Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Behind the Scenes!

Gonna blog about behind-the-scenes of the last outdoor shoot!
Had our shoot bright and earlyyyyy at 730am!
I'm always so thankful for everyone who wakes up at god-damn-early-hours for the shoot, esp the models! They normally have their make up done at their place at 5am, so go count how early they have to get out of bed. 
The sun was still bearable in the early morning, but it starts to get really hot after 930!
So till here, you can still see peaceful faces on our models, haha. 
See what i mean? It's so hot and Rebs took a random cardbox we got from coffee earlier to fan herself. And Cons eyes are closed whenever she's not shooting.
And an epic photo of them running to the shade, and Bert using the reflector as a fan.
One powerful tool at our shoots! :p
 All the barangs.
The happy boy with his mosquito patch. Everyone got bitten by mozziesss, even at a place like this!
It was quite a relaxed shoot that day cos things went exceptionally well and we'd much time to spare, teehee so we took some photos! So rare! :)
Looking at my hair in these photos, i'm so glad i chopped off 4 inches!

And that sums up our last outdoor shoot for 2012! (:

We have uploaded the Lookbook to Facebook, AND we're giving away some freebies!
1. $12 x 12 TCL Gift Vouchers
2. 3 Free Outfits!
SO, you should just hop over now!

Hope you're loving the them as much as we do! :) 
OTD today! :)
In upcoming Raindrops Studded Top! 
My original piece comes in white, so i kept the black and cobalt! 
Really love the mint one but it didnt look good on me, sadly :(
Not sure if this is gonna be the last entry for 2012, but Merry Christmas anyway!
Thank you for supporting TCL all these while, and thank you for checking back though i don't blog regularly! I really appreciate them from the bottom of my heart! <3
Sending all my love to you kind souls!

Have a very blessed Christmas!

Formspring me!

Much love,

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