Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Short Update!

Sneaking a short update in the midst of preparing for the launch tonight! :)
There are so many pretty pieces, absolutely loving them!
I've been a real workaholic for the past 2 weeks hence the lack of updates.
There's no chance for me to take photos at all, haha.
Everyday it's just travelling between work, home or the suppliers! 
Big boo, cant wait for this busy and peak period to be over so we can all take a break! :)

Photos from instagram @briannawonggg
These booties are really to die for!!!
When i first saw them, i was like omgodddd, damn chiooo!
I've been searching for such booties so it's a definite keeper for me! 
Tried wearing them and it's so sooo comfy and stable!
Available in 3 colors, it's made of suede and faux leather with side zip.
Material is really really soft so i foresee no problems even if you're walk long distances! :) 
 One of my favorites in the launch, Beaded Festive Top in Mint!
It resembles our TCL Double Layer Spag top, except it comes with beaded details.
The beaded details are in clear silver, super christmasyyy! :)
Item is free sized with adjustable straps, made of chiffon!
 OTD for a back to work Sunday.
Ombre Lights Top in Green! :)
It's made of light weight cotton with mandarin collars, and the colors are really damn yums!
Cant really see the actual color here, but you can refer to the sneaks photos!
Pardon the round face! 
My face has been growing so round it's depressing!
Cant do anything about it cos it's the effects of medication, even more depressing! :(
Anyways, my craze for knitted pieces isnt quite over, haha.
Meyer Cardigan in Cobalt Blue!
It's so comfy and easy to wear i kept it in 2 colors! :)
Bert says it feels like she's wearing a towel over herself to keep warm. 

I've some of you asking my picks for the collection.
Have yet to reply cos there are so many i really love!
Posting those i really really like below!
The prints are super gorgeous and the cutting is fabbb! :)
Favorites cos the dress is really elegant and dainty, super feminine too!
Love the color for the skirt and how the aztec band make it look different! :)
Celebrate the upcoming parties in this leatherette skirt, it wont go wrong!
The leatherette used is really soft! :)
They are my everything, haha.
I love how fuss free and easy to wear they are!
I've grown to love denim shirts even more, love how chic they look as an outer piece! :)
Basic tank dresses are must haves for everyone! :)
It's made of soft cotton blend which is really comfy!
The sleeves can be ruched up easily so no worries if you're feeling hot.
It's been awhile since we have reversible tops!
Needs no introduction yea? 
You can pick from mint/powder blue, or rose/navy! :)
*The rose piece used in the shoot is defected (excess cloth), refer to mint/powder blue photos.
Aztec in knit, in a lovely peach shade! :)
I somehow love not only the prints but the colors too!
A new addition to my knit collection! :p
And this gorgeous romper is another must haveee!
Hehehe, wine red with leatherette straps, how not to like!
TWO bags this collection! :)
One glamorous one, one casual!
The clutch is really god dead gorgeous! Love how the gold trimmings make it look glam! 
Even if you're not gonna be celebrating the upcoming festives (which is kind of impossible!), it will be great for events and weddings and what nots.
Point is, you'll never know when you need one!
Gotta agree on this, right? :p

Okie dokie, that's all for now!
Gotta go rush out the launch!
See you girls later at 9pm, and remember to spread the love babes!
Do LIKE AND SHARE our album! <3

Have a blessed week ahead! :)



  1. hello, was wondering if you still had any of the beaded festive top in stock?

  2. Hi dear, it's not available anymore, so sorry!