Tuesday, 12 November 2013

How To Wear The Leather Jacket.

In this post, i will be showing mainly photos of how i styled the upcoming TCL Leather Biker Jacket! :)

If you follow me close enough, you'll know i've always been a fan of outer pieces. When i first set my eyes on the original version of this at Zara, i was so close to getting it! But the hefty price tag of $299 held me back. Thank god i made that decision cos we now have our version at less than a fraction of that cost! :p 

It took us quite a long while to get this manufactured due to the nitty gritty details such as the quilted details at the back and those zips on the front. Most suppliers did not or were not willing to manufacture for us mainly cos of these. With the quantity we needed, they felt it was too much work and not worth their time as well. Comparing SG customers to overseas ones like China, HK and even european countries, SG is actually one of the smallest country in the manufacturing industry. We persisted and continued to search for suppliers who were willing to get it done for us, and viola, this is what we have got now! :)) It has been 6 months since i first set my eyes on this, but hey i'm still loving it every single bit of it! 

Top: Plaids Shirt, upcoming on TCL
Boots: H&M

Brought this along during my recent trip to Europe. The faux leather fabric blocks out the wind, and it has been extremely handy in keeping me warm! Black is also a color that goes well with practically any other colors, hence it was easy for me to layer it with my tops. :)

Spot those details below.
They may seem minute but these details are what makes this jacket stand out in my opinion.
Threaded quilted details at the back and on collars.
Zipped details for that tough biker rock look.

The faux leather fabric used is of extreme high grade. Trust me on that, really.
I've came across leatherette jackets that feel light and thin; those will not last long nor will they keep you warm.

Top: Houndstooth Knit Pullover, Zara
Boots: H&M

Here at Borough Market when in London!

Top: Olive Knit Pullover, H&M
Pants: Denim Blue Jeans, Zara
Boots: H&M

If you're travelling to colder countries, you can use it as an outer piece with your knits. Anything above 12 degrees will be good in my opinion. Anything lower, do wear proper winter coats! I've also worn it in Singapore (more photos in a couple posts below) and it isn't that warm since we're not out all day! Especially when it's the monsoon season now, there's no better reason for us to get one!

This premium jacket comes in black or pink and is available in Xs - Xl, so i'm sure there's a size for everyone. For reference, i'm a Uk and wears size Xs! :) I kept both colors, but only brought the black to the trip due to baggage constraints and in all honesty, black is the easier color to go with most tops. One of the main thing i had to lookout while packing for the trip was jackets which will go well with my tops as a layering layer; hence this blackie came along with me! :)

The pink is extremely fashionable, cute and quirky in my opinion!
It exudes that fun factor so well. Though it may not be as easy to pair with as compared to the black, i've thought of many ways to style it too! It's a loud color on it's own, so you can pair it with basic colors like white or black! If not, go all out; loud x loud.
Try cobalt or lime, i think they work pretty well! 
If you'd like a softer and girly look, try pastel shades.
I'm thinking soft lilac, pastel mint, pastel blue or even pastel yellow. 

Have fun styling them!! :)
I hope this post helps and gives you more idea on styling it!
Sneaks are up on Facebook already, so hop by for previews!
Till then, get yours at 830pm 12/11, wokayyy!

If there's anything you wanna ask regarding this jacket, do drop me a question on Ask FM (link below!) Measurements should be up on FB in the afternoon, so if you've queries regarding that, do check FB! :)

Before i end this post, have you seen this?
Kindly done by Jiahui from Fable!
Heh thanks Jiahui if you're reading this!

This illustration is omg cute max, haha.
As i've been away, Bert has been handling TCL and i saw it on instagram just like you! And my first thought was, seriously so cuteeee!
It features our upcoming items in the launch, can you put the names to them? 
Heh, i wonder how i will look like if i get him to do my look of the day. :p


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