Sunday, 13 December 2015

How To Jazz Up Your Christmas Outfits

Christmas is round the corner and I can feel the vibes though, it's still about a month away! I loveeeee Christmas cos it's sucha joyous festive. It is also the time for celebrating and sharing, and these just make me feel fuzzy all over.

I'm sure everyone wants to look good during this festive. Whether you're heading to town or a family/friend's place for dinner, or simply just heading to town to soak in the atmosphere, it's really the chance to dress up, look good and of cos, feel good! :)

Dressing up can be a task for some, either you have too many to pick from, or too little. Though outfits play a part in completing your look, accessories help to compliment the complete look. I have picked some necessities most people overlook when dressing up! So here we go!

1. Earrings

Styling for TCL has made me realize how earrings play such a significant part in dressing up the look. We used to style with statement necklaces, but fashion is ever changing. Most of us now go for a clean, simple and minimalist look, so I guess it's right to say earrings are a good replacement. 

Earrings are typically tiny, but that doesn't mean they can be overlooked. :p
I usually get them from H&M as they provide a large variety, and prices are relatively reasonable. 
Try styling your outfits with earrings and you'll be amazed!
Dangling earrings will give off an even more polished look.  Opt for studded ones for a subtle look. 

2. Clutches

Ditch your usual sling bags and backpacks during this glamorous celebration!
Pick out a clutch and it's gonna make you look all dressed up instantly. 
Not only that, it makes you look and feel feminine, feel full of confidence and that's exactly the whole point when you dress up!

You can find clutches easily at Zara, H&M, Forever 21 and more.
Make a trip to town and tick this off your check-list.

3. Heels

I know not everyone wears heels, but once you have tried it, I'm sure you'll agree what a big difference it can make to your look! Comparing sneakers, sandals and heels, heels really make you look ladylike. And it's like a must have when you wanna look dressed up!

For a start, if you're not comfortable with tall heels, try a low-heel one.
If you feel this is a waste of money, invest in a black one.
You can wear them for weddings, parties, or even a work/school presentations!

If you don't know yet, heels give an illusion of longer legs.
It works all the time for me. Heh. :p

Wokay, I hope you enjoyed this mini style tip post!
Till the next!


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