models!
I look so tanned and short beside them, hurhur.
But hey hey, we all love this! :p

OTD that day. 
Upcoming TCL Long Denim Dungaree.
This will be under our premium label due to the high cost.
The denim used is extremely thick with awesome workmanship.
If you'd seen it at KJ, you'd probably know it's worth your penny! :)

Tomorrow's launch is gonna be pretty amazing, with tons of my favorites!
Scallop Metal Tip Shirt which i've worn till death in all colors will finally be launched! :)
AND, i know you girls have been waiting for this!
Our quilted bags are finally gonna be launched too!

Full sneaks are up on Facebook, so pop by and join in our giveaways too! :)
We're giving away TCL gift vouchers as well as Monoyono vouchers!

Finally wore our upcoming jeans! :)
You guys must know by now how much i LOVE jeans/pants if you've been following me long enough! I've a zillion of them at home, they are like my essentials!
My best jeans are from Zara, Topshop and DP! 
So i finally decided we should manufacture a pair and i sent my favorite pair in! :)

The denim is not as thick as Levi's, but it's of reasonable thickness. :)
I dont know what do you girls look for when you get a pair, but the fit/cut is most important for me. What i love about this is the slim cut fit which just makes you look better and the fabric which is stretchy and super comfy to wear!
Bonus point that it's made based on my favorite piece, so it's a score for this! :)

Backorders for this jelly sandals just arrived, so you can expect them some time in your mailbox this week! :) 

It's only Monday but i'm looking so tired already! 

Have a blessed and awesome week ahead! :))


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