Tuesday, 11 December 2012


It's December, the last month of 2012! :)
Time is passing so fast and we're just left with 2 weeks before we say hello to 2013!
Hope 2012 has been treating you greatttt! :)

Backlog of photos! :)
Festive Beaded Top which has already been launched! (:

Love all things jewels/sequins/bling bling! :p
In bejewelled flats, love how easy to pair it is!

Weekend OTD.
Was feeling all christmasyyyy in this outfit!
Both top and shorts coming up next launch! :)
Super love the shorts i kept it in both colors!
Top comes in nude, off white and black as well, the one i'm wearing is in wine red actually, a deeper shade in real life! :)  

Another wine red OTD, quite evident i'm in love with wine red (and sequins) right? Haha.
 The BF was obviously high on sugar rush, hahahaha.

Headed to the much talked about Wimbly Lu yesterday, BUT it was CLOSED.
I think i've this affinity to visit cafes which are closed.
This is the 7982379 it has happened to me! :(
SO all i could do was to snap a photo, self comfort.
 Headed over to Stranger's Reunion instead since it was the 2nd cafe i'd like to check out!
Googled to make sure it was open before heading down!  
 Loved the interior! It was a very rustic and cozy feeling! :)
The place was also quite lively with everyone talking, haha.
Coffee, Salmon Pizza and their famous Waffle! :)))
Nothing beats having these in a rainy cold day, hehee.
Enjoyed every bit of it!
Took a shot of the car boot on a typical stocks collection day.
Our year end designs have arrived! :)
Just did a shoot for some items last week and we're gonna be launching them real soon next week!
Stocked in at all racks already so go check it out too! :)

Today's OTD!
Top coming up next week, sequins shorts coming up this week! :)
 Another of my favorite flats, worn it godzillion times! :D
Knit Top x Gold Sequins Shorts.

Some photos from the last shoot!
The ever gorgeous babes! :))) 
One of the rare times we actually take a "group shot."
Hahahaha. We look totally cui beside them! -.-
Inspired cuffs coming up this next week!
Vibrant party colors!
Two of our popular items from the last launch, available on backorders! :)
Dont miss them again cos they are REALLY pretty!
Both are suitable for CNY too! :)
Only the mint is available for the dress!
The exciting news of this post!!
Told ya we'll be giving you promotions this month, and more coming up!!
THIS WEEK, get $1.50 credits into your account for your purchase just by sharing this photo!!
It's like a guaranteed thing, awesome?  :)
Do remember to send in the snapshot so the perks can be installed into your account!
Ending off this sponsored pair of shoesss!
Gonna blog more about it in the next post! :))

Till then, have a fab week ahead babes!

Formspring me!


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