Sunday, 10 March 2013

Carpenter & Cook!

Hi all! It's SUNDAY!
Hope the weekend has been great for you cos i'd a really amazing one! Heh.
Went shopping with the sister, an impromptu one and we went crazieee at Topshop last Friday. Their new SS collection is damn prettyyy!

And i went to the IT Fair yesterday to get the iPad mini only, but ended up with a whole lot more! Bought a new cammie which i really really love, hehhee. I should be blogging more often now! :p
The SGH EX2F is really awesome, super love how i can have the photos on my phone direct from the camera! So fuss free, great for lazy people like me, hahaha.
The swivel screen is something like the G12 which we're still using, so i was really drawn by it! :)
The WHITE one is sooo pretty, right?
Was so tempted to get the white one but i ended up getting the black one instead cos it's much easier to maintain. I'm still lusting over the white one! :x
Tried a couple of shots with the cammie already and their beauty mode is really beauty, haha. It makes me fairer (plus points x1000!) Speaking of which, anyone has any recommendations on effective products for whitening? Email me if you have any, hehe thanks in advance! :)

Walked around MBS after the fair since we were already there, and got myself a Pandora bracelet too! Not quite a fan of it initially but it kinda grew on me! :)
Just 3 charms first, it should be fun seeing it filled up overtime, teehee. 

Have done this much of retail shopping in a long while now, and i must say retail shopping rocks big time. Hahaha. Bimbo much, but it's true. I felt SO HAPPY with all my loots i got over the weekend! :D So motivated to work hard now! 

Anyways, we'd a photoshoot last Wednesday at a Carpenter and Cook!
Remember when was the last time we did a cafe shoot?
C100 when we were still on LJ! Hahhaa, which was about 1.5 years back, such a long time ago!
Time is really whizzing past so quickly!
If you haven't shopped with us then, it was one of our best collections and one of the collections i really liked! :)

Shall bring you down memory lane..
Though this is 1.5 years back, as i'm looking through this set of photos, i still think it's really well done, teehee. Some of these items will be making a comeback this year btw, pretty easy to guess which ones right? :p

So back to Carpenter and Cook, it's a quaint cafe located at Lor Kilat, near Bukit Timah. If you know where Udders is, it shouldn't be that hard to find it, just walk further down! :)
A vintage home store and cafe, one step in and you'll know the owners have put in 101% effort in setting it up! :) 
You'll know why when you see the photos below.
PS: Most of the items seen below are also for sale at the cafe! :)
Instead of food and drinks, it's hunger x thirst.
Creative much!
A step into the cafe and you're greeted with this wooden counter, filled with vintage dainty floral teacups! 
Retrolicious metal colored cups, quite beautiful despite the age. Somehow in this cafe, the wear and tear of the things make them more beautiful, hehe.
All sorts of old school stuffs as you can see.
They serve pastries too. A pity the pastries werent ready when we were shooting as they were still preparing for them, so not many photos of them. But we ordered a couple to try and they were yummy! 
SO, if you're someone who loves vintage and looking for perhaps a brunch place, you should totally make a trip down! :) 

There's no reason why you shouldn't, cos TCL customers get 10% off your bill!
Yay? Hahaha, i'm definitely making another trip to satisfy my lemon tarts cravings! :) 
Carpenter & Cook
19 Lor Kilat #01-06 

Operating Hours:
Tues - Fri 1200 - 2200
Sat 1000 - 2200
Sun 1000 - 1900

Some BTS of the upcoming pieces! :) 
I'm really gonna end up keeping them all, haha.
 We'll be having a special promotion for this collection, so watch out for updates on Facebook okay! :)

Which reminds me..
We'll be giving away (and putting it up for sale too!) our eco-friendly bags! We used a thicker fabric and changed to normal straps/handles so it can last longer! :) Teehee, gotten these since March but we didnt get down to shooting it until last week! If you have gotten our courier service, you may have gotten one of these free too! More details will be up sooooon! :)
Something out of the blue. If you have missed out the Ombre Denim Shirt & asked for more slots, please don't miss it again! We added more slots, and probably the last, so do place your orders okay?

Before the crazy shopping last Friday, we were at the suppliers! :)
Upcoming tribal denim shirt! :)
Spot my very nice nails, hahahah.
Noms noms. I'm never sick of the food at Creations. My #1 pasta choice, Crab Meat Pasta!
And the to-die-for dessert!!

Random updates and otds from Instagram! :)
Come follow meeee!

*For those who have asked about this bag, i've managed to bring it in for TCL, so it'll be sold online soon! :)

OMG, it's really a bowl of gooooodnesssss, chewwwy bits!

It's such a long post, haha. Hope you've enjoyed reading it!
Off for dinner now!

Till the next!

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  1. Your C100 first caught my year 1.5years ago! wow, I didn't know it was that long ago, but I really love that concept (;

    And that carpenter and cook looks so lovely! Have been waiting to go down to their quaint little cafe but haven't got the time too! Looks like I should make a trip down soon! :D

    Post more photos with your new cammie!

    The Dancing Jewels