Thursday, 28 March 2013

Favorite Thursday.

Because i've some free time on hand while the pixies are clearing emails and backlogs, i'm here to blog!

Starting from the oldest backlog.
A trip to town with Bertie. 

We started at Toast Box and had our favorite sandwiches and otah bread! :)
Trying out one of the features in the cammie and we were so amazed, haha.
Honestly, the Ex2F is pretty awesome and has been serving me (very) well. One of the most well liked cameras i've used by far! :)
Headed to Topshop for shopping and we spotted this!
Very similar to our Floral Sugar Shorts! :)
More slots added for the backorder here anyway!

And the photos stopped here, hahaha.

Dinner at Yet Con.
If you haven't heard/visited them yet, it's worth making a trip down! :)
It's a Hainanese chicken rice restaurant which serves damn awesome steamboat!
I was there at 8pm and didnt manage to snap a photo of the place, so i took these off google!
The old school interior which is super vintage. I'm sure these have been passed down for yearsss.
The steamboat set which we ordered. It comes with the seafood portion and you can choose to add on the beef. The beef is oh-so-damn-good. Thick and juicy! I super love how fresh their food is, ALL THE TIME. I've visited them since i was 21? That's like 6 years. And each visit never fails.
Their speciality; Hainanese Chicken and Hainanese Pork Chop.
I personally don't find the chicken wow-wow, but the pork chop is super duper awesome. It's something very refreshing especially if you haven't tried something like this! :)
Headed to Bugis for some desserts! :)
I really have a thing for glutinous balls. Haha.
Some random day at the suppliers! :)
Wearing Fedora Knit Top!
And another random day in Perry Striped Shirt! :)
Finally wore the Diagonal Studded Flats out!
Found them in my pile of new and unworn shoes/bags/clothes and i've been wearing them! 

It's TGIT and it's Easter Day tomorrow!
Have a long weekend ahead babes!

And since FS is closing down, i've created a new account at AskFM instead! :)

See you there!


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