Tuesday, 18 December 2012

It's the season to dress up!

Helloooo! I've been missing on this space (as usual) but i'm back with a short update and advert! :)
I got a message from Mei Ting, the owner of Love Schues a couple of weeks back for an advert. Was quite surprised and honored frankly speaking, haha. First advert post on my blog! :p

I was given a couple of designs to pick from and here's my pick!
A Tory Burch inspired piece! :)
Comes in light grey, nude pink or caramel.
I really like this design but one of my concerns was how it'd look like on my skin as i've tanned and dull looking skin :( I felt all 3 colors will not compliment my skin tone.
Mei Ting suggested going for the light grey and i trusted her judgement!
Always believe sellers know best since they have the actual item!

AND. It sure didn't disappoint when i received the item! :)
It's made of patent which gives off an expensive finish, and it's so soft and comfyyy!
Anddd, this ballet flats definitely have a slimming effect.
Felt like my feet was less broad! :p 
Wore it out twice and paired with different outfits! :)
Top from MNG, Jeans from Zara.
Thought it'd be good to pair it with TCL apparels so TCL customers can see how it looks like when paired with apparels we're selling! :)
Top: Unreleased, coming up next week on TCL
Bottom: Sequins Glamour Shorts (Already launched!)
Bag: Unreleased, coming up tomorrow on TCL

See how pretty the details are! :))))
I dont think this pair is launched yet, but it should be launching real soon!
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TCL Updates!
Our first festive collection will be launched tomorrow! :)
Loving how the photos turned out! And look who we invited for this shoot too!
We will be launching FIVEEEE manufactured pieces! :)

- TCL Embellished Toga Dress
Colors Available: Cream/ Dew Green/ Purple/ Black
Sizes Available: XS -XL

Togas are like must haves for year end parties! :)
It's made of double layer thick stretchy cotton, which is really reallyyyy stretchy!
We requested for ruches so it helps cover up your tum tum! :p
Sleeves are made of chiffon with embellished cuffs, and we did them in slit sleeves, but it's stitched up at different intervals so it has this peekaboo effect! :)
Definitely one of the must haves in this collection! 
- TCL Crochet in the City Top
Colors Available: Cream/ Black
Sizes Available: XS - L

If you remember me posting a photo of this top with our watercolor floral skirt on instag, this will look familiar to you! Sent in my original piece for manufacturing! :)
It's made of thicker crochet, and what's unique is it's completed with gold/silver dust finishing!
So it gives off a celebratory feel! :)

- TCL City Skater Dress
Colors Available: Rose/ Purple
Sizes Available: XS -L

We know how you girls have been requesting for sleeved dresses, so we made this with you in mind! :)
Simple and versatile, suitable for everyday wear be it work, school or play, not just this festive period!
Made of thick polyester blend.

- TCL Sequins Dress
Sizes Available: XS - L

Bert loved it so much she bought the original at Topshop without even trying cos she was in a rush, but she die die also want it, hahaha.
The original image i got online! :)
Bert's super happy we managed to manufactured this in the exact same fabric! :))))
Except we added a zip cos the original didn't have any!
I just googled for this dress and found some reviews! 
You can read them HERE!
It's made of stretchy polyester blend with sequins sewn on! :)
We even made this in XL so for the girls who have been asking for larger sizes, don't miss this! :)
- TCL City Abstract Dress
Sizes Available: XS - XL

Another of Bert's favorite piece!
Her original is from River Island, you should have seen it on her Instag! :)
Bert's piece was made of jersey cotton, we changed it to denim material for the prints, and thick polyester spandex blend for the sides, and added a side zip! :)
The prints are so pretty!!! :)
Anyway cutting runs a little small for this, so do refer to the measurements and Uk gauge sizing for this item! :)

We still have TONS of non manufactured items coming up tomorrow, so wait for the sneaks on Facebook later tonight! At least 70 items, if not more! :)
We're also giving away a $1 discount for every item purchased in this collection when you "like and share!" On top of that, three outfits to be won! :)
To clarify, the $1 discount is applicable to everyone who sends in the snapshot before the end date/time of the promo! :)

Show us some love okay?
More details up on Facebook here:

Formspring me!

Till then, have a smashing Christmas babes! :)


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