Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Of colors and prints! :)

As promised, i'm here to blog about the upcoming collection! :)
We're launching Summer Monte II tomorrow, watch out for our mailers!

Summer is all about colors and florals and these are just what you're gonna be seeing in the launch!
We're launching FOUR manufactured pieces, yay or nay?

First up, Garden Trinity Dress!
We couldn't decide which was better, florals or just solid colors, so there you have it, both! 
Hahaha, take your pick! :)
It's made of soft structured cotton blend, so it's not those tee shirt kind of material!
It's a DNG inspired design anyway and it's Bert's design.
What she loved was the sweetheart neckline with the bustier ruched cut, totally flattering! :)
Comes in XS to M!

Next, Tabbed Skater Dress!
Bert went "gaga" over this dress when the stocks arrived and wanted to keep all colors! Haha.
A new fabric we tried, it's made of structured polyester spandex, something similar to thick cotton!
It's gonna be a classic design, something you can wear everyday be it for work or play, 
plus spot those cute ribbon buttons!
Dress lovers will definitely love the cut and fabric! :)))
Comes in XS to L.

And finallyyyy, this floral shorts finally arrived!
Couldn't think of a better name other than All About Florals, haha.
A personal favorite piece we had, we sent them in for manufacturing and we waited and waited,
waiting for the perfect print! If i didnt remember wrongly, it took 3 months before we finally found this print/ fabric which was exactly what we wanted! :)))
Comes in Xs to L, and it's in cream and dark navy, sold well at KJ! 
For reference, Kim is a UK 6 and wears S!
So for UK 4, you can get XS! :)
PS: The prints are mad gorgeous, don't miss this one!

Wokayyy, and moving on to the 4th manufactured item, Button Contrast Top!
Casual pieces, how could we miss this one!
A simple and staple piece, perfect for weekends!
Love the color combi? :)
It's made of chiffon polyester blend, comes in S and M! 

There are a couple of other items in the launch as well, and we'll be adding some items which are still available, but was previously launched on LJ, so you girls can purchase those items too! :)

A couple of things to note and clarify based on the last launch:
- As the new site works on an automated system, please update your payment within 24 hours.
Some of you girls had experienced "cancelled orders" and items were OOS though you'd added to your cart and made payment within 24 hours, and that's cos the payment details were not updated.
By emailing us you need more time etc, it's very hard to confirm if the slots will still be available cos we may reach your email too late. So do try to update the necessary details okay! :)
We'd suggest you girls to opt for CC/ PayPal or IB cos these payments can be made immediately. 
So if you have these modes, do try to use them instead of ATM! :)

- Please direct all enquiries to our new email:
We'd customers sending emails to ALL our email accounts, and it just add on to our work load :(
Just send to one email account wokay! We'll get back to you as soon as possible! :)

- And lastly, if you have a discount code, please remember to key it under the "discount" field when you check out your items! :) If you don't include them, it means no discount, soooo if you want the discount, you have to remember this! :p

I think that's all for now!
Will update if there are more FAQ!
Hope everyone is getting familiarized with the new site! :)

Moving on to non TCL matters, i finally have time to blog some non TCL stuffs! :p
The boyfriend and me finally made an attempt to Arbite for brunch! 
Heard so much reviews about it and the all day breakfast but never had the time, 
soooo i was really looking forward to it!
The place was surprisingly quiet though we went down on a weekend afternoon!
Mushroom Soup, which was heavenlyyyy.
Egg Benedict! I thought the combination went quite well! :)
And the boyfriend's Smoke Salmon Smaorgasbord!
I obviously didn't remember this name, HAHA.
I took it off the web, so if you're looking for a place for brunch and all day breakfast, check them out! :)
Loved my OTD that day! <3

Sunset i caught while on the way back that evening.
Pretty isn't it? :)))

Okiedokkkks, i'll be back soon!

Formspring me if there's anything you wanna know! :)

Till the next! <3

PS: Does anyone knows how to get rid of the spaces between each photo? 
I can't seem to get rid of it! :(


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