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Fide Fashion Week/ Kéring Skin

We had the honor to attend Fide Fashion Show a couple of weeks back, and it was such an experience!  :) Dressed up for the event in blue hues that evening.
I have been wanting to wear this leatherette pants since the stocks arrived and i finally had the chance to! Was so disappointed when stocks were delayed and i couldn't bring them to Europe. :(
Paired it with a floral blazer and my new colorful heels from C&K! I've stopped buying from C&K years ago, but this pair caught my attention when i walked past one day. It was surprisingly kind on the feet! Bert and my mum saw my photos and went to buy one each as well, so we have 3 pairs all together now. It's a pity that we have different feet size! 

Blazer: Supplier
Pants: Upcoming on TCL
Heels: C&K

Melody was also invited for the show so surely, we had to meet! 
Had dinner before that and started snapping photos after the meal! :)
The lovely couple! 

Happy pills! <3

We spotted Franc at the show too and was whatsapp-ing that we MUST meet after show to snap photos together! Mega happy to see familiar faces! <3

I have a girl crush on Franc seriously, so chioooos.

Got to meet Sherlyn as well, finally!
She's so bubbly like how she is on her videos and blog! 
And managed a short catch up with Tisha too! :)
Haven't seen her in a long while and she's looking as great!
I don't really like attending events, but being at one and meeting familiar faces, making you feel more at home is love.

It was hard to snap photos during the show cos the models were walking so fast.
Here's a video at the closing in case you're interested! :)

OTD from another show a few days before;
I was in a full H&M outfit that day! 
Was so surprised to find a skirt which fits me perfectly, and the sequin top, i love it so much i got it though it's a UK 10!
The leather biker jacket is an upcoming piece from TCL, another super full of love piece!
I brought it along on my Europe trip, will post more photos of that in upcoming posts! :)

With the happily-in-love Bert! ;p
She's been so happy these days it's making me laugh.
Her ex was a rotten piece of shit seriously. I have never seen her smile like she is now in the 2 years she was with him, so kudos to Glen! 

Thanks PT for the invitation if you're reading!

Moving on, i'll be talking about something different, but yet something we can all relate to! :)
I was invited to Kéring Skin for a facial session about a month back! And i'm gonna share my experience!

Kéring Group is founded based on the belief that women can achieve more than what they think they can and no women should be treated in anyway less.

As a 20 something year old, i know the importance of the upkeep of our skin, yet many a time, i lack the self discipline to do so. I'm always so tired by the time i reach home, all i wanna do is flop and slack in bed. So i find myself not removing my make up on some days. So bad for the skin i know, but i just lack the discipline. :x I was mighty excited for the session since it's my first sponsored facial, plus i was looking forward what was in store for me! :)

Upon reaching Kéring Skin, i was led into a consultation room where i met my aesthetician, Kelly.

After a short conversation of what i personally know about my skin, my lifestyle and so on, a skin diagnosis was done. 
This machine looks like any other machines, but i learnt that it is imported from Korea at a really high cost. Despite that, they brought it in as it helps to address one's skin condition in detail. Here at Kéring Skin, they know the importance of finding the root problem, before providing any treatment, something i am impressed with!

A screen shot of the skin diagnosis i did.
On the left is one under normal light, and the right under UV light.
See those white wordings?
They are actually the results of the diagnosis, cool or what!
You can see on the right that i've several symptoms. 
- uneven skin tone
- dehydrated skin (just look at my lips, gosh!)
- dark eye rings
- frown lines

Before heading to Kéring Skin, i was already aware of such problems. But i didn't really care as much as i should since make up covers the flaws. As long as i do not have red spots or pimples, i'm perfectly okay with it. Haha. I'm quite blessed with good skin in a way where i don't have unsightly pimples. But when Kelly told me i've the skin of a 50 something, i was stunned. -.- LITERALLY. OMGGG WHAT?!? I don't drink much water a day and i know that, hence i've super dehydrated skin. I really dislike drinking plain water, they are so blend and tasteless. And with minimal liquid intake, and no masking (yes i'm so lazy i know!), this explains the super dry skin i have. But seriously 50 something year old kinda scared me! :(

Due to irregular sleeping hours over the many years, plus age which is catching up real quick, overtime it led to the uneven skin tone and crazy dark eye rings.

Kelly recommended me the HydraScience Multi-Hydrating.
You can refer to the photo above on how it helps the skin! :)
I was also informed that this is actually a Dr Renaud product. Kéring only takes on products and technology that has a proven track record. The Dr. Renaud range Kéring carries is formulated by Doctor Louis Renaud, a doctor of medicine and chemical science. 

Didn't manage to take photos of the process, but right after the session, i felt an instant change in my skin. 
- visibly supple and moisturized skin
- even skin tone
- reduced dark eye rings and fine lines

The session focused on my main skin problem; severely dehydrated skin.
It was intensive and it definitely made my skin a whole lot more moisturized. 
Also, the Dr Renaud treatment set which was used comes in a complete set, and each set is allocated to every individual customer. I personally like it this way as it feels more hygienic, considering how they are opened directly and applied onto your face. 

The session lasted about 1.5 hours which also included a 15 mins face and shoulder massage. This is something most facial salons do not provide. The entire process was relaxing (super shiok actually!) and Kelly made sure i didn't feel any discomfort at any point. I'm really impressed with her professionalism, and even during the process of masking my face, she taught me things i can do at home to help my crazily dehydrated face. 

Over the next few days, i could still see my face glowing. In all honest words, this is one of the best facials i've been to. I've already visited them for a 2nd time, and i'm probably heading back again for my 3rd session! :) It took me a long while to blog and i'm super grateful for their patience!

Some of the products they carry. I bought a bottle of this serum home as it helps in hydrating your skin. 

With Subrina, the founder of Kéring Skin after my first session!
When she told me she's a mother of two kids, i was like "are you serious?!"
And her skin looks so good i plucked up my courage and asked, "do you have any make up on?" I was looking at her skin while talking to her, cos it looked so radiant and natural!
The answer is "only eyeliner and sunblock!"

I believe in the person carrying the brand, and when i saw Subrina without make up at all, i was truly amazed, and appalled. The condition was so so good! She has been using Dr Renaud products and she live by them, and yes she drinks lots of water and sleep early. Haha. The known secret to good skin. 

If you're worried of being pressured to buy/sign packages, Subrina does not believe in that, and Kéring Skin does not practice any hard-selling. She shared her experience with me that day when she was still working for xxx, and how she had to meet sales target with ridiculous figures by hard-selling. What she wants is customers returning because of the good product/ service, and not because of the packages signed. Her attitude in running this business is really commendable! :)

Kéring Skin is conveniently located at International Building, the building just behind the 24 hour TCC at Orchard! :) They offer different types of services, so just head down to take a skin diagnosis and see which is recommended. 

Kéring Skin 
360 Orchard Road, #07-07A 
International Building
Tel: 6737 7797 

How to get there:
 MRT: Alight at Orchard MRT, Exit E and walk towards Wheelock place. 
Take escalator up to Shaw House Isetan and turn left to TCC, we are located at the level 7.

Oh yes, there's also a vanity area for you to put on your make up after the session! :) 

Subrina has kindly extended this offer for TCL customers!
We've sent out some vouchers in some parcels a couple of weeks back, but if you haven't gotten one and would like to try, do drop me an email ( with your address and i'll send one to you! If you've received one and have yet to try, please go book a session soon!

It's a 1 for 1 promo valid till mid Dec. For $68 you can bring a friend along! :)
Compare it to the usual price of $275, it's really quite a bit of huge savings!
Kéring Skin also does facial for males and they even have a couple room, so if you and your partner are planning to do something together, consider this different activity! And with a friend/partner, i'm pretty sure you need not worry about not being able to leave the place without signing a package, right? :p I have been to places where they "force" you to sign packages. Seriously if they do not get some money out from you, you probably won't be able to leave the room. Anyway, i can assure that this will not happen here!

In other TCL updates, backorders for the latest collection is now up!
Go shop now!


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