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BKK Day 2, 3 & 4!

Was browsing my blog last night and i realized..
I have been so bad in keeping this space updated;
2 weeks of no updates! 
Sorry to those who have been waiting for the rest of BKK entry!
It's finally up now! :))


Started our day with plans to head to Paragon/ Siam Center for lunch!
Didn't wake up that early cos we were quite knocked out after the massage the previous night, and Janelle was the only one who woke up for breakfast, hahaha.

Oh anyway, we didn't have breakfast package at the hotel so there's no reviews for them in case you're wondering! :)

Walked past 7-11 and i remembered i HAVE TO get this drink!
It's a larger version of Yakult, so if you love Yakult, this will be heaven for you!
Such a big bottle for only 26 baht! :D

Pardon the swollen face and eyes, i look horribleee! :(
The purpose of the photo is to show we took a tuk-tuk!

Headless OTDs cos of the swollen face and eyes :(
Top and shorts have already been launched if you're wondering!

Top available here, Shorts available here!

Don't you just love the prints?
I sure do! <3

Since we already knew where we were headed to, we headed straight for Greyhound Cafe at Siam Center, one of my favorite places for food at BKK!
Walked past this super cute and sweet store and Bert couldn't resist walking in. 

Store name.

Looks so sweet like sugar righttt!

Bert walked out with a freaking expensive shorts, almost 80 bucks? Or was it 100 plus?
Not that expensive since TS in SG sells it about that range, but we were in BKK so it was kinda expensive. Bert just got back from EU after spending thousands on shopping hence her philosophy for BKK was; I WILL NOT SHOP FOR CLOTHES.

When she walked out with her purchase, Janelle and I teased her about shopping for clothes, she edited it and said; 
I will not shop for CHEAP clothes. 
My adorable sister indeed.

Anyway Siam Center holds international and Thai brands and the boutiques are of higher quality stuffs as compared to Platinum and such. Of course, prices are more expensive too but they are also definitely more stylish and also more unique! :) I love how the decor of every shop is so stylish and sleek; there's just something different about shopping in such places.

You probably won't want to spend your moolah here if you're intending to shop for cheap stuffs, but it's worth taking a look around and perhaps just get 1/2 items like us! :) You can allocate just a couple of hours here in your itinerary too! It's also beside Paragon, opposite the Siam Night Market, so you can make plans to visit Siam Center in the late noon, then pop by the night market directly! :)

And at my favorite cafe! (:
Never fail to visit this place every visit!
Store front.

Interesting facts. 
I'm not sure if anyone bothers to read, but i read them every visit, hahaha.

For starters, we ordered Caesar Salad, Lobster Soup and their famous wings to share! 
Not kidding you.
The soup can be a little salty for some, so best to drink it when it's still hot! 

Their famous chicken wings!
So tiny and easy to chew off, and they were extremely crispy!

Janelle had this Fettuccine Prawn pasta, it should be nice since she said so, haha.
Not a fan of cream sauce but i had a bite anyway!
The sauce wasn't as thick as those locally in my opinion and i kinda liked the fragrance of it!

I had my scallops pesto; my all time favorite since i first tried it!
If you're not a fan of pesto and aglio style, then you probably won't like it.
Their scallops have shrunk in size sad to say. :(
Nonetheless, still good!

Bert had their Vongole (she's forever having Vongole!) which was quite horrible and tasteless, which explains why there were no photos, haha.

The place is dimly lit which makes it oh-so-cozy. :)
People tend to dress up more at probably due to the location, so try to refrain from wearing flip flops, else you may look a little out of place. 

I remembered the first time i visited here, we came from Chatuchak, all sweaty and in flip flops and super casual attire. :x Everyone else were dressed quite well. Even the Thais do dress up nicely enough here! So yeah, don't underdress if you're heading here! 

The meal came out to about 50SGD odd for 3 of us.
Price is pretty reasonable comparing their standards. A meal like this in SG will cost you 100SGD easily, so it's a cafe worth checking out! :)

Greyhound Cafe
Siam Center, Level 3
Nearest BTS: Siam Station

The 4 days in BKK saw me in this small sling pouch! :)
In the past, i'd just carry my usual tote with the philosophy that i can stuff everything in.
But it helps travelling light!
You will be walk almost the whole time from the time you open your eyes, and it can get really sore on your legs and shoulders. So just carry what you need!
This small pouch was sufficient to hold my camera, phone and money; that's what we need.
Carrying a smaller pouch also prevents you from being the next target of pickpockets!

As for our barang barang purchases, we didn't really shop that much so it was manageable holding them in our hands. But if you're planning to really go crazeeee for eg at Platinum, you can bring a bigger (light) tote to hold your buys! You'll see tons of these along the streets so you can just grab one there! It's about 60-100 baht depending on the size! :)

I had no idea how good this was until i tried it.
Janelle was promoting non stop about the goodness!

It was an open kitchen concept and i was quite fascinated seeing the round doughnuts being processed.

Apparently their plain ones or sugar ones which you may call it are the bombz!
It's so much better than all the other doughnut brands, not kidding really!
I regretted not getting more after finishing mine! :(
If you're suaku like me (haha) and haven't tried it before, please do try it!

Krispy Kreme is at Paragon Level 1 anyway, just a short walk from Siam Center! :)

We took a train back to Central Station as I needed to collect something from Platinum Mall.
And we saw this..
We wanted to see whose arms were thinner, muahhaha. :x


Had dinner at a roadside store that day.
Not all may dare to try their food, since cleanliness may be a concern, esp for 1st time travellers there. I've ate them countless times, but i have never suffered from food poisoning before, haha so it's safe to have them! 
I have no idea what this fish is called, but i only tried it in my last 2-3 trips.
You'll see this on the table, it's like every Thai eats it? So just point if you don't know.
It's super freshhhh and the meat is really tender and sweet! :)
I know it looks ugly and a little disgusting with those herbs stuffed in the mouth, but it's really much nicer than how it looks! :)

Papaya salad which drove us crazy with the spice.

Did i mention how i love their omelette?
It's always so crispy and fluffyyy, unlike SG's one.

After dinner, we headed down to Asiatique!
We did google about getting there via BTS but we were too tired to walk back to the station, and looking at the directions, it wasn't quite a direct one. So tuktuk we went! :)

The ride cost 200-300 baht i think.
It was higher than most places as it's quite far from the Platinum area.

After 20-30 minutes, we arrived! :D
Was looking forward to explore since it's a new place and my first time there!
Asiatique is split into different "Sois" just like Platinum, so if you wish to conquer the entire place, just follow the Soi numbers! :)

Naraya is a popular store among tourists, Singaporeans especially for their cheap and affordable stuffs! They sell a wide variety of things like make up pouch, tissue pouch, cushion covers, bags, tote, home decor, kitchen decor and a whole lot more! Their things are really cheap, like 1 SGD odd for a tissue pouch, and about 8 SGD for a make up pouch with mirror? And they are of really good quality which last for a long while! Their stuffs can be in classic colors and plain fabric, or like in prints, pretty cute ones for some! :) 

If you have been to Bangkok before you'd know how congested their stores are all the time!
They are also available at MBK and Central World.

Walked past this store and we couldn't resist walking in!
They sell leather products like card holders, ipad/iphone cases, key holders etc.
I've a fetish for the smell of leather, hahaha.

What's cool here is engraving is provided freeeee! :))

Love how the leather colors are so poppin' and fashionable!

Bert got herself a card holder and spot her tagline; Think Happy Tots! :)
It was meant to be thoughts but it was too long.
Love how customized items have that personal touch, hehe.
Got the boyfriend and myself a key ring! :)

And here's the name of the store! :)
It's pretty near to Naraya so you can use that as a landmark.
The items are of genuine leather plus there's engraving service, hence it can be a little costly.
My keyring was about 10 odd SGD.

An accessory store where we spent close to an hour there i think!
The accessories are all hand made by the owners, gosh she's really talented!
Bert and I went crazy in here and bought so many ringsss!

Blogging about these reminds me of how they are still sitting in my luggage.
Time to bring these babies out!

And that was all for Asiatique because my battery died on me, haha. 
They have food places there as well, chill out cafes and a huge Ferris Wheel which we didn't get to see!

Asiatique The Riverfront 
2194, Charoenkrung 72-74 Rd. Rd
 Wat Phraya Krai, Bang Kho Laem, Bangkok 10120 Thailand
Opens 1600 - 0000

*In case you'd like to know how to get there, this LINK will help. :)

A random photo but it's too cute not to share!
Wall clocks i got from a store outside Platinum Mall! :)
Hehehe, i love my poop clock in hot pink! :p
The boy is a huge fan of Minis, so i knew this was gonna make him smile BIG! :)


Woke up bright and early cos we were gonna conquer Chatuchak!
My favoritest market of all cos you can get to find so many good buys! :D
Chatuchak closes at 6pm so do make sure you go as early as you can as the market is really huge!
Just take a look at the area! :))))

The different colors signify the different areas such as ladies, men, household, pets, plants, food etc. It's a really huge market and it took me 2 days to conquer this place on my first trip there!
Image credit to Google.

Tip #1 for Chatuchak; is to dress as light as possible.
Get your thinnest top/dress possible.
Very important cos it can get really freakinggg hot and humid!
If you think SG is crazily hot, it's worst there, haha, get the drift?

Tip #2; Dress as comfortable as you can.
Ditch your "look nice but horrible on the feet shoes", cos you'll want to be walking in a pair of super comfy pair at Chatuchak. You'll be walking for at least 6 hours, so a good pair will bring you better hunts!

Tip #3; Drink lotsa water and keep hydrated.

Tip #4; Bring a portable fan and rubber bands to tie your hair for the ladies!

Wore a super light piece i got from Bkk and matched it with our Picking Florals Shorts! (:
Shorts still available HERE!


We took the BTS to Mo Chit station, and it was 20-30 baht per pax if i remember right!
Once you get out, you'll just need to cross the bridge! :)
You don't really need to worry if you're concerned about losing your way,
cos you just need to follow the crowd. Hahaha.

This was at 10/11 in the morning.
Look at the traffic! Gaspsss.
If you're intending to cab down, i'd suggest a no no as it's usually jammed up on the way there, and it's just faster taking the BTS.

Fresh juicy mangoes!

Got this before we started any shopping and it was sooo good! :)
They are pretty cheap too comparing the prices to the food court ones, just 80 baht!

And the aunty so cute; readily posed for the camera! Hahaha.

The coconuts were really huge and heavy.
My arms were aching holding this using 1 hand while waiting for Janelle to keep her wallet.

Happy girl with her coconut, muahhaa.

And wheee, the shopping starts! :D

We walked for a short while and we passed by my favorite store, so we decided to have an early lunch!
I've no idea where this store is located or what's the store name, but it's along the ladies section! :)

Crab salad which was, spicy again.
It doesn't help to ask for less spice, cos the mixing bowl used is always full of chili residue from the previous customer's order! :( Nonetheless, the "kick" is pretty shiok!

Chicky wings are like a must in every meal here.

Tomyum mushroom soup which is a must order everytime i visit this store!
The soup isn't too spicy for us, and i love how succulent the mushrooms are! :D

Yummylicious and i could really have some of this right nowww.

The lanes at Chatuchak are quite narrow, something similar to the ones at Bugis Street i guess?
Lucky me managed to get a pretty empty photo of the lane, but it can get really squeezy at some lanes, so just be careful of your purses/ bags. And if it rains here, be prepared for a horrible human jam. :/

If these 2 outfits ring a bell, Bert bought them and had posted on Instag, that's why! :)

At the famous coconut ice cream store.

A scoop of coconut ice cream served in coconut husk plus your chosen topping..!!
When you're there, this is mega heaven.
The blistering heat and all the walking can make you feel really tired, thirsty and sticky, so this cold icy ball is literally heaven, hahaha.

This store is located outside section 1 and 2, near to one of the BTS stations/ toliets.
It's quite easy to spot them! :)

Chatuchak sells everything random.
You'll be amazed at the kind of variety they have! 

Love love love such quotes notebooks, just motivates you!

Our best buy of the day; Hello Kitty FANS.

We were too tired to take the BTS back, and we just wanted AIRCON as fast as possible. Took a cab back and we were really LUCKY to get a reasonable taxi uncle who charged us a mere 100 odd baht back!

Due to the location and huge crowd, taxi drivers rip you off like nobody's business there.
A ride back to the hotel can cost like 300-500 baht? That's the market price you get from most taxis, so getting back can be a slight headache! :(

If you don't mind taking the BTS, one tip is to keep the loose change you have from your shopping. The ticketing counter queue can get really long as everyone will be queuing up for coins, so beat that crowd!

Chatuchak Weekend Market
(Also known as JJ Market)
Nearest BTS: Mo Chit
Opens Weekends, 1000 - 1800

I've got so many of you asking about the jelly sandals on the bottom right, so i got my supplier to source them from me on her next sourcing trip, and so, it will be sold on TCL soon! (:

Headed back to the hotel to drop off our buys and to take a quick wash up before heading to MBK for dinner! :)
Walked past my favorite crepe shop again! :)))

There will be many iPhone stores along the road.
(Which don't last btw, haha)
My new case died after just 3 weeks :(

Image credit Google.

Brought Janelle to MBK to have dinner at the food court!
Some of my favorites there;

Papaya Salad (Yes again!)

Pai Thai.

Beef Soup and Meat Balls with Glass Noodle.

They work the same way as the food court at Platinum Mall where you gotta change for coupon for your purchase. And when you're done, just bring the unused ones back to change for cash. :) 

Most people also head here (and Platinum's food court) for their Mango Sticky Rice.
The price has increased so much to 200 Baht now so we skipped them!

Another reason for heading to MBK was to stock up on my whitening products.
Not sure if you have heard of this brand before, but i have been using their whitening lotion since i last got it, and i sort of saw lighter skin? Hahaha so i think it works for me! :D

They had a new series; DOUBLE MILK, TRIPLE WHITENING.
Bert and myself were like damn high!? Haha.
We are just black/tanned, our skin tone is horribly ugly and it sucks. :(

I have also used their facial masks and i love it!


Ended up with 5 big bags! :D
We left the bags there cos we were heading to another night market and we didn't want to be carrying these heavy bags, kudos to the staff who were kind enough to store our "goods" for a night! :)

And here's what i got for myself! :)
You can see majority of them are just whitening products, haha.

MBK basically isn't a very interesting place for me other than food and Beauty Buffet.
We spent just an hour or so here before we headed to our next destination.
They sell (inspired) make up products and IT gadgets, dried food and stuffs as well, so for first timers, you can probably check them out! :)

MBK Center
Nearest BTS: National Stadim
Opens 1000 - 2200

Headed to the vintage night market after that!
Spotted one of my favorite roadside food and we stopped to have one! :)
BKK is all about walking, shopping and eating, hahaha.

There's lime/lemon juice, vege, spring onion, chili, glass noodles and seafood inside, all mixed up!

This didn't taste as nice as the one outside Citin Hotel, but it was good enough for me! :)))
Love the lime/lemon juice which was added in, super refreshing and i felt healthy eating this, haha.

Vintage things everywhere.

There's always room for sweet stuffs and desserts, so i was really happy to spot this store! :D
Anyway there's tons of other food stores around too, so there's bound to be food for your tummy!

I know how fattening this is, but i told myself;
"I shall diet when i'm back."

Bert and Janelle didn't allow me to get this cos we'd eaten way too much and it looked really sweet. :(

So i got this instead.
Chocolate doughnuts with bananas, drizzled with chocolate sauce and condensed milk.

Anyhow, we stopped by another store for some noodles and i couldn't stop thinking about the thick pile of chocolate i saw earlier, so i went back and got myself one slice.

The verdict:

Vintage lovers will love this market like mad.
Almost every store had such vintage stuffs.

Got plates and bowls for my place cos SG ones are so expensive!
Hahaha you can call me an aunty, but these are really cheap like a dollar each only! :D
Plus they are so colorful! Janelle even got her sis a lunch tin in pastel colors, mega pretty and vintage!
Should have snapped a photo of it!

It was a place worth going/ exploring! (:

Rod Fai Market
Khamphaengphet Road (behind Chatuchak Market) 
Nearest BTS: Kamphaengphet
Opens weekends only; 1700 - 0000


Last day in BKK :(
Booked out that morning before we explored for another day before heading back to SG.

Realized i didn't post these photos of the lobby/ waiting area.
It looks pretty decent, but i still feel you can get better ones around with this kind of price.

I can't remember what we did for day 4 and all i have in my camera are these photos at Swensens.
Swensens in BKK is 1/2 the price, if not more of that of SG.
They serve desserts only, no main course!

Heart shape candle, too cute! <3

We ordered a fondue to share. 
9 scoops of ice cream, wheee!

I think this set costs about 10SGD only! :)

Headed back to the hotel after this and i'd a horrible experience at the hotel lobby trying to close my luggage. Not that i'd too many things, but the luggage i bought that morning was faulty, and i couldn't close it at all. MEH MEH. We'd problems locking it that morning but didn't think much of it, and horror of all horrors, we were rushing for our plane back and this had to happen.

Imagine me closing with all my might by sitting, standing on top of it. -.-
And another tourist couldn't stand the sight and came to help me, but failed too.
Bert and Janelle helped; failed.
Security guards helped lastly; SUCCESS!

I knew the lock closure was gone by then, but i couldn't care more.
I just need my luggage SHUT and ready for check in.
70 bucks flew off just like this. :(
Lesson learnt: Just get luggages with zipped closure inside of those "tiak tiak" closure ones. I wouldn't have to go through these if i could ZIP them!

Beautiful sunset when heading to the airport.
Unedited photo in fact, gorgeous isn't it?

Dinner at Mango Tree.

The milk tea which tasted pretty much like water. -.-

Tomyum soup x Green Curry

And Papaya Salad again, hahaha.
This was Janelle's favorite to-order dish after trying it once. :p

And so, that was it.
4 days flew past just like this with the best travel companions i have!
Bye +66, hello +65!

Blogging about these makes me miss BKK so much! :(
Will be back sooooooon! 
You can read BKK Day 1 HERE!

If there's anything you wanna know about BKK, feel free to ask! (:


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